Sunday, September 28, 2008

Not What I Expected or Waited On

I've never been one to blog about television much, if any, for that matter. Everyone knows we love Nascar and Football, but I don't speak much about our television viewing habits. Other than occasionally I do say I hate the Discovery, History and Hunting channels. This does give everyone the idea of what Trucker chooses to watch! Now me, I'm not into learning things on TV, nor do I care about hunting either. So for me TV is all about drama or laughter.

I gotta admit I love me some Desperate Housewives, Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy. Love like I love the colors red and pink. To me they take me away and into a life of books, fantasy and away from my own troubles. They make me laugh, cry and smile. They feed my soul in lots of ways. The medical shows remind me each week of the life I once had. Yes, it was very like both Grey's and Private. Yes, we often grabbed and pulled one another into the supply closets and if you hadn't slept around no one noticed you. Oh those were the days! my friend we thought they'd never end, we'd sing and dance whoops that's a song. Sorry about that I just remembered it. Anyway I finally got around to watching Grey's today on the computer. No dvr here in our house so stuck doing the computer. Which most of the time is actually pretty good, but today it had a mind of it's own. So the two hour show took me about three hours to watch. I have to say though, well worth it. OMG some it blew me away. I was left wishing Meredith would just freaking give love a chance and go with the flow for god's sake. I'm still trying to figure out how she thinks Derek is chatty when she never shuts up herself. Love her but come on here. Izzy needs to go away for awhile and just stay stoned or something. As far as I'm concerned she can take what's his name with her. Go blow those millions. George in my humble opinion needs to grow a set. Please someone give his character a backbone someday. Poor little humble George is getting boring. Now for Christina, she's been a fav of mine since day one. This episode wouldn't have been anything without her in it. Her character seems to have it all. Guts, sympathy when needed, truth, spice, and she tells it like it is. You either love or hate her character. For me, it's love. Loved the story line between the women and their husbands. Truly worth waiting for.

OK, so on to Desperate. What the he$$ was this about? Someone answer me what happened to the last five years? At least catch us up before starting it out please. I honestly thought I had came into the middle of an hour or something. I even went so far as to text my sister to make sure it had just started and I hadn't missed anything. It left me confused, wishing not for what hasn't happened yet, but for what the heck did happen. Maybe that's the whole concept behind it and if it is "I didn't' care for it in the least". Which leaves me desperately hoping it gets better next show.


Philly said...

Meredith is getting on my last nerve. I wish Derick would dump her. I love Izzy, and for George, I never liked his character !!


Asphalt Widow said...

I don't watch Greys, but I do watch Desperate. I was disappointed too. I knew it was going to be 5 years later, but I agree... I thought they would back it up more and fill in the gaps. And I was pissed about Susan and Mike! The whole show I thought he was dead which made me mad LOL.. then to find out they split. And now Edie's mysterious hubby.. the show drives me crazy. I don't know why I watch LOL.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I don't watch it so I can't help you out.