Saturday, September 6, 2008

Whole Lotta Training Going On

Training for things seem to be the new norm for our happy household. As most of you know I have been in training for the new job for myself for several weeks now. Thank goodness I am almost finished with this portion of it now. The first five weeks is gone and done and am now in my second transition phase which lasts another three weeks. So my training time is almost complete.

Now on to training for the Rug Rats. Rug Rat 1 was given a new cell phone by us quite some time ago. Not an expensive phone at all but one of those cheap little Track Fones that Trucker first used when he went out on the road. He used this till we got our cell phone plan going and got the two of us new phones. As well as Princess. When we gave Rug Rat 1 the little trac fone she was tickled pink about it. She felt all grown up and knew that this phone would not be forever. But would be used to see how she could handle responsibility. This was set by how she kept up with the phone, how much money she used, as well as she had to EARN her money to purchase her minutes for it. She passed with flying colors and we upgraded her to my old phone. which is an older model, but much nicer. Camera phone and lots of bells and whistles on it. Rug Rat 1 couldn't have been happier about it. She loves it and she as well earned it.

Now for Rug Rat 2. Trucker has been diligently trying to get Rug Rat 2 to show responsibility for things as well. Granted he is only 9 (and just turned that) and really doesn't have much responsibility at all. Trucker started the summer months off training him some form of responsibility by giving him his first pocket knife which I was dead set against and then later gave him his first billfold and he started earning his spending money. 2's mother ended up taking the pocket knife and putting it somewhere for safe keeping. For once with regards to her I was happy! Anyway, sorry got side tracked here, Rug Rat 2 in my humble opinion has not shown enough responsibility to gain anything more. However Trucker seen differently about this. OK, no quarrels here, remember you gotta pick your battles in marriage. Ha. I like to choose wisely on this.

Last weekend Trucker decided and didn't deem to tell me this that 2 was showing enough responsibility to have the little trac fone. I found out when #2 kept texting me here at home. I finally recognized the number as Truckers old one. So the week rocks on and #2 is showing some responsibility regarding his phone. This made both of us happy.

Now it rolls around to this weekend. Right after picking up the two Rug Rats late yesterday evening #2 started whining (yes a 9 year old does still whine) about how his phone was stupid, it didn't do anything he wanted it to do like the others phone does, he hated it and on and on. At this point we are all in the truck from picking up Rug Rat 1 from cheerleader practice. Meaning the whole happy family is together. Now mind you no one says a word to #2 except his father. Trucker ended up taking the phone back and telling #2 he just lost his phone for good.

At this point Rug Rat 1 piped up from the backseat and says "It's a training phone #2 and you failed it". "It trains you to like it one way or other".

The whole happy family burst out in laughter at this. Everyone except #2!!!


Michelle Willingham said...

I love it! What a great way to train your kids. Too funny. :) #2 will learn his lesson.

Jeannelle said...

Isn't it amazing we ever were able to survive as kids without cell phones, internet, DVD's....

I recall when a Disney movie came to the theater, you had better go see it there, or chances are you'd never get a chance to see it again. Now, we have piles of movies on VHS and DVD around the house.

Asphalt Widow said...

LOL that is great! I tell you what though.. I am not looking forward to that with my two!! Ugh!!