Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Easter - Christian festival of the resurrection of Christ.

Here at my house it's also the time of year my family seems to resurrect one of my sins regarding Easter as well.

Like many households across the nation we dye eggs each year. The little ones love this as well as us mid lifers too. Having the spawn around has gave me a chance to continue with some of my own family traditions and keep me young at heart. By allowing me the joy of still getting to dye eggs. I have to dye at least three myself. Last night was no exception as we all gathered around the kitchen table in anticipation of the big event. Well I say all but that's not true as Princess was out on a date. So this left trucker, his two spawn and myself. The fun was about to begin.

Trucker made all the little cups of color, adding the vinegar so carefully and just the right amount of water to each cup. He is a real stickler for this sort of thing actually getting out the measuring cup to ensure each cup had no more than exactly 5 ozs. of water. I wish he was this picky about other things in life like cleaning house or picking up after himself. I can only dream here. But I digress....................After each cup of color is ensured for quality the fun begins. Or so I thought.............

You see when trucker and I married two years ago we had two households of complete sets of furniture, dishes, utensils and you can only imagine how much stuff we had. It was horrible how much STUFF you have. The process of weeding out the throw away items was left to me. It was my responsibility to go through each and every little item to decide what got discarded. This was not an easy task nor one I really wanted to do alone. Alas, trucker was working very long hours and left it to me. You see I can't stand clutter of any kind. I dislike it immensely. It took me weeks to go through it all. Lots of items I had to set aside for trucker to approve throw away first. Anything I thought might have some sort of sentimental value to it I left for his decision. I also have to admit anything that looked like something I disliked went into the garbage. Over the course of the last two years trucker is still wondering what happened to his favorite pair of jeans from high school.

Ok, cut back to egg dyeing. Here we are having the time of our lives and the older spawn asks how to tie dye an egg. Trucker pipes up with "We have a kit to do this with". "You remember it older spawn". I started trembling, dreading the rest of this conversation. Each year thus far we have this same darn conversation in which I had committed the ultimate crime and sin. You see this tie dye kit was one of the items I decided to throw away!! It was not in the original box, it didn't look like something worth keeping and it was hard to tell even what it was. So I made one of the first decisions of married life here. One I guess I will pay for for the rest of my married life. As it seems trucker has no memory of this from year to year. Although he can remember who won a nascar race from 1970 as well as who came in second, third and fourth and even fifth.

Once again I am left to speak up and remind the spawns that I threw this kit away. Yet again I hear groans, whines and crying. Yes, even crying. I also feel daggers of "go to heck" looks stabbing into my back. I immediately run into my craft room. I bring back, glitter, glue, fuzzy pom poms, those plastic wiggly eyes, feathers and most of what I have I there. You see this year I was prepared!! I had it all covered. The kids ended up having the best time decorating their eggs. I ended up being a hero for once. Not the wicked step mother with the giant wart on the end of my nose but the lovely step mother with flowing golden locks, smiling from ear to ear.

I am deeply hoping that next Easter the resurrection of my past sins is laid to rest.


lizzabella said...

Best of luck with that! I don't have a blended home and yet I threw a few things away at one point that seem to rare their ugly heads at certain points in life and I am reminded how horrid of a human I am for those things!!!!!

Happy Easter!!!!

Meg said...

Oh..the joys of bonus kids...I have had TWO sets in my life time...

You totally redeemed yourself in my opinion with all the cool stuff you, for the best part...did you take pictures?