Sunday, August 17, 2008

So Much Has Changed In Two Years

Our little blended family has changed so much in two years that it is quite pleasing for Trucker and I to behold. We knew it would not be an easy road, nor a pleasant one for a time. However we didn't know how soon it would actually start to take place and happen. But I have to say we both couldn't be happier about the change in our family. We have came a long way and have finally bonded together.

During the last few months we have really noticed a difference in the lot of us. We enjoy our time together, we laugh, joke and still have the occasional argument like all families but you now hear and notice that we are like any family out there. We no longer stand out as the Stepp (like the play on the name?) Bunch.

Take for example this particular weekend. We all went shopping for new school clothes for the kids. Rug Rat 1, 2 and Princess. One or two years ago this was a much dreaded family outing. One in which you had rather take a beating than go on together. It meant hearing "she got more than me", "it's not fair", "don't touch me", "I wish you didn't live with us" and many more cruel words. As said "a beating would have been preferable for any of us". But this weekend we all actually looked forward to the outing, the time together and the fun we have when out.

The car ride the 35 miles was actually a laugh riot of kids and giggles. Lots of stories told and shared and not to darn many unpleasant words. Most all of them said while joking around. Princess helped Rug Rat 1 to pick out her many outfits of clothes and Rug Rat 1 actually listened and let her into the same dressing room. Not one single moment of yelling happened. It was truly a sight to behold and admire. They both now LOVE helping one another find clothes and shop together. It's a miracle to say the least. Rug Rat 2 actually let me pick him out some clothes as well. Although Trucker is the one who took him to the dressing rooms. LOL. Through out the entire mall experience Trucker and I noticed a camaraderie of joking, fun and just actually getting along. I cannot tell you what a pleasant afternoon it made for us all.

After the mall we went out to eat at a restaurant we had not been to before. More laughter followed and neither of us could quite comprehend what was taking place. Had aliens came down and stolen our kids and left ones that actually liked one another? Had someone (anyone) slipped some sort of drugs into the food and drinks that day? After eating the main courses we went to order desserts for the kids. The waiter suggested one of those Chocolate Lava Cakes and spoons so all the kids could share it together. Trucker and I instantly looked at each other our heads swiveling so fast we looked like the Exorcist girl with eyes bugged out. Dare we do this? Should we end the perfect day in possible disaster? Every child at our table said "that sounds good". So we ordered one, not two or three like two years ago, but ONE dessert to share. Where we setting ourselves up for disaster and embarrassment for the entire restaurant to see? Molten Lava Cake arrived amidst the scurry of changing seats. Rug Rat 1, 2 and Princess all gathered around the cake. Spoons flying digging into the lava and ice cream. There was smiling, laughter, and giggling!! It has happened. A family that can share one dessert with three spoons and survive it will last an eternity together.


Blogarita said...

I'm glad to read that your family is becoming tighter.

Artsy (my daughter) moved out not long after SG moved in, but when she was still at home, there were plenty of tense moments. SG usually let it slide, but she and I didn't always get along so well after he moved in.

But without exception, whenever we'd all go out to eat, we'd have a great time. It was one of the few times when we all knew we'd there'd be a lot of laughter and fun.

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

Ahhhhhh bliss I'm so glad your family had a wonderful day :o)

Asphalt Widow said...

Aww it sounds like it was a wonderful day! I hope it continues!

Mental P Mama said...

That is wonderful news! And a testament to how well you adults have handled them!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...'s great when the kids get along whether blended families or not! It makes life alot easier!

Living on the Spit said...

What or who doesn't kill us, makes us stronger...I live in the same family. I am happy that you had a really nice time together.

BlueJeans Gal said...

Awwww...that is wonderful! Not all mixed families can ever get to that point. Good job on your part!

Leighanne said...

I'm so happy for you and your kids. I know how much you've worried through the years because I've had the same concerns. Would they ever love one another and think of each other as brother/sister as opposed to the Step-brother? Looks like you did a great job.