Thursday, September 25, 2008

Time To Party and Celebrate

As everyone knows the last few days (specifically this week) have not been the best for me. Well I'll just say it. It's sucked!!!!!!!!!! Several reasons why actually but work being at the top of the list.

Monday was our first day on the floor answering calls after our full fledged graduation. No longer are we in training but have moved on to new supervisors and regular shifts. Even though we were answering calls before this is different for all of us. To start my Monday off I had a new supervisor, new desk and new people to be around. The supervisor is really nice, as the other employees are. However I couldn't' take a call all day as I was locked out of my computer. No one and I do mean no one, could figure out why. The same thing happened on Tuesday. I couldn't access any of the programs in order to take calls. I was password locked out of it all. This meant I had to red hat for everyone else. Which means I walked the facility and helped others who had their signs up and needed the help. This position is so NOT for me. At least not yet it isn't. I don't feel comfortable enough helping others when I still need help time to time for myself. As well as I wasn't prepared to walk all day long for two days. My feet and ankles were swollen and my legs hurt so much I cried myself to sleep.

Another rotten way to start this week was Trucker and I had no time together over the weekend. Nor have we had any time together in the last few months to speak of. So I told him before he left for another week on Sunday night that I am tired of getting his leftovers and want time together ALONE. Each weekend the Rug Rats are here for the duration. I love them dearly, but we need time as well.

Now I am happy to let you know that yesterday was a wonderful day at work. I finally managed to get on the computer and actually take calls. Not walk my fat ass off around the floor all day long. But to do what I actually love to do and that's talk to customers, make them smile and show them I do care. By the end of the day I finally had one customer I've been waiting on this for weeks take the post call survey. I scored 5 out of 5 and was brought balloons, got my name on the board and also received a gift card from Wal-Mart. The perfect Hump Day for me.

As well Trucker surprised me by coming home last night and actually staying the night. Exhausted though we both were it made the both of us happy to have that little bit of time alone. Now to get an entire weekend, well let's just say, I'M WORKING ON IT LOTS.


Anonymous said...

Glad the job went better and you got to spend some time with Trucker. Well, even if it was sleep time *g.

Mental P Mama said...

Yay for it all! I hope trucker gets home soon;)

Meg said...

Congrats on the job and your progress!

You had ALONE time finally with Trucker????? PLAN that date sista...plan that date already!

Asphalt Widow said...

That's awesome, girl! Way to go!

I totally hear you on alone time with Trucker. DH and I have an anniversary coming up this weekend, and I don't care what we do, as long as we get some time together!

Living on the Spit said...

I am so happy for you. WOW, what a great job! I am glad you and Trucker got to spend "some" time together. You definitely deserve some good stuff!