Friday, March 7, 2008

Elusive Sleep

I snuggled down deeper into my warm soft covers at 4am hoping, begging and praying to go back to sleep. I could hear the cold north wind blowing outside (and feel it drifting in the window over my head, since our house is OLD) and did not want to get up out of those warm covers today for the life of me. Well no such luck for me in trying to go back to sleep. I tried in vain only to end up getting up way to early for this lady to have to do. After all I am a "lady of leisure" now and shouldn't have to arise this early and face the day. Before sunrise is inhumane!! It's not normal, or is it?

I ask this question because quite honestly it was only a short time ago (ok, well about three years ago) that I was able to sleep till noon if given the chance. Naturally of course this chance didn't come to often. Since I was a single mom to a teenager then as well as working two full time jobs. Maybe on the occasional Sunday morning did the opportunity arise. Now I can't for the life of me no matter how hard I try, beg and plead manage to sleep past 8am. I think this is another pitfall of middle age. Our bodies desperately long for sleep (whether drug induced or not) but alas we wake with the chickens. Now in my case it's mostly because the bladder can't hold out any longer (wondering if it's time to invest in some depends here) or as this morning's case was that my wonderful trucker man had to be up so danged early. No matter how quite he is, no matter how many lights he leaves turned off, the fumbling around in the dark he does always wakes me up. But seriously I can't blame it on him (even if I would like to deep down) it's simply the way life is now for me.

As I lay there hoping for more sleep I also thought about just how truly lucky I am (even if I wake most mornings before other human's have risen from the vampire like slumbers) that I have it easy. After all I can NAP during the day!!

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