Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

A little stroll through my mind this cold Thursday morning.

1. Why with each beautiful changing season does allergies have to be a part of it.

2. Do pharmacists have to make each allergy medicine with some sleep crap in it.

3. Can't wait for Friday and the Halloween costume contest. I am sooo gonna win.

4. Maybe if I bribe my son and DIL to come for Thanksgiving they will.

5. Is the election over yet? Someone wake me when it is.

6. Since when did school start letting out for Halloween? I don't recall this when I went to school some 30 odd years ago.

7. Remember going trick or treating and putting petroleum jelly on the car and front door handles? Or was I the only one mean enough.

8. I remember when you could actually take the kids to every neighbors door and not have to worry about things.

9. I also remember when you could let them walk around your own street alone because it was safe.

10. Aww I remember getting things like caramel apples, candy apples, cinnamon rolls, popcorn balls and treats that were really really good. Oh for the good ole days.

11. I also remember watching scary movies that didn't have guts hanging out, large butcher knives and slasher crap in them. Just good ole witches, warlocks, and ghosts was enough.

12. I also remember our own family tradition (long gone by now) when my kids were little of watching nothing at all the week of Halloween but scary movies each and every night. The kids loved it. Now that we no longer do it, I realize I loved it as much.


Living on the Spit said...

Those are wonderful holiday memories.

I miss those popcorn balls and candy apples as well.

We had it so good didn't we?

I will remember to wake you up next Wednesday, be grateful you are not in VA right now...they are fighting over us here...we have candidate of the day here.

Asphalt Widow said...

I am so sick of this election too! I'm in Indiana.. and I don't ever remember a time being hounded so much.. not only for the presidential candidates but all the local campaigns too! UGH!!!

I've been watching AMC most of this week and catching all the fun horror flicks! I love that they started doing that!