Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday aggravations

Isn't Sunday's for relaxation? Nascar races? and most importantly sleeping in?

Not at our house! On the weekends the spawn (as I lovingly refer to my step children) are at our house. Every weekend come rain or shine.

This means: no relaxation, limited Nascar viewing, no getting to sleep in and worst of all..................Sponge Bob SquarePants.

I hate that little sucker with a passion. I don't really know why all I do know for sure is he annoys the snot out of me. Every single Sunday (and most Saturday's) I wake to the sounds of the television playing the theme song.

This Sunday was no different. Why I thought it might be is beyond my comprehension. I guess I was sleep induced at the exact moment I thought this. My mind befuddled with possibly, maybe, sorta thinking I would get to snuggle in bed with trucker. Once more I was wrong. Because Sponge Bob invades our world yet again.

As I rose from the bed (the theme song playing in the background) I had another song playing through my own mind.

"Who lives in a chunk of fruit under the sea,
Sponge Bob Square Pants,
Who annoys the shit out of you and of me,
Sponge Bob Square Pants"

The spawn found no humor in my little ditty!

Thus begins another Sunday................................


Meg said...

Hey Gorgeous!

Email me at so I can get you the sleep tite!

Have a blessed Sunday!

lizzabella said...

Ohhh who lives in a pineapple under the sea....I feel your pain...I wake to this freakin song daily! Someone should leave SpongeBob on the counter just once!

whimsigal said...

Awww, I love SpongeBob! I have thought that show was hilarious from the get go.