Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Twilight--My Version

I have to say I had heard lots and lots about this series of books. However I had no earthly idea of what they were about. Seriously, no idea whatsoever! The only things I knew for sure about Twilight was that it was teenager based reading and was the new best read of the year. This alone intrigued me into buying the first book. I bought the paperback version as I've never been one to pay the money they want for a hardback no thanks I'll wait, plus I read in bed and hate to be laying on my back the entire time I am reading. So naturally prefer the paperback.

A few weeks ago I came down very very sick with bronchitis and so the perfect time to be reading. So that's when I picked up Twilight. About the first chapter in I was hooked. Even at this point I didn't realize it was about vampires and love. NO clue. I've always been into vampires in one way or another, from reading to watching the TV shows to movies. I loved Charmed, Buffy and so on. They are fascinating and to me enthralling to watch and read.

At the beginning I felt sorry for Bella and somewhat confused in the fact that she was not your typical teenager. In my experience there are not to many teenagers in this world who looks after there parents like she does. And it's totally unfair to her. I don't really think she portrayed what I have always considered to be a true heroine. She was to wishy washy, clumsy and to much of a damsel in distress sorta girl. Now I haven't read the rest of them yet, maybe she changes. For me though I would have loved to see her be more independent and self assured.

Edward-well what can I say but perfect in so many ways. Placing Bella first always makes him so close to perfect in my book that this is what kept me reading.

I am still trying to wrap my brain around what is so sexy about a cold bodied person? I can't imagine holding a corpse and thinking it feels good and soothing? For sure I can't imagine what it's like kissing one. Gross in my opinion. To each there own though.

For me the entire meaning of the book centered around good vs. evil. In varying ways. Edward's family for attempting to fit in and not be cruel to us regular humans, Bella for helping the rest of her friends eventually realize different is not a bad thing. For two complete opposites to have this amazing attraction, to endure the differences, to grow in their love for one another.

I actually enjoyed this book even if it were wrote geared more for kids. I did enjoy the fact that there was no actual sex in the book, only imagination and true love.

Now off to finish book II.

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Mental P Mama said...

great review! Did your daughter read it? Mine hasn't, and I don't even think she has any interest. Silly girl. Anyway, I love seeing what everyone has to say, and I am glad you had something good to read while you were down for the count;) What do you want to read next? (By the way, my verification word is 'latin'. Let's make sure our next book isn't that!)

Asphalt Widow said...

I loved the series! And I was somewhat leary because I'm not usually one for fantasy or vampire type stories. I'm more of a women's drama.. Oprah's book club.. kind of gal. But I read the entire series in less than 2 weeks. I was hooked.. staying up until after 3am most nights because I couldn't put them down! I think what really drew me in is how the author made Bella's emotions so real.. you will see that more through the series. I will warn you.. New Moon, for me, was probably the hardest one for me to get through.. you'll see what I mean :-) Edward is the epitome of perfection! DH is listening to the audiobooks and we went to see the movie last weekend. It was pretty good. Before I saw it, I wasn't too sure of the actor portraying Edward, but now that I've seen the movie, I thought he did a great job.

Whew! I should probably quit going on and on about it! LOL.. but I did want to tell you.. when you finish the series, go on Stephenie Meyer's website and read her rough draft of Midnight Sun. It's not finished.. just a few hundred pages if that.. but it's Twilight all over again except it's from Edward's perspective. It's really, really good!

phd in yogurtry said...

I also like that Edward is so concerned for Bella's wellbeing. You trust that there's noone else he wants.