Friday, March 14, 2008

Treasia's Thoughts

Today I had a horrible headache and thought I might be able to rid myself of it if I lay down for a bit. Now we all know how my brain never turns off while trying to sleep. I like to think of it as the spinning wheel in my hamster cage. Why? Because the little sucker just keeps spinning in circles and never stops. With all kinds of thoughts spinning around in it.

So anyway while lying there I was thinking of my family, more specifically my grandmother on my mothers side of the family. She is on the hospital with colitis. While this may not seem to be that much of a "biggie" my grandmother is 103 years old. She has lived a long full life and still lives at home. Up until the last few years she has done wonderfully. Can you imagine living for that many years and still having full function and capabilities? I can't unfortunately.

Well this led to other thoughts (see I said the wheel never stops spinning) of my dad's side of the family. His elderly family have either all passed on or have that dreaded disease of "dementia". Or so it seems anyway. Some have actually been diagnosed with it years ago. Lots of them. Now I must say, Dad is not included in the ones who have it, thank God.

So the wheel keeps spinning, around and around it goes..........................more thoughts rolling around inside my goes on and on and stops and it hits me!

Our lives and length of life is determined by our genes. How long we live, how our health is and the whole nine yards. The whole kitten kaboodle.

So does this mean I am going to live a long long time and continue to be even nuttier than I already am? God help trucker man.

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