Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Hunk Day



Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not What I Expected or Waited On

I've never been one to blog about television much, if any, for that matter. Everyone knows we love Nascar and Football, but I don't speak much about our television viewing habits. Other than occasionally I do say I hate the Discovery, History and Hunting channels. This does give everyone the idea of what Trucker chooses to watch! Now me, I'm not into learning things on TV, nor do I care about hunting either. So for me TV is all about drama or laughter.

I gotta admit I love me some Desperate Housewives, Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy. Love like I love the colors red and pink. To me they take me away and into a life of books, fantasy and away from my own troubles. They make me laugh, cry and smile. They feed my soul in lots of ways. The medical shows remind me each week of the life I once had. Yes, it was very like both Grey's and Private. Yes, we often grabbed and pulled one another into the supply closets and if you hadn't slept around no one noticed you. Oh those were the days! my friend we thought they'd never end, we'd sing and dance whoops that's a song. Sorry about that I just remembered it. Anyway I finally got around to watching Grey's today on the computer. No dvr here in our house so stuck doing the computer. Which most of the time is actually pretty good, but today it had a mind of it's own. So the two hour show took me about three hours to watch. I have to say though, well worth it. OMG some it blew me away. I was left wishing Meredith would just freaking give love a chance and go with the flow for god's sake. I'm still trying to figure out how she thinks Derek is chatty when she never shuts up herself. Love her but come on here. Izzy needs to go away for awhile and just stay stoned or something. As far as I'm concerned she can take what's his name with her. Go blow those millions. George in my humble opinion needs to grow a set. Please someone give his character a backbone someday. Poor little humble George is getting boring. Now for Christina, she's been a fav of mine since day one. This episode wouldn't have been anything without her in it. Her character seems to have it all. Guts, sympathy when needed, truth, spice, and she tells it like it is. You either love or hate her character. For me, it's love. Loved the story line between the women and their husbands. Truly worth waiting for.

OK, so on to Desperate. What the he$$ was this about? Someone answer me what happened to the last five years? At least catch us up before starting it out please. I honestly thought I had came into the middle of an hour or something. I even went so far as to text my sister to make sure it had just started and I hadn't missed anything. It left me confused, wishing not for what hasn't happened yet, but for what the heck did happen. Maybe that's the whole concept behind it and if it is "I didn't' care for it in the least". Which leaves me desperately hoping it gets better next show.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Time To Party and Celebrate

As everyone knows the last few days (specifically this week) have not been the best for me. Well I'll just say it. It's sucked!!!!!!!!!! Several reasons why actually but work being at the top of the list.

Monday was our first day on the floor answering calls after our full fledged graduation. No longer are we in training but have moved on to new supervisors and regular shifts. Even though we were answering calls before this is different for all of us. To start my Monday off I had a new supervisor, new desk and new people to be around. The supervisor is really nice, as the other employees are. However I couldn't' take a call all day as I was locked out of my computer. No one and I do mean no one, could figure out why. The same thing happened on Tuesday. I couldn't access any of the programs in order to take calls. I was password locked out of it all. This meant I had to red hat for everyone else. Which means I walked the facility and helped others who had their signs up and needed the help. This position is so NOT for me. At least not yet it isn't. I don't feel comfortable enough helping others when I still need help time to time for myself. As well as I wasn't prepared to walk all day long for two days. My feet and ankles were swollen and my legs hurt so much I cried myself to sleep.

Another rotten way to start this week was Trucker and I had no time together over the weekend. Nor have we had any time together in the last few months to speak of. So I told him before he left for another week on Sunday night that I am tired of getting his leftovers and want time together ALONE. Each weekend the Rug Rats are here for the duration. I love them dearly, but we need time as well.

Now I am happy to let you know that yesterday was a wonderful day at work. I finally managed to get on the computer and actually take calls. Not walk my fat ass off around the floor all day long. But to do what I actually love to do and that's talk to customers, make them smile and show them I do care. By the end of the day I finally had one customer I've been waiting on this for weeks take the post call survey. I scored 5 out of 5 and was brought balloons, got my name on the board and also received a gift card from Wal-Mart. The perfect Hump Day for me.

As well Trucker surprised me by coming home last night and actually staying the night. Exhausted though we both were it made the both of us happy to have that little bit of time alone. Now to get an entire weekend, well let's just say, I'M WORKING ON IT LOTS.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank God It's Hump Day

Just so you know........................

Today was worse than yesterday.

But this cowboy made me smile before going to bed tonight. sigh........................


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Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Over

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And thank God for that!! This is one Monday I do not want to relive over ever again.

In the famous words of Scarlett O'Hara Tomorrow is another day

And in the famous words of Treasia It better be a hell of a lot better than this one.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Elusive Creatures

After months of trying to catch even one decent picture of my hummingbirds I simply am giving up. Try as I might they are so hard to get a picture of. I know it's almost time to take the feeders down and place away for winter months, but I just don't want to yet. Yes, I'm selfish that way. I enjoy watching them out my window in the mornings while drinking my coffee and blogging away.

Since I have given up for this year I will share a few beautiful (crappy) pics of what I managed to take.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I haven't had time this week to sit down and really blog very much. So today I am just taking some time to play catch up on life around a trucking, working overtime, kid filled home.

First off thanks to everyone who has sent hugs and prayers for my Merlin. Still no sign of him at all and we have drove around the neighborhood so much I now know more about my neighbors now than ever before. I have resigned myself to the fact that he is gone and never coming back. I won't look at pictures of him any longer right now because I just break down and cry. If he does return home, well I will be extremely happy and grateful for this. If not, I only hope the family that stole him loves him as much as I.

Work is going great and keeping me hopping. Considering my mood this week that's wonderful. I just received my first raise which is also very very nice. As I am now paying for all those senior pics we had taken earlier this week. Today is potluck day at work and I am really looking forward to it. All of the Canadian trainers are headed back home to Canada tomorrow and I hate telling them goodbye today. Once more, I know I'm gonna cry. After being around them daily for nine weeks now they have became good friends. My trainer Linzee has became almost like a daughter to me and I will miss her so much. We do plan to keep in touch by email however, so she won't be completely gone from my world.

Princess is doing well in school, working hard at it as well as her job. Right now she is on the other computer filling out her college application. She is holding off on sending it however because she is having a really really hard time of deciding what she wants to be in life. She keeps going from being an RN, to Sonographer, Radiology, to Respiratory therapist. I am voting pushing for RN. Simply because the range is broader as well as jobs are more plentiful for those careers.

RugRats 1 & 2 are doing well too. Today they are gone on the semi with Trucker. Somewhere in Alabama now. School is out here today for something or other and they opted to go with dad instead of the babysitter. Who could blame them? Tomorrow is another football game for Rug Rat 1 to cheer at. I haven't been able to go and watch her yet this year and might be able to tomorrow. Although I can work some overtime and miss it. Still undecided about it.

Trucker has not been home since he left out Sunday morning for Georgia. They are still working lots and lots of overtime this time of year. It will start to slow down in about one month. Till then we enjoy each other's company on weekends.

Well that's catching up in a nutshell around here. How is life for you all redneck slang lately? Catch me up please.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Feeling Empty and Hollow Inside

I've only had him for one year, but in that one year he became my best friend in so many ways. It's almost like he and I are kindred souls who came together after years of being alone and apart. You see we found one another and it was love at first sight for the both of us. He was mine and mine alone. He tolerated the rest of the family and neighbors, but loved no other but me. Merlin made this known in so many different ways. He came only to me for attention, he slept with me each night, he stayed with me in bed when sick. He ignored the entire family but me. Even on the nights Trucker was home and we shared a bed, Merlin would sleep between us, showing his dominance until you literally made him move. Then upon moving he swapped to the other side of my pillow, put his head next to mine, placed one paw under my head, and the other rested upon my face. He actually hugged me all night long. I could feel his whiskers gently brushing and tickling my nose. He had become a great love in my life and will always hold a huge spot there. He never ventured far from home as he is neutered and declawed. He thought he owned are driveway for naps. He literally would not move off the pavement till you got out of the car, walked over to him, and took your foot and pushed him over into the grass. He would only look up and almost smile at you for having made you do this. Yes, he is just that way.

I didn't realize when this past Friday came about and I let him outside for the day, as I have done for the past year, that that would be the last time I seen my best friend. He wasn't laying in our driveway when I got in from work that night. I left early Saturday morning and upon returning home that night Trucker asked me if I had seen him and when the last time was. Merlin never returned home Saturday or all day yesterday. We believe the neighbors who lived behind us (who moved out over the weekend) stole him from us. Our neighbor (who lives right next door) also has had one of her kittens missing since Friday as well. I spoke to the landlady who rented the house yesterday, she is trying to find them as well, they skipped out on rent. If she is able to find them she offered to see if they had a white long haired cat and then will tell us where they are. I hope and pray she finds those people and Merlin finds his way home.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thank God It's Friday

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Yes, that's me in the above graphic. I swear this is what I look like before coffee on a Friday. Just ask Trucker he'll swear to you. LOL. Tomorrow I have my hairdresser appt. and neither storm, wind, rain or hurricane is keeping me away. As you can see I am in desperate need right now.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hump Day Pleasure

Not sure about what you ladies might think, but he can do my laundry any way he wants too. Even mix the whites and colors together. I wouldn't complain!

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Spotted in the Mall




Saturday, September 6, 2008

Whole Lotta Training Going On

Training for things seem to be the new norm for our happy household. As most of you know I have been in training for the new job for myself for several weeks now. Thank goodness I am almost finished with this portion of it now. The first five weeks is gone and done and am now in my second transition phase which lasts another three weeks. So my training time is almost complete.

Now on to training for the Rug Rats. Rug Rat 1 was given a new cell phone by us quite some time ago. Not an expensive phone at all but one of those cheap little Track Fones that Trucker first used when he went out on the road. He used this till we got our cell phone plan going and got the two of us new phones. As well as Princess. When we gave Rug Rat 1 the little trac fone she was tickled pink about it. She felt all grown up and knew that this phone would not be forever. But would be used to see how she could handle responsibility. This was set by how she kept up with the phone, how much money she used, as well as she had to EARN her money to purchase her minutes for it. She passed with flying colors and we upgraded her to my old phone. which is an older model, but much nicer. Camera phone and lots of bells and whistles on it. Rug Rat 1 couldn't have been happier about it. She loves it and she as well earned it.

Now for Rug Rat 2. Trucker has been diligently trying to get Rug Rat 2 to show responsibility for things as well. Granted he is only 9 (and just turned that) and really doesn't have much responsibility at all. Trucker started the summer months off training him some form of responsibility by giving him his first pocket knife which I was dead set against and then later gave him his first billfold and he started earning his spending money. 2's mother ended up taking the pocket knife and putting it somewhere for safe keeping. For once with regards to her I was happy! Anyway, sorry got side tracked here, Rug Rat 2 in my humble opinion has not shown enough responsibility to gain anything more. However Trucker seen differently about this. OK, no quarrels here, remember you gotta pick your battles in marriage. Ha. I like to choose wisely on this.

Last weekend Trucker decided and didn't deem to tell me this that 2 was showing enough responsibility to have the little trac fone. I found out when #2 kept texting me here at home. I finally recognized the number as Truckers old one. So the week rocks on and #2 is showing some responsibility regarding his phone. This made both of us happy.

Now it rolls around to this weekend. Right after picking up the two Rug Rats late yesterday evening #2 started whining (yes a 9 year old does still whine) about how his phone was stupid, it didn't do anything he wanted it to do like the others phone does, he hated it and on and on. At this point we are all in the truck from picking up Rug Rat 1 from cheerleader practice. Meaning the whole happy family is together. Now mind you no one says a word to #2 except his father. Trucker ended up taking the phone back and telling #2 he just lost his phone for good.

At this point Rug Rat 1 piped up from the backseat and says "It's a training phone #2 and you failed it". "It trains you to like it one way or other".

The whole happy family burst out in laughter at this. Everyone except #2!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Fun

It's labor day and not in the mood or feel like coming up with a life altering story today, or telling a tall tale. I feel like crap! I either have mono or strep throat and it's not fun let me tell you. So when Miss Snooty tagged me in a meme it was perfect timing. Thanks Snooty, it's like you read my mind.

Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:

1. Learn not to sweat the small stuff. (Trucker keeps telling me I have to learn this)
2. Spend as much time with my grand babies as possible.
3. Live to see my great grandchildren. (means I must stop smoking)

4. Continue speaking my mind about anything and everything.
5. Take a cruise to the Bahama's (As god is my witness I will do this)
6. Renew my vows at least twice (good excuse for a romantic get a way)
7. Drive a race car around the track at 160 mph.

Seven Things I Can Do:

1. Speak in a southern belle accent at the drop of a hat. (ask anyone)
2. cook supper, text about five people, and talk on the phone all at the same time.
3. Cry and pout when I don't get my way. (Trucker, give me a witness)
4. Do the splits like in my cheerleader days (although now it hurts like hell)
5. Accomplish anything I set my mind to do (but it has to be what I want to do)
6. Live alone, maintain my own budget and raise my kids single handedly (can I get a
7. Drink a man under the table (what fun is this)

Seven Things I Can't Do:

1. Change a tire, oil or anything car related. (Out of four marriages 2 have been mechanics)
2. Play golf (although would love to learn)

3. Math (of any kind, it's why we have calculators)
4. Lie (Try as I might I just can't do this)
5. Eat healthy (starting next week this changes though, as I am joining a fitness center)
6. Stay away from chocolate (maybe next week I will learn this)

7. Work on a farm (allergies keep me away)

Seven Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex:

1. His ass!! (Man got a cute ass and I marry him, ask my Trucker)
2. His smile (sincere, sexy, and full of mischief)
3. Eyes (all knowing, all seeing and once again full of mischief)

4. His attitude (flirty, confident, and the "I don't give a damn attitude")
5. How he carries himself
6. If he is respectful of others and me most of all.
7. I'm alive (for gods sake)

Seven things I say most often:

1. God your an idiot
2. How do you live with no brain.

3. Shut the damn door!
4. I love you this much.
5. I'm giving you away and that's it. (as said to the dog when she has an accident)
6. Drive careful baby. (to everyone in my house who drives)

7. Hey wanna have sex? (my idea of foreplay sometimes.)

Seven Celebrity Crushes:

1. Jon Bon Jovi (their is no man alive as sexy as him)
2. Sean Connery (I would do almost anything to the sound of his voice)
3. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (I wanna ride in his car)
4. Sam Elliot (It's what's for dinner,at least
in my dreams)
5. Johnny Depp (He could take me as his pirate wench any day)
6. Pierce Brosnan
7. Steve Vai (makes a guitar talk and sing, Whispering on a Prayer, must
listen to it.)

Seven People I'm Tagging For This:

Being as I don't feel well at all. I'm tagging the first seven who read this. Or anyone at all. Enjoy.