Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Funny

I have got to tell on my trucker this morning for something he just done. He told ratted on himself in the funniest way possible. Now what I am about to say may quite possibly offend some or even embarrass some people. Though not either of us because, heck, that's just how we are. So warning: Do not read any further if you are easily offended.

As I said yesterday the two of us have a really unique, sometimes perverted sense of humor. We also know that while we love each other dearly we are not blind when it comes to the opposite sex. God forbid we ever become blind as we both will always look and admire. Some of my friends find it hard to believe that we do this. Why? It's natural, normal and can be fun. We have a rule: you can look but don't touch. It works for us both. Neither of us have a jealous bone in our body and probably never will have. If I catch other women looking at my husband I'm not jealous, I am proud. Look what I've got and you can't have is what is running through my brain.

So anyway...................with this being said let me tell you as well that we also sometimes send each other little pictures (sexually explicit) on our cell phones. We have done this since day one practically of meeting one another. No harm, no foul. Sometimes these pics are of each other and sometimes stuff off the net. Like I said, we aren't dead yet. God forbid anyone ever sneak a peek into our pictures on our computers. Now that quite possibly might be embarrassing for us both.

Well early this morning trucker sends me a text message. It reads "Thanks baby you just made my day as well as making me hard". "Payback is coming" he says. I am however still asleep when this text arrives and the phone signals me. I think to myself "boy I must be good to send him telepathic messages like this" and have a nice little chuckle to myself. Then my phone signals again and I receive a nice little picture of him myself. My morning isn't going to bad either here. Nice to admire what you have from afar. I can't help but wonder what I had done to get him all excited but heck who am I to question this right now since I am on the receiving end of some nice little pics myself. I let this rock on for a bit as after all I am enjoying myself too.

Finally he calls and tells me to please stop as he won't be home till later. Much later tonight since he's in Alabama. "No problem honey as I am not the one making you all excited, but you are sure getting me stirred up here". A hush fell over the phone. You could have heard a pin drop. Total silence except for the sound of the motor of the semi truck and of course nascar radio in the background. Come to find out one of the other drivers whom he works with is sending these pics to him so that the two can share. At first trucker was all excited about it and then when I told him that I wasn't the one sending anything then he got scared. A grown man scared, a trucker scared, my man scared. He's never scared of anything. Now stop and think a minute. The reason he was scared was because at first he thought that he had hit the reply button and was sending porno of himself to his male friend. I burst out laughing. I couldn't help it. I would have loved to have seen the look on trucker's face when this thought first entered his mind. It would have been priceless. Can you imagine this? Just thinking about it now has me laughing again. I finally explained to him that he hadn't hit the reply button (Thank God) and that I was the only one seeing porno of him this early.

Needless to say his day and erection sorta faded for a bit. Now I can't imagine why I felt I had to share this with strangers. It was just to funny not to though. Out of curiosity are we the only other married couple who does this sort of thing?


lizzabella said...

Just to let you know...You are not alone!!!! You are not the only married couples that are far away and yet enjoy one another!!! Glad to see I am not the freak I thought I was!!! LOL Thanks!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

OMG you live in Arkasas!
How fun...

my dad has a time share in Horseshoe Bend... and I love it there.. been there 4 times... and dying to come back!

Treasia said...

Lizzabella it's good to know I am not alone as well. Sometimes strangeness makes the world go round. Besides we're not freaks, we are normal, normal I say. LOL.

Terri, Horseshoe Bend is a beautiful place. We lived in Mt. View for many years and I so miss the mountains and wildlife.

Country Girl said...

I've heard of people doing this, so I know you're not alone. I think this post was funny. Does he mind that you tell on him?

Treasia said...

Country Girl - No trucker does not mind in the least. He actually enjoys reading my entries and laughs at his own misfortunes. Now had you asked if I ask his permission first? No way, he just deals. LOL.