Friday, March 21, 2008

Comments received

Lately I have been giving a lot of thought to something that happened the other day following an entry I made on my blog. After having given this some thought and losing sleep over it (for it really was bothering me) I felt I should address this comment. So for those of you reading my blog for the first time please do know that normally this is not something I bother with doing. For those of you who follow me, well just know I feel I need to get this out of my system to feel better about ME. After all this whole blog is about ME.

I started blogging to begin with because I love to write. I mean really love to write. Someday I would also like to try my hand at writing a romance novel. If my writing makes you laugh, cry, smile and be entertained, then that's wonderful and that makes me smile. If it makes you mad, pisses you off, offends or upsets you in any way, well then, all I can say is DON'T READ IT. No one is holding a gun to your head (at least I certainly hope not anyway). It would never be my intention to deliberately offend or make someone mad. My only intention in writing a blog is for my own selfish purposes. To make me happy. To share some of my own observations in life, to talk about mid life and all it's trials and errors. To share some funny stories with others who might relate. Also to speak what is on my mind. So with all this being said let me start.

I received a nasty comment following my entry as I have said. The comment stated "When are you going to start beating your step children as it's so obvious you hate them". My entry was about hating a particular cartoon. Sponge Bob Square Pants cartoon to be exact. I hate this same cartoon even when my grandchildren are here staying. Does this mean I hate them? Of course not. It simply means I hate cartoons. I have always had a dislike for all cartoons. Even when I was young I rarely watched them. As I have said before "when you reach middle age your nerves are not quite what they once were" and certain things tend to make them worse. To the anonymous person who made this hateful comment "You do not know me or my life".

When I married my trucker almost two years ago we both knew the other had children. In my case grandchildren to boot. We were also old enough to know the combining of two ready made families would be likely difficult as well. It would also take some time to get used to one another, our habits, and our personalities. Trucker also knew that I had reached a certain age to where I was looking forward to not having little children around daily. After all my youngest was in 10th grade and not far from college. I had grown used to the house being somewhat quiet as princess spent a lot of time out with friends or in her room. Young children do not go out and as well do not spend a lot of time being quiet. We both knew this. Heck anyone with children knows this (if not boy are you in for a surprise).

It did take some getting used to as far as having young children around again. However it's been more than worth it. I love my step children. It didn't happen overnight and it didn't happen in a period of a month but it did happen. They are part of my trucker and nothing is going to change this. If you love your spouse, you also grow to love their children. I look at his two children and see my trucker in each of them. I see his smile, his movements and his personality shine through both children. How could you not love your bonus children if you love your spouse? Does this mean I like them? Yes to this as well. Does this mean I like everything they do? Nope. Just like I don't like everything my children and grandchildren do. But I do LOVE each and everyone of them.

So for the anonymous person who made this vile comment to me "Do not judge me or make accusations until you have walked in my or another persons shoes".


Anonymous said...

"Well said" and that about says it all :)

lizzabella said...

All I can say to this is screw who ever said that crap! I haven't known you for that long, but I have read quite a bit of what you have written and not just here but else where and you are a good person and blended families are so difficult. Unless they walk a mile in your shoes...they can't say a word!

Treasia said...

Thank you both for your lovely comments. They mean a lot.

whimsigal said...

Yikes! All of a sudden people aren't allowed to gripe about their lives anymore?? Sheesh. I guess that anonymous person never complains about anyone and pees sweet tea and poops daisies. Must be wonderful to live in that world.

Hey, I like Sponge Bob but I know plenty of people who don't. Shame on that person for leaving such a hateful comment!

Treasia said...

Whimsigal, you just about made me pee sweet tea this morning. ROTFLMAO!!

Meg said...

Oh T!!! I hate that for you! Don't let this person get to you! I totally understand why you blog and how difficult the transition of blended families can be. Most of all I GET the being "mature" like we are and your take on younger kids. I have always said I will love my grandbabys when God sends them to me, but I WILL not raise them. I have raised my kids for the most part and look forward to my time with El Jefe. If El Jefe came with younger kids, I would have had to adjust...I might gripe, but that does not mean I would be ugly to them!

When our kids get older, we lose the patience for small children, it's natural I think, just like gaining patience is when you first HAVE kids.

You simply stated your thoughts as we all do about what was going on in your life...I for one have always said, if you don't like what I write MOVE ON.

I am not writing for anyone but ME, and so are you!

Keep blogging sweetie, and keep pouring your heart out if that is what makes you happy. I know that blogging is like having my bff listen to me talk!

I have a trashy romance novel started, maybe we can partner up and co write it, lol!

Go have yourself a great Easter, YOU HEAR?


Treasia said...

Meg, thank you for your kind words as they mean a lot to me. Blended families are hard at times but so worth it at the same time.

I am NOT going to quit blogging as I enjoy it so much.

Trashy romance novel you say!! Aww my wheels are spinning here. LOL.