Wednesday, March 5, 2008

More about ME

I'm Treasia a.k.a. Middle aged trucker's wife, mother and grandmother. Welcome to my little corner of the country.

I'm the first born child of a farmer (hence the all about ME part), raised on a soybean and rice farm (obviously) in the middle of Nowheresville, AR. Seriously had you blinked when you drove through my little town, well, then you missed it. I also must mention I grew up on horseback. My family chose horses over a built in swimming pool. Smart move on our part as a swimming pool in the middle of the great mosquito capital would have proved to be a huge blood loss to us. Also considering the mosquitoes were large enough to open doors and "come on in" to visit. Our town actually has a celebration once a year honoring the pesky blood suckers.

I married right out of high school to my sweetheart, had two wonderful children, then decided we weren't meant to be more than high school sweeties. One of those "gee when did we grow up" things? Then I traveled down the path of two nasty (but learning lessons) of future failed marriages. More on this later as time progresses. I would hate to depress and put the fear of marriage into you now.

I met the love of my life three years ago. Yes the reason I am now a mid life trucker's wife. He wasn't a trucker when I met him however. This came after being married a brief time span. I often wonder if marriage to me drove him to this. LOL. After all I was just starting pre-menopause about the time we married. Heck I wouldn't blame him if this was the reason.

Just so you're forewarned this blog will often times contain pictures of my wonderfully stubborn children, two of my step children and the rest of my family. It could and probably will contain video's (if nothing else exciting going on in my life), recipes, and general knowledge of what it's like to be mid life in an insane world. Not to mention lots of ramblings from myself. After all this is about ME.

And this handsome man is the trucker in my life.

And it wouldn't be complete without at least one pic of my daughter and trucker's two children.

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