Saturday, March 8, 2008


Truly, this is something that doesn't happen to often here in my neck of the woods. Neck of the woods being what we southerners say when we mean "our part of the country". Just to clarify this for you non southerners.

I woke from my much needed "lady of leisure nap" yesterday to find a beautiful, serene, peaceful sight. It was snowing. It was truly a breathtaking sight to behold as I finally managed to focus on it. After all my eyes aren't what they used to be and the glare was blinding me. Softly falling snow bringing with it a peace and calm unlike anything else mother nature can do for us. When my eyes finally adjusted to this and the thought sunk into my sleep filled mind I knew I had to take pictures. Something drew me to the outdoors to connect with mother nature in all her splendor.

I threw on my coat and shoes. Of cours
e in my excitement I didn't think about how truly dang cold it was out in mother nature's world. I grabbed my digital camera and off I went.

I was outside about a total of 30 minutes when the cold, oh the cold sank into my fingers and hands. They actually ached from the cold.

I enjoyed the view of the snow falling from the inside of the house after that. It fell for another several hours and those pictures I did not take. To cold for this "lady of leisure" to be back out in it.

Later on that evening my husband came in from work with his two children (or spawn as I prefer to call them). They wanted to play out
in the snow even if it was 8pm. So my trucker man being the person he is (btw, that's one that doesn't know how to say NO) let the spawn have their way. After all he said "they're only kids and this happens so rarely". Off they went with him in tow. I could hear the sounds of laughter, snowballs hitting the side of the house and giggling from outside. They were having a wonderful time together. I managed to take a few pictures from inside where I had vowed to stay. Later when the sound of laughter died down I knew it was time to come in. Trucker man brought them into the kitchen and snow was everywhere. I mean everywhere. Not a dry place left on the floor. Spawn were wet, cold, whining and crying from the damp cold of playing. Now who do you think got to clean up this mess? You're right. ME, the lady of leisure. I HATE SNOW NOW. I am so glad this truly is a rare event in the south.

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