Sunday, July 27, 2008

Always Treasure gifts received

Two wonderful ladies in my life that I have found through blogging have given me a awesome new award. I just had to share my happiness with all of you. The rules for this award are simple. Link back to them in your blog, name seven new bloggers to pass it to and link to them in your blog. As well, go to their blogs and leave them notification that it has been passed to them. And thus it goes................................

The two ladies who passed this on to me are:

Ms. Snooty of Snooty Primadonna Sparkling Outlook on Life. She's witty, charming and always puts a smile on my face each and every day. She loves to golf, travel, spend time with her friends and gardens. If you have never went by her blog I highly recommend reading and getting to know her. She is one of a kind.

Jeannelle of Midlife by Farmlight. She is a midlife wife and mother who lives on a Dairy farm and "gets away" from it all through her blogging. She takes some of the most beautiful pictures of stained glass church windows I have ever seen. I found Jeannelle through a comment she left on another blog. She also owns many cats. Ha. Stop by her blog to see her pics of the stained glass windows.

Now to pass this award on to some of the few I do read daily. While I may not often comment on each and every one, they are still daily reads for me.

Suzanne McMinn of Chickens in the Road. Hers is the first blog I read every single morning with my coffee. She totally cracks me up with her posts and pictures of her animals. She's a writer who lives in Virginia and has started her own goat/chicken farm.

Jill Shalvis of Jill Shalvis. Also another writer who I read daily. Her blog is full of wit, charm and cookies.

Erin at Raising Country Kids. She is a SAHM with four adorable kids and a sweet husband. She is a farmer's wife and loves each moment.

Jennifer Harvey at Thursday Drive. Her blog is filled with fun and sensitive posts which always leave me awestruck and wanting more. She is a beautifully poetic writer and she plays a mean game of Poker.

Chris at Frazzled Farm Wife. Also another farmer's wife. She has two children and is watching them leave the nest. Married to her high school sweetheart she blogs about her daily life of her and the family.

The FarmHouse Kids is another favorite blog of mine to read. She is an awesome middle aged woman who is married to a farmer and who is raising her three (yes three) little triplets. Who are the most adorable little ones. She also has grandchildren to boot. It's fun to see her raising little ones and doing such an awesome job.

Leighanne at Southern Belle (maybe in my next life). A sweet southern belle who talks about her family and her life. she's funny and fresh.

Now ladies go forth and spread the love and laughter to others.


Train Wreck said...

Congratulations!! I have alot of catching up to do!! It is late! I have the time! One of those can't fall asleep nights!! Love your header photo!! Is that you!?

Suzanne said...

Thank you, Treasia!!

Country Girl said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad for you. What goes around, comes around, I say. I see you have a signature now. I was playing around with them yesterday and couldn't get rid of the border. If you don't want the border, I learned that in this particular template (I think you're using minima) every photo has a border and it's why your signature has one as well. I deleted the border by going into the html code and finding the img command, but I still can't get the signature to work. Funny, because it's the exact font as yours! Great minds think alike.
Now to check out the blogs you've listed.

Raising Country Kids said...

Thank you! It was lovely of you to include me.

Treasia said...

Train Wreck-The header photo is one I took while we were out on the road one day. No it's not us, but the trucks are the same. Only the logo is different.

Kate-Thanks for the instructions. Sometimes I use the siggy and sometimes not. Depends on if I can remember to stick it in there. I wish there was a way to automatically post it to the bottom of every post. Do you know if this can be done?

Snooty Primadona said...

WoW! Great job passing on the award.

"JEANNELLE" said...


Thank you for the kind words!

And that's interesting in country girl's comment.....I didn't realize the borders came up automatically in your template......I've thought about changing mine. I like how the one you use covers the whole width of the page.

"JEANNELLE" said...

Hey, just so you know......the link to Frazzled Farm Wife leads to Thursday drive.

Treasia said...

Jeanelle-Oh thanks so much for pointing that out to me. Oops sorry for the booboo.