Saturday, October 18, 2008

Playing Dress Up At My Age

I know I talk about my work a lot, and you've probably figured out by now how much I love it. It's a fun place to call work. There is no reason under the sun that you shouldn't have fun in the work place and this company knows the importance of it for the employees. Kudos to them for making it this way.

Not only have they catered meals in to us on a weekly basis, have huge company give-away's, and and all sort's of employee incentives but they also have costume days. Take a couple of weeks ago for example. All week was devoted to dress up for Customer Appreciation Week. I know the customers do not see us on the other end of the phones but it made all of us smile and that was then expressed into our voices and attitudes that week. We had dress in: your favorite sports team, mardi gras, hawaiian day, company dress, and clown day.

Even at my age in mid life playing dress up is still lots of fun. I actually looked forward to this week with a lot of anticipation. They had contests for best dressed but I knew I had no chance of ever winning. I only looked forward to having the excuse to act like a kid again. As adults we never seem to have this as we get older without others thinking we have lost our middle aged minds. Now I had an excuse.

Don't laugh to hard at me. Save it for my special Halloween costume week.






Asphalt Widow said...

You look cute, girl!! How fun!! I hope that when I start working full time again, that I work someplace as fun as your work. It sounds like they know how to treat their employees!

Jill S. said...

Aw, you look great. And I like the new blog look too!