Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Deed is Done

The prayer worked (not that I expected anything otherwise). Princess and I had a wonderful shopping day together. Completely unlike the first nightmare one. This one was pleasant, memorable, enjoyable and brought us closer together. Which deep down was one of the things I was hoping and praying for. It's so easy when they reach teenage years to drift apart.

We started out on our journey together laughing, chatting and listening to that god-awful rap music she enjoys. I had to severely bite my tongue it's quite sore this morning on that issue as I hate rap music. I guess that is the only music I truly can say I hate.

We had been driving about 15 minutes when princess looked over smiled and said "You know Mom, today I am trying on as many dresses as it takes to find one, and not being a butt about it". I had a smile from ear to ear. That butt swat and talk musta done the trick I thought. This day will be good.

Poor Princess must have tried on at least 40 or more dresses. Me being Mom, felt and thought each and everyone looked wonderful on her. After all my spawn looks beautiful in everything as she takes after me. haha. She was a real trooper about it. Not once complaining, whining or bickering with Leisure Mom. She HAD learned her lesson.

We narrowed the designs as we went along. Placing the wouldn't have on a bet dresses back on the hangers for the service person to place back on the racks and taking the contenders and hanging separately. We narrowed it down to about 15 and started the process over again. I must say I would recommend this bridal/prom store to anyone. The customer service was excellent as well as prices, styles, designers, and atmosphere.

Princess and I got the decision down between two. She wanted a dark eggplant colored one that Leisure Mom sorta liked. The only thing I quite honestly didn't like is the material it was made of. It crackled when she walked and was heavy. I pointed this out I was grasping for straws here. Moms do this sort of thing to get there way, you remember
I'm sure? Here is the dress in all it's splendor. Here is the winner. Here is my baby all grown up and hating her picture made. Here is Leisure Mom taking a picture with tears in her eyes at the sight of Princess all grown up.
Her dress is Royal Blue which really brings out her blue eyes and is covered in various colored rhinestones. It gorgeous in person.

We also found the perfect shoes in the same store which had to be ordered in her size since she has small feet. We also lucked out and found matching earrings and bracelet.

The shoes should be in in about two weeks and then we go back for the fitting. They are having to sew her cups into the bodice, tighten the bodice some and since Princess is so petite, they are having to take some of the length off.

I loved the shoes. Sure wish Princess and I wore the same size shoes as I would have to borrow steal them. Like Leisure Mom has anywhere to ever wear them. haha.

Trucker loved the dress as well. Although after I emptied his pockets for our day out he is never one to complain. Gotta love my trucker for this.

Dress: $325.00 Shoes: $80.00 Earrings: $75.00
Our day out: $500.00 and worth every penny.

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Meg said...

Awwh, sweetie, how wondeful! I will never forget my shopping for Prom experiences with my daughter, it is such a blessing to be able to do that!

Be sure and post pictures of the big night!