Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some promises make you cry

Over the years Princess has had many promises made to her by her previous step-father's. Very few of which were kept by them. So when I divorced for the last time I made a promise to her that there would be absolutely no more promises made by me or anyone else that could not or would not be kept.

When Trucker and I married I explained all of this to him and how she had had her heart broken more times than not and that he was NOT to promise anything he could not keep. Even if it made Princess mad, upset or cry. He was to promise nothing to her, even something simple.

Princess asked us when she was 16 and first got her driver's license if we could or would get her a car for her 18th birthday. The only promise made to her at that time by trucker was that we would see when her birthday rolled around. As time grew closer we continued to only say the same thing and by then added that if she showed us she could save money and help out with it, and show responsibility, then we would talk about it.

When Princess turned 17 her father bought her a car. With conditions. She could not drive it till she payed him back the money for it, paid her own insurance on it and other conditions such as moving in with him and working that summer. She told him to stick that car where the sun didn't shine! She would agree to all of it but no way was she moving three hours from our home to his for the summer. Needless to say she has never gotten behind the wheel of that car.

Her 18th birthday was at the end of May and Princess had still not been able to find a job for summer break. Trucker and I stuck to our original deal of her helping pay a down payment so no car for her birthday. Finally in early June she found a job. She loves it and has been very responsible in the job. She also saved a large part of the down payment for a car. About three weeks ago she starting sending us pictures on our cell phones when she was out with friends on the weekends and obviously was
"shopping, scoping" out the car lots. From her many weeks of shopping she narrowed down her choices to two favorites. Then this Friday night she text ed us to tell us the down payments on both cars had been dropped in half and could we PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE go check them out. Trucker went on Saturday to do just that while Princess was still in the bed asleep. Long night of teenage type running around and sleeping in that day. Her top choice sold right before he arrived at the car lot. So he checked into the second choice and we bought it for her without her knowing. He planned on coming home and picking me up, going back to the lot, driving the new car home and surprising her with it sitting in the driveway. Plans changed as Princess woke up before he managed to get back home. I had to do some really quick thinking so it would remain a surprise to her. In fact I had to make her cry. When she asked about where Trucker was and had he had the chance to go check on the cars I lied to her and told her both cars had sold before he got there. Well truthfully they did and one was to us, but I still felt sorta bad. Because her eyes welled up with tears and she started sniffling and getting all red faced. Quick thinking again I told her that Trucker was picking both of us up and had found another car he thought she might like and we were going to go look at it. I told her it was a 95 Ford Escort (I know she hates those cars) and that it was red like she wanted and the price was right. She started crying harder. Oh the guilt I felt then. We loaded up in the car and headed to the lot. While her and I was looking at this horrible red car Trucker went into the office to get the keys and finish up the paperwork for the car we actually purchased her. She thought he was trying to work a deal for the one she disliked. He came back out and pitched her the keys and told her "It's yours sweetie" and she was not to thrilled but maintained a happy face for us. Then we both told her "No not that car the 2000 Grand Am over at the office door". She burst out crying and done a happy dance in the parking lot. Running to us and showering us with hugs and kisses.

She finally had one promise full filled by a step father whom she adores.


Mental P Mama said...

Best. Story. Ever! So happy for the Princess!

Kacey said...

Wow! Wonderful story! Brought tears to my eyes. She's one lucky girl. So glad you could pull off the surprise. Makes it so much better!

QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

AAAAWWWWW, Congrats Princess what a great surprise :)

Jennifer H said...

That was a great surprise! I hope she enjoys her car and her new freedom!