Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Hated To See It End

This has been a wonderful weekend for Trucker and I. It's been a long time coming for us. Finding the time and money in the last couple of years to go out and enjoy doing something we love so much. Maybe if I hadn't took the "bull by the horns" so to speak, we would still be trying to find the time and money. Sometimes in order to make things happen you can't just rely on when the time is right but rather you have to make time for the time to be right. Yeah, I think I've finally learned this now. I won't soon forget it either. I think I'll be making time a whole heck of lot more now.

Friday when I got home from work Trucker was already in bed asleep. He was exhausted so much so you could actually hear him snoring in various parts of the house. He never ever snores unless he's just beaten. I sat up doing some odds and ends and piddling on the computer, checking out blogs I had missed that morning before work. Around midnight just as I was getting ready for bed our phone rang. As most of you know if the damn phone rings after 10 pm it's never good news. At least we have always found this to be true. Sure enough, not good news. I had actually sat there staring at the phone and thinking don't answer it, don't answer it. It was Trucker's brother. He has been in our state capitol most of the week with his wife having complications in an early delivery. So I knew it wouldn't be good. Well SIL is actually doing pretty well and having to stay another week or two. Brother always wants something when he calls. To make a long story short he did again. I told him in the morning I would pass the info on and not wake Trucker tonight. You could tell this was not exactly what he wanted me to do. Oh well, tough tookies here.

Saturday actually was a gorgeous day. I had worried half the week about it raining as it had rained half the damn week. I passed the dreaded message on to my sweet heart of a man. Who felt about the same way as I did about the message. Brother called just as I was telling him the story. You could tell a part of Trucker didn't really want to answer his cell either. They discussed the message and needless to say brother wasn't to keen on the answer again. Long story short, brother wanted Trucker to come and get him. Trucker's not his daddy you know.

OK, skipping on here. We didn't get to leave at all close to when we had planned, but we finally got out of here around 11am. A few miles out of town I asked if Trucker had gotten the tickets off the table. Nope we both forgot in our excitement. Had to turn around and go back and get them. Off again we go. Giggle and laugh on the way there and had a good time just riding along. Both talking of our races past. We get there and find our parking. Naturally it's a good mile or more away. Grabbed the tickets and start walking. Get to the gate and Trucker hands them over. The man looked at us as if we were playing some sort of joke on him. He handed one of them back and said "This is not a ticket sir but only the address, name and number". Poor Trucker had to walk the mile and however far back to the truck and retrieve the correct ticket. I stood and waited. Finally inside we walked around the souvenir trucks and made our wonderful fun little purchases. I cannot go to a track and not buy new shirts, caps and such. Neither can Trucker.

Once we got to our seats and the races started it was great. We both have missed this part of our life. I know it sounds silly but racing is one of the many reasons we are together. Trucker had found a woman who shared his passion in his sport.

We ended the day by stopping in at Colton's Steak House and eating supper. Then home to relax and see if we could find ourselves in the second running of the race on TV. Naturally we couldn't see ourselves but it was neat to see what we had just been doing and where we had spent our day.

It's funny the type of dress you see at these events.

Here's a few pics of the day.


Country Girl said...

Nice story, even though you had a few snags getting to the good part. It's great when two people who love each other can share hobbies together. Fun!!

Asphalt Widow said...

Those are great pics! It looks like you guys had a great time. I totally agree on making the time to do something special for just the two of you. I did that for DH last February.. I snuck him away for the weekend and went hiking at a state park. We are both still talking about it!

Is your trucker having any problems finding loads to run right now? I'm really worried about my DH. He drives a flatbed, and it's really slowing down out there. He only delivered two loads last week. Ugh!!

Mental P Mama said...

I am so happy you were able to get away! Great shots, and it is so great that you both love races.

Shanda said...

Looks like you all had a great time the race. My hubby was there, but not me. I don't like Nascar, but I love love dirt track. I like the modifieds and the sprint cars. Both of my brothers have raced since they were 18 years old and built there first cars. When I was a kid I was at a race track every sat night during the season. Hubby doesn't share my love of dirt track. We have one locally here on Sunday night and it is pretty good and they let you bring your own beer, soda, snacks and such which helps alot with the expense. My hubby also does sans me to Talledega every fall. I don't even ask hgow much this cost us because I would probably pitch a hissy fit if I knew, so maybe its better that he don't tell and I don't ask. Its good that you two share a passion for this. We share some passions, just not racing.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Great photos! So glad to hear that you had a great time at the race! We all need to take a little more time to spend doing the things we love with the people we love!

Living on the Spit said...

What a great story about a wonderful weekend. I am so glad you guys had a great time. I am still so jealous. We watched both races and loved it.

I too, can not go to a track and not buy stuff!!

YOu pics are great, especially of that 88 car!!!


Loida Chan said...

I loved it and agree when you said, "Sometimes in order to make things happen you can't just rely on when the time is right but rather you have to make time for the time to be right"