Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sometimes you need a little patience

As most of you know, if you read my blog, at the ripe age of 46 I have rejoined the work force and couldn't be happier about it. Life is finally good again and my depression has went by the wayside.

For those they don't read my blog, all 1,000,000 of you, I am a customer service rep for a large cell phone company.

I started taking my first calls on Monday afternoon and it was exactly how the trainers described it to be. Many and varying types of calls coming in to me. So far only one angry customer, who I had laughing by the time we hung up. Nice to know I still got it. At least over the phone. LOL. I have to say having a sweet little southern accent goes a long way with men.

But one particular caller will remain in my memory for years to come. Her name is Ophelia. The trainers had told us sometimes you would get ladies like Miss Ophelia but I just couldn't imagine this actually. What I mean is that Miss Ophelia is a little ole lady who basically only wanted to talk. And talk, and talk, and talk more. For almost two hours she talked. And I had to listen. And listen more...................................for two hours I listened to little Miss Ophelia. She talked so much and for so long that it took me over 20 minutes just to verify her information. By the time I finally got this info out of Miss Ophelia and she finally told me her actual reason for calling I was not the least bit surprised. Her cell phone battery would not keep a charge. Well I wonder why?? I then when I could get a word in edge wise explained to her that her phone would only hold a charge for xx amount of time and that it would require more charge time than the newer phones on the market. Miss Ophelia had a very old cell phone. She seemed to understand this idea. So I politely also explained that she would need to charge it each time the battery got low. To which Miss Ophelia informed me, oh so politely back, that she didn't like charging her phone as she felt this was a fire hazard and she just couldn't sleep knowing the phone was charging after all she might just burn alive. After containing my laughter over this comment, to which I was ready to spontaneously com bust myself at this point, I asked Miss Ophelia if she unplugged all of her other appliances at night? I finally got her to realize she could actually charge it while talking on it at home. This then seemed to ease her mind for a time. Only a very short time however, as then she was worried her head may catch fire from the heat. I kid you not this little ole lady was worried about this. I finally got her at ease on this and talked her into it. Whew, I thought I was done. No such luck. Before I could say my closing speech she went on to tell me how she was recently given a new number and everyone and their mother was calling her at all kinds of ungodly hours. Such as 6 p.m. in the evening. Obviously Miss Ophelia goes to bed with the chickens each night and the more appropriate time to call her would be 4 am. So I, being the wonderful rep I am, opened my big fat freaking mouth and offered to change her number for her. Oh Miss Ophelia got excited then. No more calls from strangers after 6. A simple choice made and accomplished by me. After doing this process as well for her then she wants to know if all of her friends will have the new number? You've got to be kidding me? No ma'am we do not send text messages to her calling list informing them of your new number. That's something you will have to do yourself. I didn't know little ladies like this existed. So after much more talk, not even related to the phone now mind you, I finally got her back on track. By the time I got to flowing again Miss Ophelia wanted to speak with my manager. I couldn't imagine what I may have done wrong, but I was more than happy to pass Miss Ophelia off to my manager. You cannot imagine how happy I was at this point in time. By now I could tell you how many children she had, what their names are, how many grandchildren she had and their names as well. When her aunt passed on to heaven, on what day and time, and how someday Miss Ophelia is going to meet her there. I know more about Miss Ophelia than I do my own family! I then happily passed her off to my manager who had wondered what was going on. I muted Miss Ophelia why I didn't think of this earlier I have no clue, and told my manager what was going on. She smiled and got on the phone. Then it took her another 20 minutes to get off herself. I smiled and laughed the entire time.

Bless her little heart, all she was doing was giving me a big Kudos for taking my time with her and listening. What a great first day on the phones Miss Ophelia gave me. Sometimes we just have to keep our traps shut and listen to get a big pat on the back.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wednesday HUMP HUNK Day

Oh what pleasant dreams I had after posting this one. Awwwww.......................

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It's Only Been a Week Now

Here it is only the beginning of the second week of Princess being a Senior and already it's costing Trucker and I out the wazoo! On the third day she brought home papers all saying "give money". Well maybe not exactly saying that, but might as well.

Senior ad for yearbook: $125 for full page which naturally we chose this one.
Senior pictures before Oct. 3rd due: I haven't even made the blooming appt. yet. No telling how much dough this will cost us. Other parents have told me upwards of $1,000
College credit math test: $30
Composite pics for yearbook: $30
Spending money for school trip to water park: $150.00

This is just the beginning I guess. As I know we still have things such as: senior invitations, senior prom and senior trip.

Anyone else having made it through their child's senior year know of anything else we need to get ready for? I am about out of blood from donating for money. I guess Trucker could start giving and charging for sperm samples!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bring It On Cause I'm Ready Now!!

Today is the day I have been preparing for now for five long weeks. Studying hard, learning lots and dreading with a huge passion. Now however I am more than ready. I'm mentally prepared, physically fit, if you believe that you'll believe anything, and actually looking forward to it. I mean, after all, what's the worst that can happen? They may curse me I can laugh behind the phone, they can call me names big whoop, they can even hang up on me which would mean I don't have to figure out their problem. So good god I'm not worrying about it at all.

I have also prepared in my favorite way possible. I went to the mall and shopped till I dropped! That's right, I finally bought things for ME! Little fluffy me. It's been ages eons since I bought something(s) for myself. Trucker went along and enjoyed himself as well. Well enjoyed is a large word. Tolerated is more like it. Actually he sat on the "dead pecker" bench in the middle of the mall. You know the benches? The ones all the old men sit on? The ones full of dead peckers that wished they would have stayed home on a Sunday for some sort of sporting event. Yeah, he sat there and played with his new toy. He bought a new cell phone for himself and me. This kept him quite occupied as he never takes time to read the manuals on the phones, just uses trial and error methods. Does any man ever read a manual?

Well since I have new clothes to wear today I feel positive and feel as if I can take on the world. It's amazing what a trip to the mall can do for your self esteem. I might be going much more often now. I think I chose well and all can be mixed and matched too. I always do this when I shop. Trying to get more bang for my buck I guess. The purse I bought in black of course.

I can't get over the fact that I can wear this type of outfit to work. Yippee!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Fun

We've all seen them before, those cutesy little T-Shirts, the one's that say what we really think but are to afraid to say. Here are a few of my favorite ones.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day Drama

Monday was my grandson's first day of Kindergarten and Jakob had been looking forward to this all summer long. His parents have been coaching him along by telling him he is growing up and is no longer a baby. That he will be learning many new things and make lots of new friends. I have been worried silly like any grandmother would be about how he would handle his first day and how he would feel about it. After hearing from my son and DIL I should never have been concerned. I should have been more concerned for Jakob's teacher than anything!

I am happy to report and to hear as well he didn't cry at all. In fact he sorta pushed his mother out the door that morning. DIL told me that he made quite the impression that first day. The new teacher told her at the end of the day that at one point she had a very hard time keeping a straight face about something he said. Apparently she told the kids they were fixing to color their ABC's and to get their crayons out. Jakob just ignored her and continued with what he was doing. She walked to his desk and repeated for him to please take his crayons out for coloring. My baby stood up and placed both his hands on his hips and said to her "My name is Jakob ____ and my daddy says if I don't want to do something I don't have to, and I don't' want to color". Of course my son wasn't meaning for that explanation to be used at school. Poor teacher then had a very hard time to keep from laughing as she explained to him that at school everyone often has to do things they don't want to do but how it is the rules. So Jakob decided it best to color.

Upon time to leave from school Jakob had been given instructions as to where to go and what bus to ride, as well the teacher had also been informed. Naturally (as often happens) he was placed on the wrong bus and taken in the opposite direction of where he should be going. When he realized this (just before leaving the outskirts of town) the little fellow jumped up and screamed to the bus driver that "Your going the wrong way to take me, I am supposed to be going to my papa's shop on Hwy. 5". Bless his little heart for knowing and being smart enough to catch this huge Boo Boo before it got further than this. The bus driver pulled over in a church parking lot, asked Jakob if he knew the phone number, which he did smart little man, called his papa and they came and picked him up. So this second drama ended well to.

Upon my DIL's return from work that evening and talked to Jakob about his first day of school and how much fun he had as well as what all went wrong, Jakob informed her that he didn't get to play with toys, he didn't get to do much of anything he wanted to do, because the teacher had told him HE HAD TO LEARN THINGS. Then he told his mom "I think I know it all already, the teacher needs school more than me, SHE don't even know where I am supposed to go mom."

I now no longer have any fears of how it will be going, other than for the teacher. I think she's got her hands full this year.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Wednesday Hot Hump Day Ladies

What a way to make my morning!!! Try not to drool all over the keyboard ladies.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

So Much Has Changed In Two Years

Our little blended family has changed so much in two years that it is quite pleasing for Trucker and I to behold. We knew it would not be an easy road, nor a pleasant one for a time. However we didn't know how soon it would actually start to take place and happen. But I have to say we both couldn't be happier about the change in our family. We have came a long way and have finally bonded together.

During the last few months we have really noticed a difference in the lot of us. We enjoy our time together, we laugh, joke and still have the occasional argument like all families but you now hear and notice that we are like any family out there. We no longer stand out as the Stepp (like the play on the name?) Bunch.

Take for example this particular weekend. We all went shopping for new school clothes for the kids. Rug Rat 1, 2 and Princess. One or two years ago this was a much dreaded family outing. One in which you had rather take a beating than go on together. It meant hearing "she got more than me", "it's not fair", "don't touch me", "I wish you didn't live with us" and many more cruel words. As said "a beating would have been preferable for any of us". But this weekend we all actually looked forward to the outing, the time together and the fun we have when out.

The car ride the 35 miles was actually a laugh riot of kids and giggles. Lots of stories told and shared and not to darn many unpleasant words. Most all of them said while joking around. Princess helped Rug Rat 1 to pick out her many outfits of clothes and Rug Rat 1 actually listened and let her into the same dressing room. Not one single moment of yelling happened. It was truly a sight to behold and admire. They both now LOVE helping one another find clothes and shop together. It's a miracle to say the least. Rug Rat 2 actually let me pick him out some clothes as well. Although Trucker is the one who took him to the dressing rooms. LOL. Through out the entire mall experience Trucker and I noticed a camaraderie of joking, fun and just actually getting along. I cannot tell you what a pleasant afternoon it made for us all.

After the mall we went out to eat at a restaurant we had not been to before. More laughter followed and neither of us could quite comprehend what was taking place. Had aliens came down and stolen our kids and left ones that actually liked one another? Had someone (anyone) slipped some sort of drugs into the food and drinks that day? After eating the main courses we went to order desserts for the kids. The waiter suggested one of those Chocolate Lava Cakes and spoons so all the kids could share it together. Trucker and I instantly looked at each other our heads swiveling so fast we looked like the Exorcist girl with eyes bugged out. Dare we do this? Should we end the perfect day in possible disaster? Every child at our table said "that sounds good". So we ordered one, not two or three like two years ago, but ONE dessert to share. Where we setting ourselves up for disaster and embarrassment for the entire restaurant to see? Molten Lava Cake arrived amidst the scurry of changing seats. Rug Rat 1, 2 and Princess all gathered around the cake. Spoons flying digging into the lava and ice cream. There was smiling, laughter, and giggling!! It has happened. A family that can share one dessert with three spoons and survive it will last an eternity together.

Friday, August 15, 2008

They Say It's Good For the Soul

"Confessions". At least that's what I have always heard anyway. So today is all about my new confession. Can you guess what it might be? Take a shot. I bet you will be surprised by it. Just remember I'm still in the marital honeymoon phase. It's only been two years after all. Although it blows my friends mind that we still feel this way about each other.

I am missing my Trucker. There I said it. Does it make me feel any better? Not really as I didn't feel any sort of instantaneous relief afterwards. No huge sigh after saying it. But I said it and that's what counts.

Since starting this training process for my new job my hours suck as far as family time and hubby time alone. They are good for me however as I am more of a night person anyway. But leaving for work at 2:30 pm and not returning home till 12:30 am doesn't give me much time at all for home or family life. Trucker and I are like two ships passing in the dark of night. Slowly sliding past the other in deep, dark murky waters and admiring the the peacefulness, serenity and grace of the other. Admiring the others lines and proportions in the cool night air but to scared to get close to each other for fear of bumping the other and causing a ship wreck of sorts.

Another words "Don't you dare wake me up during the night or the early morning hours". This often heard being muttered from either of us at one time or another during the night. So we only lay and admire the others lines, shape and movements. Waiting like he$$ for the day we both run head on into a huge iceberg!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Sexy Wednesday Hump Day Time

I wanna use his abs as a wash board. Be still my heart!!!!

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting Nervous Here

It's Monday again! Only two more weeks of training in my new job till I hit the floor on the phones. A case of nerves are starting to set in on me. Will I do well? Will I cry and crack under the pressure? Will I totally surprise myself and do well? Or will I freeze like a deer in the headlights and just stare at the computer screen blankly? No matter what I do I am going to find a way to continue enjoying it. Because I sure as he$$ enjoyed that first paycheck on Friday.

I've not went into a lot of details about what the new job is and thought maybe now would be a good time to lightly touch upon the subject. I work for an outsourcing customer rep. business. Our only client is a major cellular service who I will be answering all calls for. Yes, you read it right. If you own a cell phone and have problems, want to pay your bill, are pissed over something about your service, chances are you will be talking to me at some point in time. Please be kind to me as I am totally new at this. Don't make me cry, or feel stupid! Or I might place you on a hold for a very very long time. At least in my mind I can. And of course I can never hang up on you. Although I could make it very hard for you to get your problem fixed. If you call and are cussing at me out of anger I also have to just grin and bear it. This is going to be very difficult for me to do. Especially since one of the reasons I love middle age is I can finally tell you off and now have to suppress this urge all day. My that will suck big time. As said though, I love that paycheck.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Thoughts and Ramblings

Just some random thoughts running through this ole worn out brain today.

1. I hope the kids in training tonight keep their freaking traps shut so I can hear the trainer.
2. Why do some smokers bum cigs off everyone and don't buy their own????
3. Why didn't I sign up for direct deposit??
4. Why am I the only one in my family who takes the trash out?
5. Can't anyone see the toilet paper dispenser is empty besides me?
6. Why do cats cough up hairballs in the weirdest places?
7. Isn't their any decent hair salons in our small town?
8. Why can't I twitch my nose and get my house cleaned?
9. Can't school go year round? What's the harm?
10. How come J. C. Penney's has a sale of some sort everyday but yet you get to the register and it doesn't appear to have happened?

Have a wonderful Thursday dear readers!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hump Day Just Got Better, Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What can I say??? It just makes the middle of the week so much nicer.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My God It Felt Good

No, I don't mean sex, or exercise, or anything like that. It felt good to say "NO" to a particular person who has been (and probably will continue to be) a complete and utter thorn in my side (life). For two years now I have been the "built in babysitter" simply because I married Trucker and didn't work outside of home. I put my foot down at the beginning of the summer and said "this is the last time" and by golly I meant it. You can and should take me quite serious when I say something. I stick by my word and do what I say. I guess she didn't believe me. HA!

This was one of the most enjoyable moment I have had in a long, long time. Insert maniacal laughter here. It's simply amazing how that one little word can be so freeing. How much joy it can bring you to say. How good it feels to finally get to use it. And how it can piss someone off so bad. Insert more maniacal laughter again.

We should all learn to use this little word more often. It will take away so much stress in our lives.

Monday, August 4, 2008

OMG It's Monday

I have to say: So far this day bites big ones!

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

Skip on over to Wiggers World for more beautiful pictures.