Thursday, March 6, 2008

It happened while I slept

There is simply no other explanation for it! It had to have happened that way because I would have noticed it..... wouldn't I? Father time crept up on me!! It made me middle aged!! Why or why did this have to happen and why now of all times?

Maybe I should have paid closer attention to the subtle (or maybe not so subtle) signs? Whatever the cause and whenever it did happen the point is it HAS happened.

Maybe it started happening the day I said those two precious little words "I do". Or maybe it happened the day I said "Sure honey, you can become a trucker". Maybe it just simply happened over a period of, oh let's say, a lifetime.

All I do know for sure, is it's close to my 46th birthday and whatever the case may be, It HAS happened.

I look in the mirror now and see wrinkles where there once was dimples, lines that seemingly are etched into my face with a chisel, saggy boobs that were once quite perky now hang to my kneecaps (Oh God I look like my mother), legs that contain cellulite that once were long and lean, and thinning hair that was once full and shining and now is dull and lifeless, and not to mention the stomach that was once flat and taut. I won't even begin to say how it appears to me now when I look in the mirror. I am not happy with this at all.

Does this mean that my life as I knew it is over? NO WAY!! It means I am starting the second phase (or ACT II) of my life.

I will say that when I do look at myself in the mirror I see those same wrinkles and lines with a whole new meaning. Now I see that those are reminders of all the times I have laughed and cried, the times that made me who I am today. I see my breasts as "objects of great affection" that my trucker adores and bows down to (and believe me he does)!! I see my stomach as "the place that provided comfort and home to my two children" for a total of 18 months. For without my poochie stomach life would not have existed for them.

I also look at myself in the mirror and think "God I look good at 45", for afterall someone has to boost my self confidence! And why shouldn't it be ME?

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Meg said...

Sweetie, I totally hear you on everything. We cannot control father time, of course, but all we can control is our attitude. You are over 40 and FABULOUS! We are the same age by the way, we have so much in common, I am adding you to my blog roll and we are going to cheer each other on through the best part of our lives!