Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Morning Walks

Normally each and every day I take a long morning walk. This is how I wake up and greet the world, or rather the world greet me. This morning my walk came many many hours before what I consider normal.

Trucker had to leave for work at around 3am (like most mornings) and kissed me goodbye ever so gently before leaving. I snuggled down deeper into my covers knowing I would finally get some much needed sleep. My mind in a dreamy state of bliss thinking about how the whole bed was mine. Mine all mine, to stretch out and snore.

My dreamy state of bliss however was rudely awakened at about 3:30am. That can't be the phone I hear ringing, no way at this god forsaken time of morning. It wouldn't sink in to my conscious that early. The annoying sound finally stopped. Only to start again.

"Hello" I said "this better be good". It was. Was it ever good. It was mind numbing and not the best way to start a day. Any day for that matter. "Honey, I need you to walk to the police station and bring money to get me out" my trucker said to me. Mind you I am still half asleep at this point, at least until I heard this statement anyway. "Get you out, did you have some sort of accident, are you OK"? was all I could wrap my sleep filled brain around. The conversation continued. Trucker ran a stop sign (one of those rolling stops everyone does at 3am in a small town). He never seen the cop waiting, sitting silently in the dark watching him. Trucker got pulled over and when they ran his DL# he had a warrant. A warrant? Why? When? "What the heck did you do?" I asked jumping out of bed.

It's dark out at 3:30 am, the wind is blowing all is quiet in everyone else's world as they are sleeping in their beds. Not me though I have a 6 block walk to the police station. This gives me some time to ponder, wonder and worry about what happened. What did trucker do?

Trucker had a warrant we knew nothing about from a hot check from over a year ago. That's it, no huge crime, nothing for me to be overly concerned with. If you're asking yourself why this happened about the check. We had opened a checking account because his checks had to be direct deposited at his previous employers. The bank also told us we had overdraft privileges. The wonderful bank however never told us the overdraft didn't kick in for 3 months however. Long story and won't go into more now. Just explaining why my trucker was "picked up".

Sorry Trucker but I found this to be so funny at this time of morning. I tried really really hard not to laugh to no avail. I burst out in laughter. Naturally like most men would he found no humor whatsoever in my laughs. I finally maintained some control and paid him out. Why is this funny? It happened to me about 3 months ago and the situation was reversed. Trucker (at that time) found much humor in ME having to be bailed out for the same crime. Crime, such an ugly word. We aren't people who commit crimes. Not us, we are law abiding citizens who attend church on Sunday's, visit our families, love our children and simply had a run of bad luck. Oh well, now I guess we're even, trucker and I. Never a match made better.

1. Getting woke up at 3am from a phone ringing - $200.00

2. Having to walk 6 blocks in the dead of morning - $300.00

3. Paying bail on your hubby - $506.00

4. Knowing you have blackmail to hold over trucker's head - PRICELESS


kacey said...

LOL, great story. I'm not sure I would have been laughing at 3am in the morning though. I'm a morning person, but not THAT early!

But it's always good so have something to hold old your man's head... *g

Treasia said...

Thank you Kacey. My thoughts exactly. I'm not usually so chipper so early in the mornings myself. haha. However at that time of day it's also nice to know I can laugh.

whimsigal said...

Man, You have a much better attitude than I would have at 3:30 in the morning. And WALKING to the police station?? Fuggetaboutit. I would have cried with every step because I'm such a chicken in the dark.

You are a better woman than I, madam, and your husband is lucky to have you!!


Treasia said...

Why thank you Whimsigal. I remind him daily just what a lucky man he is. LOL. And in turn he reminds me how lucky I am as well. I must say "I am lucky".

lizzabella said...

I gotta admit treasia that I have done a lot of things for my trucker that I never thought I would do...but this one takes the cake...he better know just how lucky he is to have a gal that would walk to the SO at 3am for him! LOL Glad things turned out alright.