Friday, September 19, 2008

Playing Catch Up

I haven't had time this week to sit down and really blog very much. So today I am just taking some time to play catch up on life around a trucking, working overtime, kid filled home.

First off thanks to everyone who has sent hugs and prayers for my Merlin. Still no sign of him at all and we have drove around the neighborhood so much I now know more about my neighbors now than ever before. I have resigned myself to the fact that he is gone and never coming back. I won't look at pictures of him any longer right now because I just break down and cry. If he does return home, well I will be extremely happy and grateful for this. If not, I only hope the family that stole him loves him as much as I.

Work is going great and keeping me hopping. Considering my mood this week that's wonderful. I just received my first raise which is also very very nice. As I am now paying for all those senior pics we had taken earlier this week. Today is potluck day at work and I am really looking forward to it. All of the Canadian trainers are headed back home to Canada tomorrow and I hate telling them goodbye today. Once more, I know I'm gonna cry. After being around them daily for nine weeks now they have became good friends. My trainer Linzee has became almost like a daughter to me and I will miss her so much. We do plan to keep in touch by email however, so she won't be completely gone from my world.

Princess is doing well in school, working hard at it as well as her job. Right now she is on the other computer filling out her college application. She is holding off on sending it however because she is having a really really hard time of deciding what she wants to be in life. She keeps going from being an RN, to Sonographer, Radiology, to Respiratory therapist. I am voting pushing for RN. Simply because the range is broader as well as jobs are more plentiful for those careers.

RugRats 1 & 2 are doing well too. Today they are gone on the semi with Trucker. Somewhere in Alabama now. School is out here today for something or other and they opted to go with dad instead of the babysitter. Who could blame them? Tomorrow is another football game for Rug Rat 1 to cheer at. I haven't been able to go and watch her yet this year and might be able to tomorrow. Although I can work some overtime and miss it. Still undecided about it.

Trucker has not been home since he left out Sunday morning for Georgia. They are still working lots and lots of overtime this time of year. It will start to slow down in about one month. Till then we enjoy each other's company on weekends.

Well that's catching up in a nutshell around here. How is life for you all redneck slang lately? Catch me up please.


Living on the Spit said...

I am still praying for your baby to come home. I do hope you have a great weekend. You deserve it!!!

Mental P Mama said...

I think you are one busy mama! Yay for princess. We are doing the same thing here, and RN is my vote, too! I miss Merlin, too. Do you think you could have a coyote around? I hate to ask, but we have that here in Connecticut, and they kill cats and dogs constantly. So sad for you. Safe home for Trucker and rugrats!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I'm sorry your baby disappeared. That's tough when you don't know what happened.(Hugs)

Totally off topic, but Chris and I have a question for you to ask Trucker when you get a chance...Coming through Denver we saw a bobtail truck and noticed that the rear wheels were not sets of two but rather super wide tires. So instead of having 8 tires on his rear axles he had 4. Chris was wondering if this reduces his load capacity or if this is a new trend in semi's? Actually, I thought it looked pretty cool. Kinda like racing slicks.

Treasia said...

Cowgirl-Trucker just explained the tires to me for you. He said besides being all "cool" looking they reduce your weight by 600 lbs. In turn this means you can haul 600#s more of product in the trailer. He said they are called super singles.

Asphalt Widow said...

It sounds like work and kiddos are keeping you busy! We're doing pretty good here.. I had some friends come in from out of town this weekend, so today I'm just relaxing :-)