Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Prom dress shopping (Day 2)

Please bow your heads with me now:

Dear Heavenly Father
It's not often I come to you for such trivial prayers, as I know you are bombarded in more necessary and important ones, but today is different you see. This is day 2 of prom dress shopping for Princess. I ask that you keep me in your thoughts today as I know you do everyday. Please give me strength and courage in my motherly endeavor to find the perfect dress. Please give me above all else, patience, to remember I was once 17 years old, patience that mother and daughter do not kill one another and strength for what lies ahead. Oh and I almost forgot, wisdom. Wisdom to know when to keep my motherly mouth shut and just "go with the flow". These things I ask you your name father, AMEN.


Meg said...

Omgosh..it IS that time of year, isn't it? Good luck sweetie, and post pictures!


Dixie said...

You poor poor thing. I feel for you! And dread the day that I have to worry about that crap.