Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Honey Do List

This weekend Trucker had major Honey Do List work. Like most men at least I hear this he waits and lets several accumulate till he has a large, large list of things to do. More times than not I don't push or rush him into any of them since he works so hard and doesn't have much time off. Now however, things are starting to slow down at work and he is having a little more time at home. Take this weekend for example: He had Friday, Saturday and half day Sunday. It was now or never as next weekend I am kidnapping him for some fun and frolic. Another words racing in person followed by sex. Not in person! I thought I might should clarify that last part.

We both had much to do around the house. I had the fall cleaning lined up and making ready for winter time chores. Bringing in the plants, getting out the throws for the sofa's, unpacking winter clothes and packing away those summer ones. Not to mention the washing curtains, walls, rugs, and things like this. Trucker had to mow the yard hopefully the last time this year. He also had to change out the faucets in our bathroom shower downstairs. Which was really a big task as he had a choice of either cutting through the fiberglass surround or completely removing it. Which the removing wasn't really much of an option considering I think the house was built around it. As well he had to remove the gas heater and take it to be cleaned or air hosed blown out, as well as install the new trash compactor. Plus carry a huge screen TV to the curb. This I have been asking for for like 6 months now.

Now my point here really is this: why do men make things harder upon themselves than necessary? Instead of following simple suggestions from the wives? Not to mention why it always comes out half arsed done?

I am to ashamed to post pictures of my shower now. I had planned on it, as it was leaking so bad it wasn't even necessary to turn the faucets on in order to take a shower. But now, the shower curtain is closed and hopefully no one will ever see it but me. He cut a large not small as asked rectangle shape around the faucets to reach the pipes. Then he dropped something and had to cut another hole at the bottom of the shower which now looks like at one time a electrical outlet may have been there. Not only is this awful looking but guess what he used to seal it all back together? One would think he might have used a caulk or something that at least matched the shower surround. But no, my Trucker, used black caulking putty on beige surround. It's the most God awful looking shower ever. It makes me want to video and write "Makeover Home Addition". It's seriously that bad. I walked into the room and just stood there in shock. Complete and utter shock. I almost burst out laughing from hysterics. I didn't say much other than "well it doesn't' leak anymore does it?" So help me gosh if he had said it did I would have had to be taken to the funny farm house. You know the one, straight jackets abound. I would have been the one sitting in the corner cringing when told it was time to shower. I thanked him, which I am still in shock over as well, for stopping the leak.

By the time we went to bed Saturday night every joint in our two bodies ached. I mean ached to the point of me crying and being up all night. jeez I am out of shape or getting old fast.

Sunday rolled around much earlier than usual as neither of us could sleep. By ten am Trucker says its time to leave. What?? The heater is still sitting in the middle of the dining room floor and not been touched. Then he gives me this story on how he misfigured how long the trip would take. Bullshit I called. It's easier to drive truck than do those honey do chores. You can't pull one over on me. I wasn't born yesterday as my joints keep reminding me.

So I put on my best smile, while inside I was seething, and politely told him not asked mind you, that he had to get it cleaned out first. It is getting colder each day and when he leaves for work your never real sure when he might actually be back home. Now how hard would it have been to carry the stove to the truck, load in back, take to the garage or quick mart, put .75 cents in the machine and blow the damn thing out. No not my Trucker, he took it as far as the carport, took a pump like you blow up an air bed and proceeded to blow might as well have just breathed heavy onto it, it out. 30 minutes later he came carrying it back in to hook up. He said it is clean. Once again I didn't say much but Jesus Christ it's not clean. My vacuum could have done better. In fact I ended up vacuuming it out myself. Now why oh why couldn't he have just done as asked. Oh wait, maybe I didn't ask, maybe that's the problem, I told instead.

It's so hard to stay mad at him even when he screws up in my book. After he left Sunday I transferred picks from the weekend. Now you see why it's hard to stay mad? The view was so worth it.





Asphalt Widow said...

LOL yes I can see why you can't stay mad with those pics! It's kind of a good thing that they leave so we can like them when they get back home! ;-)

I totally understand where you're coming from. I have this same problem with DH. Like right now, we have a ton of stuff to do before winter. It's already getting cold, and now he's pissed that he has so much to do.. not my problem he put it all off! And I did take care of as many things I could do by myself...but I'm only one person. And I can't put a metal roof on a shed by myself! LOL I'll be blogging about that one here shortly ;-)

Shanda said...

Hello there, Very nice to meet you. You seem like a breath of fresh air in blog land. Sometimes I need that. Love the pictures of your hubby's back side.
Thanks for stopping in and saying hello. I have to come back here and catch up and read more and check out your friends you have listed.

Living on the Spit said...

I completely understand and thoroughly agree with you.

The final shots on the ladder completely redeemed him in my personal opinion.

Gotta love a guy with tools in some nice jeans on a ladder.


Gail said...

So that is a trucker's butt...nice!