Friday, March 14, 2008

I must shamefully confess

that when my trucker man called me last night and told me he was staying out on the road that inside I done a "happy dance of joy". This meant I didn't have to cook supper. Which for me is a true blessing as I hate to cook. Though I knew I would miss his presence in bed (for one particular reason) that I could also have the entire king size monstrosity to myself. Which meant I would get a decent nights sleep. Which also means I woke up feeling great.

However now it's left me making another confession: I'm sexually frustrated now!! Did I just say that out loud?

They say confessions are good for the soul.

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lizzabella said...

You know I used to have those same more night out means one more night I don't have to cook..although a roll in the hay wouldn't be so the trade off was decent at times! And at times..just wasn't worth it! But in the end when the homefires are burning they need to be put out in only the way a good meal can provide! Wink wink!