Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day Drama

Monday was my grandson's first day of Kindergarten and Jakob had been looking forward to this all summer long. His parents have been coaching him along by telling him he is growing up and is no longer a baby. That he will be learning many new things and make lots of new friends. I have been worried silly like any grandmother would be about how he would handle his first day and how he would feel about it. After hearing from my son and DIL I should never have been concerned. I should have been more concerned for Jakob's teacher than anything!

I am happy to report and to hear as well he didn't cry at all. In fact he sorta pushed his mother out the door that morning. DIL told me that he made quite the impression that first day. The new teacher told her at the end of the day that at one point she had a very hard time keeping a straight face about something he said. Apparently she told the kids they were fixing to color their ABC's and to get their crayons out. Jakob just ignored her and continued with what he was doing. She walked to his desk and repeated for him to please take his crayons out for coloring. My baby stood up and placed both his hands on his hips and said to her "My name is Jakob ____ and my daddy says if I don't want to do something I don't have to, and I don't' want to color". Of course my son wasn't meaning for that explanation to be used at school. Poor teacher then had a very hard time to keep from laughing as she explained to him that at school everyone often has to do things they don't want to do but how it is the rules. So Jakob decided it best to color.

Upon time to leave from school Jakob had been given instructions as to where to go and what bus to ride, as well the teacher had also been informed. Naturally (as often happens) he was placed on the wrong bus and taken in the opposite direction of where he should be going. When he realized this (just before leaving the outskirts of town) the little fellow jumped up and screamed to the bus driver that "Your going the wrong way to take me, I am supposed to be going to my papa's shop on Hwy. 5". Bless his little heart for knowing and being smart enough to catch this huge Boo Boo before it got further than this. The bus driver pulled over in a church parking lot, asked Jakob if he knew the phone number, which he did smart little man, called his papa and they came and picked him up. So this second drama ended well to.

Upon my DIL's return from work that evening and talked to Jakob about his first day of school and how much fun he had as well as what all went wrong, Jakob informed her that he didn't get to play with toys, he didn't get to do much of anything he wanted to do, because the teacher had told him HE HAD TO LEARN THINGS. Then he told his mom "I think I know it all already, the teacher needs school more than me, SHE don't even know where I am supposed to go mom."

I now no longer have any fears of how it will be going, other than for the teacher. I think she's got her hands full this year.


Asphalt Widow said...

LOLOL oh that's so cute!! I love the things kids come up with. When I volunteered in my daughters' preK class, I had a hard time not laughing right out loud from what some of those kids would tell me. I'm sure their parents would be mortified that I knew some of it, too! LOL

Blogarita said...

Sounds like the teacher might have some problems this year, but Jakob sure won't. LOL!

Living on the Spit said...

You told a wonderful story that had a great ending. Be thankful you grandson is such a smart boy...he should be commended for saying something to that bus driver!!!

Congratulations grandma on a great first day of school!