Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween My Friends


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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

A little stroll through my mind this cold Thursday morning.

1. Why with each beautiful changing season does allergies have to be a part of it.

2. Do pharmacists have to make each allergy medicine with some sleep crap in it.

3. Can't wait for Friday and the Halloween costume contest. I am sooo gonna win.

4. Maybe if I bribe my son and DIL to come for Thanksgiving they will.

5. Is the election over yet? Someone wake me when it is.

6. Since when did school start letting out for Halloween? I don't recall this when I went to school some 30 odd years ago.

7. Remember going trick or treating and putting petroleum jelly on the car and front door handles? Or was I the only one mean enough.

8. I remember when you could actually take the kids to every neighbors door and not have to worry about things.

9. I also remember when you could let them walk around your own street alone because it was safe.

10. Aww I remember getting things like caramel apples, candy apples, cinnamon rolls, popcorn balls and treats that were really really good. Oh for the good ole days.

11. I also remember watching scary movies that didn't have guts hanging out, large butcher knives and slasher crap in them. Just good ole witches, warlocks, and ghosts was enough.

12. I also remember our own family tradition (long gone by now) when my kids were little of watching nothing at all the week of Halloween but scary movies each and every night. The kids loved it. Now that we no longer do it, I realize I loved it as much.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Hated To See It End

This has been a wonderful weekend for Trucker and I. It's been a long time coming for us. Finding the time and money in the last couple of years to go out and enjoy doing something we love so much. Maybe if I hadn't took the "bull by the horns" so to speak, we would still be trying to find the time and money. Sometimes in order to make things happen you can't just rely on when the time is right but rather you have to make time for the time to be right. Yeah, I think I've finally learned this now. I won't soon forget it either. I think I'll be making time a whole heck of lot more now.

Friday when I got home from work Trucker was already in bed asleep. He was exhausted so much so you could actually hear him snoring in various parts of the house. He never ever snores unless he's just beaten. I sat up doing some odds and ends and piddling on the computer, checking out blogs I had missed that morning before work. Around midnight just as I was getting ready for bed our phone rang. As most of you know if the damn phone rings after 10 pm it's never good news. At least we have always found this to be true. Sure enough, not good news. I had actually sat there staring at the phone and thinking don't answer it, don't answer it. It was Trucker's brother. He has been in our state capitol most of the week with his wife having complications in an early delivery. So I knew it wouldn't be good. Well SIL is actually doing pretty well and having to stay another week or two. Brother always wants something when he calls. To make a long story short he did again. I told him in the morning I would pass the info on and not wake Trucker tonight. You could tell this was not exactly what he wanted me to do. Oh well, tough tookies here.

Saturday actually was a gorgeous day. I had worried half the week about it raining as it had rained half the damn week. I passed the dreaded message on to my sweet heart of a man. Who felt about the same way as I did about the message. Brother called just as I was telling him the story. You could tell a part of Trucker didn't really want to answer his cell either. They discussed the message and needless to say brother wasn't to keen on the answer again. Long story short, brother wanted Trucker to come and get him. Trucker's not his daddy you know.

OK, skipping on here. We didn't get to leave at all close to when we had planned, but we finally got out of here around 11am. A few miles out of town I asked if Trucker had gotten the tickets off the table. Nope we both forgot in our excitement. Had to turn around and go back and get them. Off again we go. Giggle and laugh on the way there and had a good time just riding along. Both talking of our races past. We get there and find our parking. Naturally it's a good mile or more away. Grabbed the tickets and start walking. Get to the gate and Trucker hands them over. The man looked at us as if we were playing some sort of joke on him. He handed one of them back and said "This is not a ticket sir but only the address, name and number". Poor Trucker had to walk the mile and however far back to the truck and retrieve the correct ticket. I stood and waited. Finally inside we walked around the souvenir trucks and made our wonderful fun little purchases. I cannot go to a track and not buy new shirts, caps and such. Neither can Trucker.

Once we got to our seats and the races started it was great. We both have missed this part of our life. I know it sounds silly but racing is one of the many reasons we are together. Trucker had found a woman who shared his passion in his sport.

We ended the day by stopping in at Colton's Steak House and eating supper. Then home to relax and see if we could find ourselves in the second running of the race on TV. Naturally we couldn't see ourselves but it was neat to see what we had just been doing and where we had spent our day.

It's funny the type of dress you see at these events.

Here's a few pics of the day.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Let the Weekend begin NOW


Wooo Hooo it's the weekend. Time to relax, unwind and let your hair down. It's the weekend I'm kidnapping my Trucker. That's right, in order to get some time with Trucker, and for him to have some down-time I pre-made arrangements to steal him away for the weekend. We have tickets to the Nascar races in Millington, Tennessee. Neither of us have been to this track before and are really looking forward to it. I wish it was the Sprint races but instead it's the Nationwide series. I'm not complaining one iota though. The smell of burning rubber, fuel, loud engine sounds and the electricity in the air is excitement for the both of us. Feel free to mention the weather in your prayers.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weddings and "The First Dance"

Weddings have changed so much over the years. From the day of long sleeved, lace from head to toe, no cleavage to the time of strapless, satin and more than your share of ta ta's hanging out. I love them all. I adore weddings. Obviously has I have had four of my own. Each one completely different than the one before. But the one thing that never changed for me at my weddings is the fact that till Trucker and I married I never had my wedding dance. Not even in private after the wedding day. And if you're thinking that's why I married Trucker, well your wrong. It was his ass the dance was a bonus.

My dance with Trucker was your typical slow dance. I loved it. Simply because he done this for me. He does not dance for any reason. Oh from time to time (if he drank anything alcoholic) we would rub belt buckles on our hardwood floors. Get your minds out of the gutter, I mean while standing up attempting our dance moves. He made it perfectly clear to me from the day we started planning our wedding that there would be no dancing from him. However over the course of time while planning our wedding, he changed his mind upon hearing I never had "My Dance". I will never forget that first dance. Except for the life of me I can't remember the damn song. All I remember is it was an Alan Jackson song. How sad is that?

Dancing your first dance together is also another huge change in weddings. No more is it the stuffy slow dance but couples are taking it to new extremes and expressing their love in so many ways. And their personalities as well. I love the new dance ideas. Sure wish I could have talked Trucker into one of them.

This one I have never seen before and laughed till I cried. Not only was it their dance together, but it ended up being a dance off between the two. Enjoy the video and think back to your own "first dance".

In Honor of Wear Pink Day

Today at work we are all wearing pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. I'm really hoping to see this in pink on at least one co-worker. Preferably a hot male co-worker. With a hot bod of course.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fantasy Land and your Halloween Costume

Let's pretend for a minute that you can be anything for Halloween you want to be. No questions asked, no thoughts provided and no one and I do mean no one telling you that you can't.

My good friend Meg over at Lucchese to Louis Vuitton had this most excellent idea in her blog. If you can be anyone you wanted for Halloween who would you be? Meg is challenging all bloggers to pick the perfect YOU and then use that picture for your profile picture on your blog.

Here are some I've chosen for my alter ego. Shocking aren't they? LOL. The very bottom picture is what I am really going to be this Halloween and the costume is already ordered. You will notice a large difference in the alter ego versus what I really am.

Now I would like everyone who decides to choose an alter ego for your personal profile picture to make a comment here. I really really want to see what everyone has chosen, so leave a comment after posting your new picture so we can all see the REAL YOU.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Honey Do List

This weekend Trucker had major Honey Do List work. Like most men at least I hear this he waits and lets several accumulate till he has a large, large list of things to do. More times than not I don't push or rush him into any of them since he works so hard and doesn't have much time off. Now however, things are starting to slow down at work and he is having a little more time at home. Take this weekend for example: He had Friday, Saturday and half day Sunday. It was now or never as next weekend I am kidnapping him for some fun and frolic. Another words racing in person followed by sex. Not in person! I thought I might should clarify that last part.

We both had much to do around the house. I had the fall cleaning lined up and making ready for winter time chores. Bringing in the plants, getting out the throws for the sofa's, unpacking winter clothes and packing away those summer ones. Not to mention the washing curtains, walls, rugs, and things like this. Trucker had to mow the yard hopefully the last time this year. He also had to change out the faucets in our bathroom shower downstairs. Which was really a big task as he had a choice of either cutting through the fiberglass surround or completely removing it. Which the removing wasn't really much of an option considering I think the house was built around it. As well he had to remove the gas heater and take it to be cleaned or air hosed blown out, as well as install the new trash compactor. Plus carry a huge screen TV to the curb. This I have been asking for for like 6 months now.

Now my point here really is this: why do men make things harder upon themselves than necessary? Instead of following simple suggestions from the wives? Not to mention why it always comes out half arsed done?

I am to ashamed to post pictures of my shower now. I had planned on it, as it was leaking so bad it wasn't even necessary to turn the faucets on in order to take a shower. But now, the shower curtain is closed and hopefully no one will ever see it but me. He cut a large not small as asked rectangle shape around the faucets to reach the pipes. Then he dropped something and had to cut another hole at the bottom of the shower which now looks like at one time a electrical outlet may have been there. Not only is this awful looking but guess what he used to seal it all back together? One would think he might have used a caulk or something that at least matched the shower surround. But no, my Trucker, used black caulking putty on beige surround. It's the most God awful looking shower ever. It makes me want to video and write "Makeover Home Addition". It's seriously that bad. I walked into the room and just stood there in shock. Complete and utter shock. I almost burst out laughing from hysterics. I didn't say much other than "well it doesn't' leak anymore does it?" So help me gosh if he had said it did I would have had to be taken to the funny farm house. You know the one, straight jackets abound. I would have been the one sitting in the corner cringing when told it was time to shower. I thanked him, which I am still in shock over as well, for stopping the leak.

By the time we went to bed Saturday night every joint in our two bodies ached. I mean ached to the point of me crying and being up all night. jeez I am out of shape or getting old fast.

Sunday rolled around much earlier than usual as neither of us could sleep. By ten am Trucker says its time to leave. What?? The heater is still sitting in the middle of the dining room floor and not been touched. Then he gives me this story on how he misfigured how long the trip would take. Bullshit I called. It's easier to drive truck than do those honey do chores. You can't pull one over on me. I wasn't born yesterday as my joints keep reminding me.

So I put on my best smile, while inside I was seething, and politely told him not asked mind you, that he had to get it cleaned out first. It is getting colder each day and when he leaves for work your never real sure when he might actually be back home. Now how hard would it have been to carry the stove to the truck, load in back, take to the garage or quick mart, put .75 cents in the machine and blow the damn thing out. No not my Trucker, he took it as far as the carport, took a pump like you blow up an air bed and proceeded to blow might as well have just breathed heavy onto it, it out. 30 minutes later he came carrying it back in to hook up. He said it is clean. Once again I didn't say much but Jesus Christ it's not clean. My vacuum could have done better. In fact I ended up vacuuming it out myself. Now why oh why couldn't he have just done as asked. Oh wait, maybe I didn't ask, maybe that's the problem, I told instead.

It's so hard to stay mad at him even when he screws up in my book. After he left Sunday I transferred picks from the weekend. Now you see why it's hard to stay mad? The view was so worth it.




Have a wonderful Sunday my friends

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Playing Dress Up At My Age

I know I talk about my work a lot, and you've probably figured out by now how much I love it. It's a fun place to call work. There is no reason under the sun that you shouldn't have fun in the work place and this company knows the importance of it for the employees. Kudos to them for making it this way.

Not only have they catered meals in to us on a weekly basis, have huge company give-away's, and and all sort's of employee incentives but they also have costume days. Take a couple of weeks ago for example. All week was devoted to dress up for Customer Appreciation Week. I know the customers do not see us on the other end of the phones but it made all of us smile and that was then expressed into our voices and attitudes that week. We had dress in: your favorite sports team, mardi gras, hawaiian day, company dress, and clown day.

Even at my age in mid life playing dress up is still lots of fun. I actually looked forward to this week with a lot of anticipation. They had contests for best dressed but I knew I had no chance of ever winning. I only looked forward to having the excuse to act like a kid again. As adults we never seem to have this as we get older without others thinking we have lost our middle aged minds. Now I had an excuse.

Don't laugh to hard at me. Save it for my special Halloween costume week.





Thursday, October 16, 2008

Giving up something you love so much

I swore to myself years ago I would never, ever become attached like this again. I made a vow people to myself that I would not let it happen. Never to let it hold even a tiny portion of my heart. However it was love at first sight. A deep heartfelt love that grew over time and kept growing long after it should have. It's my cocaine, my addiction, my speed. It breathes life into me each day. It's the last thing I touch at night, the first thing I swoon over and hold precious in the mornings even before my much loved coffee and family. I kid, I kid, well maybe? Why, oh why, did I fall again and so hard. How could I break a vow to myself this way? Am I weak?

Who would have ever thought such an inanimate object could draw me in and make me love them? Often times beckoning me throughout the nighttime. Calling my name over and over again, begging me to come stroke it, love it and give it hugs in return.

and now, it is dying. I have seen the blue screen of death stare back at me (twice in a weeks time), mocking me. Reminding me yet again that I am weak and how I fell and fell hard.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Fall Weather

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Fall season has arrived here in our neck of the woods. Maybe I should say country and not woods. Although I am hankering (country slang) for a long drive in the woods of Mt. View, Ar. I am also ready to spend some time outdoors because, well, it just feels good.

Since I am longing for all of this in the next few weeks this means I am not going to be around here much. I am taking a break from blogging for now, not sure how long, but will be back. Trucker and I have plans for a long weekend outing later this month, followed by another weekend outing going to see the grand babies. My babies are in Mt. View, AR and this means I am planning on going the weekend of the annual "Bean Festival" and out house racing. I promise to have pics to share of both occasions to come.

Till we talk again, everyone get outside and enjoy the weather, the colors and the beginning of Autumn.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nip In The Air

I absolutely adore, love and live for fall weather. It makes me sing, dance, smile and feel rejuvenated. Seriously, I feel during the fall like a completely new woman. Which is great, cause summer weather wears me out.

This time of year is my time to go for long drives in the country and take some time for myself. I love the changing of the colors, the smells in the air, the crisp clean feel of it all. Like a new birth of change.

It also makes me want to get out there and shop! With the crisp, cool mornings I love sweaters, boots and leggings. I know what your thinking here, a 46 year old, mid life woman is NOT supposed to wear leggings. I say, Aw poof on it. If you got legs, flaunt em!
This type of clothing is comfortable and chic. I love it.

So while in the mall the other day I ran across a boot sale. I haven't worn boots in years. I had to have me a pair. Not to mention the sale sign was drawing me ever closer. So I found a pair of suede scrunch top black boots, they were just screaming my name. And we all know if you buy a new pair of boots you have to have at least one matching outfit with it. Well low and behold if I didn't walk a little further down the mall and discover (while searching of course) the cutest sweater dress and leggings. And they were on sale too. My heart stopped, the angels sang and my breath left my body. I had to have them. No two ways about it. Who cares if I am 46, in my mind I'm still at least 36.

The sweater dress I bought is a deep dark purple though.