Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Tree and Elvis

It's that time of year for my family to start on their holiday traditions. One of the traditions that has held fast through the years is that we always, always put up our Christmas tree and indoor decorations the weekend following Thanksgiving. Never, ever in my adult life has this been done before the Thanksgiving holiday. I just don't believe in starting one holiday before another has ended.

Another of our big traditions started years ago is listening to Elvis Presley's Blue Christmas CD while putting up our tree. For us it just doesn't feel like the holidays without listening to this. It's funny to, because I am not a huge Elvis fan, or really even care to much for his music, but I love the Christmas music. Now this year Princess is 18 and feels like this tradition just had to go. She groaned and grunted all morning long yesterday while I was searching for the CD. "Mom we can do without it", "Please don't make us listen to it again", and on and on she went. It was funny however when I found it and Trucker drug all the decorations out of storage and we proceeded to decorate, Princess was singing right along with Elvis.

Another of our tree decorating traditions is the drinking of much eggnog. Trucker and I always enjoy this part of the holidays ourselves. We allow ourselves the homemade eggnog on tree decorating day and the night we wrap all the presents at once. You should see the last few presents and the way they are wrapped. teehee. But this darn year both of us forgot to go to the candy store for the "little kick" we put in. Darn it!! So for the first time ever, this year, this tradition was left by the wayside.

Now tell me, does anyone of you have particular traditions on the day of decorating? Or wrapping day? Tell me yours so maybe I might can start some new ones this year.

Here is how the tree and fireplace turned out. We thought it looked pretty snazzy ourselves.


Asphalt Widow said...

The tree looks great! Our tradition, you ask? I start asking DH two weeks beforehand to get the stuff out of the attic. He finally gets around to helping me getting it all down, griping the whole time. Then he goes and watches football on tv while I put everything up. LOL that's our annual tradition. The girls usually help me with some decorations, but they get tired after awhile. I'll have to take a pic of our tree.. it's one of those inverted ones :-)

Mental P Mama said...

That tree looks fantastic! I generally like to have some wine when I'm doing all the Christmas stuff. Do you liked Boiled Custard? I like it better than eggnog;)

Melissa said...

Your tree looks wonderful! I'm jealous you have your decorations up. I usually have mine up the day after thanksgiving but Hubby left and I can't get into the attic to get it out.

Thanks for brightening up my day :)

Holy Crappers said...

Looks marvy, just marvy


OneCowgirl said...

Decorations???? What are those??

Stacey V said...

The decorations look great! Funny thing - as I started reading the entry, "Blue Christmas" started playing on the radio in the office - toooooo creepy :)

Our tradition? Joe decorates the outside, I do the inside and talk to the cats about all of the cool ornaments I found in my box...hahahaha. He hates to decorate the tree for some reason.

See - I told you I would start commenting. (it's Stacey from WAB)

Julie said...


QueenofPlanetHotflash said...

Beautiful Treasia, I'm Grinching so no ho ho ho yet but I'm working on it :o)

Snooty Primadona said...

All of my traditions are with me, myself, and I. I'm beginning to prefer things this way. Heh hehe.