Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meet The Family

Welcome to the Family

Meet Trucker, my hubby, the best friend a girl could have. He's my love, best friend and DIY helper.
This is Trucker after too many days on the road.

This is Princess. She's my second born, only daughter. Princess attends college a short distance from home in Jonesboro, Arkansas. She's your typical college girl, with the exception that she doesn't party. Can you believe that? She is smart, out-going, very mature, gracious, and loving.

This is RugRat 1. She's my daughter in my heart. RugRat 1 is just becoming a teenager. She is a bookworm, often referred to as a geek, funny, fun to be around and one of the sweetest girls you could ever meet. I'm proud to call her "mine".

Meet RugRat2. He's your typical little boy, growing up to be a man. Though not mine by blood, mine in my heart. With him you never know what you're going to get. A master of playstation games, computer games and a whiz at "cracking" you up in laughs.

This little fellow is "Frisky". He rules our roost. Somewhere around 5 months old now. I raised him on a bottle from the time he was 3 days old. He quite honestly thinks I'm his mother and that he is human. He's hates it outside and is not a very good "lap kitty". He's full of energy and is smart as a tack.

Well there is my group in a nutshell.

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