Thursday, March 20, 2008

Backseat Truck Driver

I know, I know I am posting this entry very late. So please forgive me to the loyal readers I do have and for those of you who might be new, do know I normally post fairly early during the day. Today however I didn't. No offense to anyone but..............I had better things to do. Oops not better things to do but something I truly enjoy. I got to be a backseat (or passenger seat) truck driver today with my trucker man. I love doing this. From the bottom of my little pea picking heart I do. There is not anything else in this whole wide world like being trapped confined in a small area with your husband for over 16 hours. You see I have gone out with him several times in the past when he drove regional. Now regional meant he was gone for weeks on end. Only getting to come home for four days a month. So basically if I wanted to spend much time with him alone, another words if either of us were sexually frustrated, (you know what I mean) it meant being a backseat passenger truck driver. Now I never went out for weeks on end, oh no, God forbide I stayed trapped confined this long or even gone from home this long. That I could not handle at all. We quite possibly would kill love one another to death. But I have gone for about 8 days in a row.

Now that trucker works locally the longest he is ever gone at a time is overnight. So this was my first day only run. Long day at that. We started out at 3:30 am. That number or time seems to be not working so well for me as you might have read from my previous entry morning walks. None the less this is the time trucker chose. Why he can't choose a much more chipper time of day is beyond me. After all I am a lady of leisure not a morning little spitfire like I once was. Anyway we headed out for Tennessee. Three separate places to be exact. Can I just say "beautiful". Everything is finally turning green around here. Gorgeous green! It's been so long I almost started crying. Tears came to my eyes at one time looking out over green rolling hills when I seen two deers eating in a green pasture. Green, do you hear me Green. Spring has sprung. I also want to say "It's about damn time too".

Now I like Nascar as much as the next person, probably even more so actually. I love it. I have always said I am a nascar fanatic not a regular fan. However you stay confined trapped in a small enclosed space with trucker for what seemed like hours listening to nothing but nascar radio on Sirius. Give me a break here. NO one should have to listen to this that long. Jesus I never knew they could talk so much about cars. When I threatened to throw the radio out the window trucker changed channels. Now we are listening to the various comedy stations. And laughed our butts off. Well not literally, one can dream though. Oh wouldn't that be nice if we could do this?

From TN to Mississippi. By way of Memphis, TN where the company is he works for anyway. Now I have to say MS is flat but it was green too. Yippee more green.

I know I sound like maybe I didn't have fun but we had a blast. I love spending the day with him however I can get it. Even being confined as we were. We laugh, joke, and talk. Talk, sometimes something we don't have much time to do.

See trucker and I have this (now what would I call it?) sometimes strange and perverted sense of humor that most other people just don't get. We get it. We understand one another. It's funny we haven't been married two years yet and know it's going to last. We can make each other laugh. I think (as does he) that this is sooo important. No matter what might happen down the road, no matter what trials and tribulations we might face, we just know we get along so well as friends (not everyone could stay confined) that it's going to last.

I recommend to every middle aged or any woman reading this. Take a long drive with your husband and really get to know one another better. Believe me you will get to know them well like this.


Meg said...

You are so right on the money about just spending time together! We have great weather here for the most part and sometimes, I just kidnap El Jefe, put the top down on my car and we just "drive"...and talk. We end up all kinds of neat places, and spend the day together! GREAT post!

I sent your "stuff"a couple of days sorry it took so long I cannot keep it in stock, around my house!


kacey said...

My husband and I love to drive places. We talk, laugh, listen to music, talk some more. Just enjoy the time together. You're right, riding together is a great way to spend time together.

Treasia said...

Forgive me for taking so long to respond back to you both.

Meg, there is nothing quite like taking a long drive with our spouses. I wish we could put the top down. haha.

Kacey, driving together and sharing music, laughter and talk to me is one of the easiest and fun ways to get to know another person.