Monday, July 14, 2008

I Hate Moving Time

Not the type your thinking about. No, we aren't moving into another house or town around here. I'm talking about stone(s). Not the run of the mill moving stones in the yard for decorative purposes but the type that lodge themselves in your kidneys! The type that sometimes have to be blasted out to dislodge them. That's the kinds I'm talking about. For the last several days mine has been on the move again. I wish the damn little sucker which in all honesty feels like a boulder would just move the hell on out and find it's new home in the city sewer system.

Needless to say I have not felt well this weekend. Thus no posting. I have managed to sit here and read some other's blogs and have enjoyed but not commented to much. I also found where Meg @ Lucchese to Louis Vuitton gave me a most excellent award. Thanks so much Meg for this as I really enjoyed your passing it on to me. Though, please forgive me for not doing a "Happy Dance" around my computer desk when I found it. I just didn't feel up to the "wiggle, giggle" this time. I did do a dance on the inside however. LOL. And my kidney's did a dance all their own for it.
Now I would like to pass on the "Make my Day" award to some other fellow bloggers I read daily.

Once again to CG over @ Dreams of a Country Girl. I love this woman. She totally cracks me up some days and her wit and wisdom is one big pink glittery heart. You rock lady.

And to Granny @ Not Your Typical Granny because she's just that. Not typical granny material. Take for instance the other day when she celebrated the one year birthday of her new boobs. Wait maybe now that their a year old they are not New boobs but Old boobs? Ha.

Also to Ashley @ Ashley's Closet. I love reading her and hearing her tell it like it is. Not to mention she blogs about everything under the sun and just puts a smile on my face.

Now go and check them all out while I take a pill and dance quietly alone.


Not a Granny said...

Thank you so much for the award!

They are still new boobs by the way, I will wait till they are 10 or so to be called old! LOL

Hope that damn stone makes its way out quickly. They are very hateful little things!

Mental P Mama said...

Ohhhh feel better. I had them once, and would rather have twins again than that. Ohhhh.

Heather said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh no - I hope you feel better. Hugs to you!

Snooty Primadona said...

Oh Treasia, I hate that for you! My BIL had them and went through living Hell. He said he knew what it was like to give childbirth & I believe him. I hope they've given you something to ease the pain.

Get those suckers outta there!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

oh sweetie i am so so sorry about your stones...that makes me sad...but i so do love my award and it makes me smile and put on a secon coat of Dr Pepper lip gloss cause i feel all famous now....giggle giggle snort.

Treasia said...

Not a Granny-Ok, new boobs then.

MM-I've had so many stones through the years I have lost count. Still hate them though.

Heather/Suze-I am feeling much better.

Snooty-My honest opinion is "every man on earth who has a child should have the privilege of passing one themselves". They would think twice about a child. LOL.

CG-Don't be sad. I just hope I make it through my job interview tomorrow with no pain. Now you enjoy your day as well.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Ouch-Hope you are feeling better. I have never had one and hope like hell I never do. A friend of mine had them regularly and the pain she suffered scared the beegezus out of me.

Good luck on the job interview!!

Country Girl said...

Damn, girl! That's one of the most painful things in the universe. You take care now and thanks so much for the award!

Ashley said...

YAY!! Thanks for the award!

I hope you're feeling better, or at least on hardcore drugs ;-)

BlueJeans Gal said...

I hope they passed and you are feeling better! I had them for the first time last year, had no idea what was causing such immense pain and so went to the ER. Of course, by the time they got to me, I had passed them. That was so friggin painful! But, a friend of mine told me that her hubby has them a lot and his doc told him that as soon as he felt them, he should drink a 6 pack of beer, it would help dissolve them and move them along. So, I always have a 6 pack handy and ready : Straight up. :)