Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sometimes you need a little patience

As most of you know, if you read my blog, at the ripe age of 46 I have rejoined the work force and couldn't be happier about it. Life is finally good again and my depression has went by the wayside.

For those they don't read my blog, all 1,000,000 of you, I am a customer service rep for a large cell phone company.

I started taking my first calls on Monday afternoon and it was exactly how the trainers described it to be. Many and varying types of calls coming in to me. So far only one angry customer, who I had laughing by the time we hung up. Nice to know I still got it. At least over the phone. LOL. I have to say having a sweet little southern accent goes a long way with men.

But one particular caller will remain in my memory for years to come. Her name is Ophelia. The trainers had told us sometimes you would get ladies like Miss Ophelia but I just couldn't imagine this actually. What I mean is that Miss Ophelia is a little ole lady who basically only wanted to talk. And talk, and talk, and talk more. For almost two hours she talked. And I had to listen. And listen more...................................for two hours I listened to little Miss Ophelia. She talked so much and for so long that it took me over 20 minutes just to verify her information. By the time I finally got this info out of Miss Ophelia and she finally told me her actual reason for calling I was not the least bit surprised. Her cell phone battery would not keep a charge. Well I wonder why?? I then when I could get a word in edge wise explained to her that her phone would only hold a charge for xx amount of time and that it would require more charge time than the newer phones on the market. Miss Ophelia had a very old cell phone. She seemed to understand this idea. So I politely also explained that she would need to charge it each time the battery got low. To which Miss Ophelia informed me, oh so politely back, that she didn't like charging her phone as she felt this was a fire hazard and she just couldn't sleep knowing the phone was charging after all she might just burn alive. After containing my laughter over this comment, to which I was ready to spontaneously com bust myself at this point, I asked Miss Ophelia if she unplugged all of her other appliances at night? I finally got her to realize she could actually charge it while talking on it at home. This then seemed to ease her mind for a time. Only a very short time however, as then she was worried her head may catch fire from the heat. I kid you not this little ole lady was worried about this. I finally got her at ease on this and talked her into it. Whew, I thought I was done. No such luck. Before I could say my closing speech she went on to tell me how she was recently given a new number and everyone and their mother was calling her at all kinds of ungodly hours. Such as 6 p.m. in the evening. Obviously Miss Ophelia goes to bed with the chickens each night and the more appropriate time to call her would be 4 am. So I, being the wonderful rep I am, opened my big fat freaking mouth and offered to change her number for her. Oh Miss Ophelia got excited then. No more calls from strangers after 6. A simple choice made and accomplished by me. After doing this process as well for her then she wants to know if all of her friends will have the new number? You've got to be kidding me? No ma'am we do not send text messages to her calling list informing them of your new number. That's something you will have to do yourself. I didn't know little ladies like this existed. So after much more talk, not even related to the phone now mind you, I finally got her back on track. By the time I got to flowing again Miss Ophelia wanted to speak with my manager. I couldn't imagine what I may have done wrong, but I was more than happy to pass Miss Ophelia off to my manager. You cannot imagine how happy I was at this point in time. By now I could tell you how many children she had, what their names are, how many grandchildren she had and their names as well. When her aunt passed on to heaven, on what day and time, and how someday Miss Ophelia is going to meet her there. I know more about Miss Ophelia than I do my own family! I then happily passed her off to my manager who had wondered what was going on. I muted Miss Ophelia why I didn't think of this earlier I have no clue, and told my manager what was going on. She smiled and got on the phone. Then it took her another 20 minutes to get off herself. I smiled and laughed the entire time.

Bless her little heart, all she was doing was giving me a big Kudos for taking my time with her and listening. What a great first day on the phones Miss Ophelia gave me. Sometimes we just have to keep our traps shut and listen to get a big pat on the back.


Mental P Mama said...

Oh my. I think you just landed yourself a big spot in heaven. Right next to Miss Ophelia.

Philly said...

Ha Ha ,,,too funny. If you hadnt said Miss , I would of thought it was the Gman. He tends to make calls. At least she called during the day. Gman likes to make calls in the middle of the night. LOL


Asphalt Widow said...

LOL that was great!! And how sweet that this early in the job, you're already getting compliments from customers! Way to go, girl!!

Train Wreck said...

LOL! She is most likely telling all her friends the same story! How she met the sweetest lady!How she'd wished she rememberedd your name so she could talk to you always!! Way to Go!

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