Thursday, July 31, 2008

Because I've Got Nothing Better Today

You Would Make a Horrible 1930's Wife

You are way too non conformist, independent, and sassy to be an ideal retro wife.

You may be so wild that you aren't even considering marriage!

Good thing we don't live in the 1930s anymore!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Happy Hump Day Ladies

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Always Treasure gifts received

Two wonderful ladies in my life that I have found through blogging have given me a awesome new award. I just had to share my happiness with all of you. The rules for this award are simple. Link back to them in your blog, name seven new bloggers to pass it to and link to them in your blog. As well, go to their blogs and leave them notification that it has been passed to them. And thus it goes................................

The two ladies who passed this on to me are:

Ms. Snooty of Snooty Primadonna Sparkling Outlook on Life. She's witty, charming and always puts a smile on my face each and every day. She loves to golf, travel, spend time with her friends and gardens. If you have never went by her blog I highly recommend reading and getting to know her. She is one of a kind.

Jeannelle of Midlife by Farmlight. She is a midlife wife and mother who lives on a Dairy farm and "gets away" from it all through her blogging. She takes some of the most beautiful pictures of stained glass church windows I have ever seen. I found Jeannelle through a comment she left on another blog. She also owns many cats. Ha. Stop by her blog to see her pics of the stained glass windows.

Now to pass this award on to some of the few I do read daily. While I may not often comment on each and every one, they are still daily reads for me.

Suzanne McMinn of Chickens in the Road. Hers is the first blog I read every single morning with my coffee. She totally cracks me up with her posts and pictures of her animals. She's a writer who lives in Virginia and has started her own goat/chicken farm.

Jill Shalvis of Jill Shalvis. Also another writer who I read daily. Her blog is full of wit, charm and cookies.

Erin at Raising Country Kids. She is a SAHM with four adorable kids and a sweet husband. She is a farmer's wife and loves each moment.

Jennifer Harvey at Thursday Drive. Her blog is filled with fun and sensitive posts which always leave me awestruck and wanting more. She is a beautifully poetic writer and she plays a mean game of Poker.

Chris at Frazzled Farm Wife. Also another farmer's wife. She has two children and is watching them leave the nest. Married to her high school sweetheart she blogs about her daily life of her and the family.

The FarmHouse Kids is another favorite blog of mine to read. She is an awesome middle aged woman who is married to a farmer and who is raising her three (yes three) little triplets. Who are the most adorable little ones. She also has grandchildren to boot. It's fun to see her raising little ones and doing such an awesome job.

Leighanne at Southern Belle (maybe in my next life). A sweet southern belle who talks about her family and her life. she's funny and fresh.

Now ladies go forth and spread the love and laughter to others.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Beginnings

The last few days have been a whirl wind of new things for me. New beginnings in my life are taking place and and have begun. I am loving every single minute in this new phase of my life. In a recent post you can read it here I talked about how I was given the wonderful opportunity of being a SAHM and how after two years of doing this I found out it isn't what makes me happy or what I want to do with the rest of my life. As well Princess only has one more year of high school and then will be leaving the nest and it's time I do something for ME.

I took matters in my own hands after finally making this decision to look for a new career about one month ago and am so happy to say I found a job. Not just a job, but a career in which I think know I am going to be extremely happy in this new phase of mid life. I won't say exactly who I am working for now, but will tell you they are a Fortune 500 company that provides customer assistance for AT&T. They are a huge corporation with many branches throughout the US and fixing to open one up internationally. This newest branch I am working for is still being built and not even up and going yet. It's that new. I was one of about 100 chosen for now and they will be hiring up to 500 total in the coming months.

I will be a customer service rep. and this gives me the chance to work days, climb the ladder and go into training eventually, and best of all, I will be helping others. Out of all the jobs I have had in my life the one thing that is obvious when I thought about them is the fact that I have always chose them based on loving to help others.

For the first 9 weeks I am in training and it is so much fun. I had forgotten what it was like to be around other adults, have adult conversations, and to laugh, smile and enjoy being around people once more. For these last two years I had become a recluse of sorts. I am so much a people person it about damn near killed me. For the first 5 weeks of the training I am working from 3:30 pm to midnight. Now this is taking a bit of getting used to somewhat. I am NOT a morning person so really it's a good time for me. Then after the 5 weeks I start the 4 week training with actual calls.

The facilities are to die for as well as the benefits. We have a break room like no other I have ever seen. Computers for personal use, lounge areas for cell phone use, and a corporate kitchen. We also have a private gym on site for the employees. I'll finally lose this weight I have gained in this last two long years. Can you hear the excitement in my voice?????

Mid Life for me just took on a whole new meaning. New beginnings are sometimes the best things we can do for ourselves and our happiness. I see blue skies now on the horizon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Road Trip a success

The last few days around here have been a whirlwind of activity for me. A true blessing in my book of life. I enjoy nothing more than being active and laughing and feeling more like the old ME again.

Trucker and I had a nice couple of days confined together on the truck. We went from Memphis, TN (home base) to the Alabama/Georgia line to a small town called Phoenix City where he was delivering several thousand pounds of Rye Grass. The countryside was beautiful, the weather perfect. At least in the cab of the truck with the AC blowing perfect. Hot enough to pass out outside however. Good ole southern weather. For those that are not familiar with southern weather in the summer let me see if I can explain it to you. Imagine running into a the ocean or lake, drenching yourself in the wonderful cool water, then imagine yourself dripping wet when you get out of the water. From head to toe wet. Only it's not ocean water it's simply sweat running down your body. That's a southern summer.

Besides the beautiful countryside we seen along the way, I also seen some new and unusual sights as well. I haven't been able to load the pictures onto the computer yet and will get to it when I have the time. For now just picture this in your head. Use the wonderful imagination I know you all have.

Trucker and I are driving along and a pick up truck was in front of us and it had what appeared to be a lovely old cabinet of some sort in the back. I love antiques and old furniture so I had to look it over as we passed. As we passed the truck and was driving up ahead I couldn't help but notice the couple inside. They appeared to be in their mid 40's and she was practically sitting on top of him. Now nothing wrong with this actually but sorta unusual to see couples this age doing this. At least to me anyway. We continue driving not giving the couple another thought. A few miles down the road I notice them coming up beside of us again and this time they are staying right next to us (on my side of the truck) and not attempting to go around, but just staying the same speed. I looked down at the driver and notice his passengers hand on his thigh. OK, again no big deal, but they wouldn't pass or go around us. They finally backed off and got behind us again. I told Trucker something was up with them and it was strange. Trucker just smiled this stupid little grin and didn't say much about it. A couple of more miles up the road and here they come again on my side once more. This time I didn't look over at them and just kept looking straight ahead. I mean, you can never tell what someone might be up to like that. This couple continued playing cat and mouse with us for several miles. Finally I couldn't help but look over at them again and when I did I almost fell out of the truck onto the interstate. I know my mouth must have been hanging open to my chest by this point. The man in the truck had exposed his passengers left breast and had his hand cupped over it and was having himself a high ole time. And grinning at me like the cat that caught the canary. After finally remembering to close my mouth and look away I started laughing so hard. Of course Trucker wanted to know what was up then. I got out my camera and seriously thought about taking their picture when they came up beside us again, but I just couldn't do it. Gosh how I wanted to, but just couldn't. Later on they finally backed up behind us once more and then came around on Trucker's side to give him a nice little show as well. You should have seen the shit eating grin on Trucker's face then! There's nothing better than a free peep show to Trucker. HA. After that there was nothing else that quite competed for laughter on the trip. Unless you count this one sign at a restaurant we passed. The name of this place was called: Road Side Cuisine. This made for some pretty good laughter as well, trying to imagine exactly what was on their menu.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Everyone Needs One

A break that is. I'm taking a short overnight mini trip with Trucker. If I don't do this I'll go from this happy little picture of the two of us:

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To this one in 2.2 seconds.

MySpace Comments - Funny and Hilarious
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MySpace Layouts - Funny and Hilarious
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See you when I get back home. Have a great Monday everyone.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let's Look, Shall We

It's been a long long time since I have looked to see how people may have came by my blog. So I looked last night and had some really good laughs and thought I would share them here with all of you. Let's see here:

Middle age thrill: Well maybe if you call hot flashes thrills???

Truckers looking down into cars: Yes, my Trucker has been known to do this from time to time. heck I do to. LOL. Maybe I should share some of those sightings with you.

Sex with truckers confessions: Well I see how you maybe could have found me this way. However so sorry to disappoint you when you got here.

Trucker marriages fail: Not this one buddy.

What's it like to be the wife of a trucker: Well if like mine and local it is great. Now long haul is a whole different story.

Man and Wife flashing trucker drivers: Sorry no photos here.

How to make your cold wife hot again: Well let's see here. That can be done in a number of ways. Set the temp of the thermostat above 76 degrees seems to work for me most of the time. Oh wait, I bet you were looking for something else. Sorry again, not telling his secrets.

Supper hot wife: I have been known to cook a hot supper from time to time. Oh wait, once more I think you meant Super Hot Wife. Why thank you very much. Trucker thinks so too.

Wife flashing truckers car windows: Maybe when in my 20's and the twins were all perky and pointing the correct direction I would have done this. But alas, the only trucker I flash is my own Trucker.

Do ears really burn: Maybe if they've had to much sun????

Wife gets on your nerves: Well I am sure it's possible, but he knows not to even express this to me. He's smart that way.

Short dress and no panties: Must of been that prom gossip again.

Wife hump bed: Not that I recall but thanks for asking.

Confession wife peeing on me: For sure you won't find that disgusting thing here. Oh, please go away for the love of all that's holy.

Are there lots of snakes in Arkansas: Come visit and find out. Especially around the rice fields. They should do a "Survivor" episode here.

Pictures of beautiful middle aged wives: I hope I made you very happy.

How to tell your wife you are bored: First place your tennis shoes on your feet, slowly approach your wife from behind, making sure she doesn't have an iron skillet in her hand, tell her and then run like hell.

How to be happy in mid life: When you find out please get back to me.

Can you get hot flashes when the air temp is below 70 degrees: Of course you can you idiot! Obviously you are not married to a middle aged woman or spent much time with your mother.

Trucker in a dress: Well not to my knowledge has he ever worn this attire.

Truckers whine: Sometimes. Don't you?

It's amazing how some people found my blog. It also amazes me to think what kind of people are on the internet and live in our world.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Second Phase for ME

I have spent the majority of my life working outside the home until the last two years. I always thought I wanted to be a SAHM and longed for a time I could actually do this for myself and my Princess. When I married Trucker he gave me this wonderful opportunity to do just that. I have to say though that it wasn't to me what it is cracked up to be. While for a great deal of it I do enjoy it is not what I want to do. and most definitely not what I want to do the rest of my life. It is not at all what I had envisioned in my head all those years prior to it. I had dreams of taking Princess to activities, being a part of the PTA, baking cookies, cleaning house, doing some remodeling, taking yoga classes, and maybe joining a gym. Having time to do what made makes me happy. Princess has reached an age to where she takes herself to activities, I hate baking now, I never joined the PTA or a gym, and you can only clean so much house. Well I guess that is a lie about cleaning house, but I only care to do it so often anyway. Though clean it is, it is not like my mom's where you can eat off the floors.

What I have found out about myself is this: Work is what makes me happy! Not that being a SAHM is not work, oh lord, because it is. But to me it is not fulfilling enough to make me happy. I am a people person and find myself to be happiest surrounded by fellow workers. I miss the camaraderie of being around adults. I also have to say I miss having things to talk about with people. Trucker most especially. I never have anything new to discuss with him. His days are busy and he always has things to talk about. Me, on the other hand, all I have to say is "well I cleaned the downstairs today, tomorrow will do the upstairs". Oh how exciting that conversation is.

When I was a single mother working two jobs before meeting and marrying Trucker I had made a vow to myself that if or when I ever married again I would never, ever be dependant upon a man again. For at that time I learned what taking care of myself was for the first time in my adult life. I learned that I could do it, I could raise my daughter alone, enjoy being alone and make my own decisions. I enjoy the feeling of independence that I have when working. I also enjoy the extra bit of money to do those extra things in life. Such as maybe joining the gym I never had the money for, going on vacations with the family, and feeling as if I am a productive member of society.

Since Princess only has one more year of high school and then be off like a little bird to college, then it's time to do something for me. I have decided to return to work. I am now ready for the second half of my life. This time it's going to be for ME.

Happy Hump Day Everyone

For those of you who need a little smile and something good to make it through the rest of the week. You know you like it as much as I like looking for them.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

I Hate Moving Time

Not the type your thinking about. No, we aren't moving into another house or town around here. I'm talking about stone(s). Not the run of the mill moving stones in the yard for decorative purposes but the type that lodge themselves in your kidneys! The type that sometimes have to be blasted out to dislodge them. That's the kinds I'm talking about. For the last several days mine has been on the move again. I wish the damn little sucker which in all honesty feels like a boulder would just move the hell on out and find it's new home in the city sewer system.

Needless to say I have not felt well this weekend. Thus no posting. I have managed to sit here and read some other's blogs and have enjoyed but not commented to much. I also found where Meg @ Lucchese to Louis Vuitton gave me a most excellent award. Thanks so much Meg for this as I really enjoyed your passing it on to me. Though, please forgive me for not doing a "Happy Dance" around my computer desk when I found it. I just didn't feel up to the "wiggle, giggle" this time. I did do a dance on the inside however. LOL. And my kidney's did a dance all their own for it.
Now I would like to pass on the "Make my Day" award to some other fellow bloggers I read daily.

Once again to CG over @ Dreams of a Country Girl. I love this woman. She totally cracks me up some days and her wit and wisdom is one big pink glittery heart. You rock lady.

And to Granny @ Not Your Typical Granny because she's just that. Not typical granny material. Take for instance the other day when she celebrated the one year birthday of her new boobs. Wait maybe now that their a year old they are not New boobs but Old boobs? Ha.

Also to Ashley @ Ashley's Closet. I love reading her and hearing her tell it like it is. Not to mention she blogs about everything under the sun and just puts a smile on my face.

Now go and check them all out while I take a pill and dance quietly alone.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Wedding Rings

Kacey over at Wine on the Keyboard asked what our wedding rings looked like yesterday. I thought I would take part in it along with others. Like her I am a fan of silver jewelry or white gold, never having really liked yellow gold on myself. Sorry mom but you can still leave me all the yellow gold and diamonds someday.
The day Trucker slipped this ring onto my finger was one of the happiest days of my life if not the happiest. I hardly ever take it off, even when cooking, which let's face it I try not to do to darned often.

Trucker only wanted a small thin white gold band because he does not wear jewelry and because he never takes it off as well. Since he works in it he wanted something small. In the two years we have been married he has never taken his off.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A True Primadonna she is

Snooty Primadonna gave me earlier this week the cutest most adorable award pictured above. I have proudly added it to my blog awards (woo hoo) which is now a total of 2. No that's not being sarcastic. I am truly tickled pink with excitement for the both of them. As I have never really found a particular subject in which I write about, but just write about what makes me happy or runs through my head that particular day this award is perfect. "Just plain fun to read" sums up my blog in the perfect way.

Thank you so much Snooty for it. If you've never been to Snooty's blog I want to let you know what a fun place it is to be and invite you over to it.

I looked up the meaning of Primadonna and found this: A woman of some standing who demands special treatment. Now in my head the meaning goes more like this: A woman of standing who deserves special treatment.

I would like to pass this award on to a few others whom I enjoy reading and feel deserves this same award as well. Suzanne McMinn at Chickens in the Road, Country Girl at Dreams of a Country Girl, and Kate at Chronicles of a Country Girl.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008

Remembering our times together

I will tell everyone now that this post is going to be a combination of sad and happy smiles for me. So now you're forewarned don't blame me for it. But I feel the need to write it out, to think about life, and to say goodbye.

My grandmother whom I am proudly named after turned 104 years old in May of this year. I cannot even imagine what her life has been like. She was born in 1904. When I think of all she has lived through it completely astounds me. She has seen electricity, indoor plumbing, television, radios, telephones, and airplanes. She has lived through the depression, countless wars, more presidents than I can even count and much much more. She is a true survivor in life.

My grandmother has never lived in a nursing home, until recently never spent much time in a hospital. Her children have made sure she has always lived in her own home with one or more of the kids living with her since she divorced my grandfather many years ago. She raised 8 children and has outlived four of them, and has so many grandchildren and great grandchildren I do not even know how many. I remember one time her telling me how she never ever wanted to be alive to see one of her own children pass away. That even with all she has lived through nothing was worse than that.

Until the last few years my grandmother had excellent vision and hearing as well as a sharp, intact mind. Her mind is still very sharp now, I know this since she scolded me for crying yesterday.

Yesterday I received THE CALL the one everyone always dreads that she was in the hospital and has only been given a few hours to maybe a few days to be with us now. Her body is just worn out to say it nicely. Trucker and I left for the hospital and for saying my goodbyes.

When I walked into the room I took her hand in mine and told her who I was. I asked her to squeeze my hand if she understood and knew. She squeezed so hard and tried to smile. I tried my best not to cry, but could not. I told her I loved her with all my heart and her little feeble hand squeezed mine again tightly. The dam inside of me broke. I stayed for several hours taking turns holding her hand, rubbing her head, whispering how much I love her.

I told her how I remembered how she taught me to crochet and how thankful to have learned this skill from her meant to me. This was no easy task for her to teach me as she is right handed and I am left handed. Needless to say grandmother never gave up but only managed to teach me the "granny square". I told her how her cookies always tasted better than mom's even if store bought. Nothing beat getting cookies from your grandmother. I told her how her "poor man's nanner pudding" is something I still fix my own grand kids today. When we were young and little and mother took us to visit her if she had nothing sweet in the house to eat she would make us her "poor man's nanner pudding". It was simply molasses and butter mixed together and put on a hot biscuit. I can still see her standing at the kitchen counter mixing the two together. Her apron on and a smile on her face for her grand kids. I remember spending many nights at her house, sleeping in the full size bed next to her bed at night. Still here her reading bedtime stories to my sister and I as we fell asleep. At the same time seeing this old antique picture of her mother hanging up next to our bed and thinking how scary that woman looked to me as I tried to sleep.

My grandmother was known for miles around for her talents in crocheting. She made anything from doilies to table clothes to bedspreads. She could sew anything and made many of my pageant dresses over the years. Her house was filled to the brim with toilet paper/crochet dolls, toilet tissue cover boxes decorated and and many other items and crafts she made. I also remember her making my children two Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. They are 4ft. tall and all done by hand. I also helped her sell those Raggedy dolls to various people I worked with. When she found out I sold them for her for close to $200 a set she tried to get me to give everyone their money back. She felt as if she were stealing from them for the price I sold them for. She had only been charging about $35 a doll. She couldn't imagine anyone paying her that much for her talent. She made me stop selling them right then and there.

When it came time to leave the hospital I went over the her bedside once again. I sat down very close to her with my head laying on the bed railing. I took her hand in mine and told her again how much I love her and that it was time to rest and that I had to go home and take care of my family. I was crying very hard and looking into her eyes. I wondered then if she understood me and knew who I was. She looked so deeply into my eyes and saw and heard me crying. She shook my hand loose from hers. Then she reached out and placed her hand over mine and squeezed hard. She then said "I love you and STOP crying".

I cried and kissed her goodbye one last time.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Celebrating our Freedom

I am quite sure most of our great nation celebrated freedom yesterday by watching huge fireworks shows and possibly cooking out delicious BBQ in their backyards. Trucker and I had different plans instead. Our plan consisted of taking our three kids and celebrating Rug Rat's 1 belated birthday. We were having dinner out (her choice of restaurant), watching the fireworks afterwards and then going for ice cream. No matter how many times we make plans something always changes. To the point that we might as well NOT make plans and just go with the flow.

First Princess told us she was off work today and that her and a couple of friends had decided they wanted to rent a motel room in town (where the fireworks display was held), and swim in the pool while watching the show. Just three carefree teenagers doing their thing. OK, plans changed.

Then Rug Rat 1 decided she hadn't seen her mother in over a week so she wanted to go home to her house and opted to celebrate an even more belated birthday dinner the following weekend. Sure not a problem at all. OK, plans changed once more.

So Trucker and I decided we would celebrate our freedom by spending the day alone together and go to the zoo (which we have never done alone), maybe visit the botanical gardens, eat supper out at a nice restaurant, sip a little wine, and watch the fireworks (while snuggling in our car), then come home and celebrate our favorite way. Once more plans changed again. I have got to learn to go with the flow people.

Trucker's father whom he has only seen maybe 8 times since he was born dropped in on us and spent the entire afternoon. A pleasant afternoon, but one that was not planned for in the least. No phone call beforehand. Just an "out of the blue here I am" thing.

Finally getting around to our plans late in the day we headed out for dinner. We enjoyed a nice meal of steak buffet, no wine, and over stuffed ourselves horribly. We laughed, joked and had a wonderful relaxing meal together. After eating like two pigs at a trough we looked at one another and said "Let's celebrate OUR freedom by going home, putting on our favorite pj's, watching nascar on tv, and snuggling and watching fireworks out our living room window."

You know you have matured, and gotten comfortable in life when you have the freedom to choose "what makes you truly happy".

Friday, July 4, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

Sky Watch Friday is hosted by Tom Wigley of Wiggers World. So jump on over there and check out all the wonderful, beautiful sky watch pictures. Take part in the fun with us all.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some promises make you cry

Over the years Princess has had many promises made to her by her previous step-father's. Very few of which were kept by them. So when I divorced for the last time I made a promise to her that there would be absolutely no more promises made by me or anyone else that could not or would not be kept.

When Trucker and I married I explained all of this to him and how she had had her heart broken more times than not and that he was NOT to promise anything he could not keep. Even if it made Princess mad, upset or cry. He was to promise nothing to her, even something simple.

Princess asked us when she was 16 and first got her driver's license if we could or would get her a car for her 18th birthday. The only promise made to her at that time by trucker was that we would see when her birthday rolled around. As time grew closer we continued to only say the same thing and by then added that if she showed us she could save money and help out with it, and show responsibility, then we would talk about it.

When Princess turned 17 her father bought her a car. With conditions. She could not drive it till she payed him back the money for it, paid her own insurance on it and other conditions such as moving in with him and working that summer. She told him to stick that car where the sun didn't shine! She would agree to all of it but no way was she moving three hours from our home to his for the summer. Needless to say she has never gotten behind the wheel of that car.

Her 18th birthday was at the end of May and Princess had still not been able to find a job for summer break. Trucker and I stuck to our original deal of her helping pay a down payment so no car for her birthday. Finally in early June she found a job. She loves it and has been very responsible in the job. She also saved a large part of the down payment for a car. About three weeks ago she starting sending us pictures on our cell phones when she was out with friends on the weekends and obviously was
"shopping, scoping" out the car lots. From her many weeks of shopping she narrowed down her choices to two favorites. Then this Friday night she text ed us to tell us the down payments on both cars had been dropped in half and could we PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE go check them out. Trucker went on Saturday to do just that while Princess was still in the bed asleep. Long night of teenage type running around and sleeping in that day. Her top choice sold right before he arrived at the car lot. So he checked into the second choice and we bought it for her without her knowing. He planned on coming home and picking me up, going back to the lot, driving the new car home and surprising her with it sitting in the driveway. Plans changed as Princess woke up before he managed to get back home. I had to do some really quick thinking so it would remain a surprise to her. In fact I had to make her cry. When she asked about where Trucker was and had he had the chance to go check on the cars I lied to her and told her both cars had sold before he got there. Well truthfully they did and one was to us, but I still felt sorta bad. Because her eyes welled up with tears and she started sniffling and getting all red faced. Quick thinking again I told her that Trucker was picking both of us up and had found another car he thought she might like and we were going to go look at it. I told her it was a 95 Ford Escort (I know she hates those cars) and that it was red like she wanted and the price was right. She started crying harder. Oh the guilt I felt then. We loaded up in the car and headed to the lot. While her and I was looking at this horrible red car Trucker went into the office to get the keys and finish up the paperwork for the car we actually purchased her. She thought he was trying to work a deal for the one she disliked. He came back out and pitched her the keys and told her "It's yours sweetie" and she was not to thrilled but maintained a happy face for us. Then we both told her "No not that car the 2000 Grand Am over at the office door". She burst out crying and done a happy dance in the parking lot. Running to us and showering us with hugs and kisses.

She finally had one promise full filled by a step father whom she adores.