Saturday, March 29, 2008

Life On The Road With RugRat2

After trucker having a really good day bonding with RugRat 1 out on the road it then became RugRat 2's turn to go the following day. The difference's in RugRat 1 and 2 are like daylight and dark. RugRat 2 has ADHD, is never still, never quiet, and bores easily. You have constantly got to keep his mind as well as body busy. Not an easy task at home more of less in a truck. RugRat 2 is 8 years old and a typical boy in all counts. Two years running now he has broken at least one bone in his body.

Their day started out much much earlier than the day before. In fact it started out at the normal time it always seems to at 3 am. I was not up to see them leave. Had trucker woke me at that ungodly hour he would not have been able to leave as he would have been having lots of difficulties moving after being kicked in the nether regions. I did however check in several times that day.

Now the night before leaving I asked trucker had he remembered to get RugRat 2's Nintendo DS for occupying time instead of looking out the windows. No they didn't get his most prized possession to take. The batteries were not charged and the inverter was not working in the truck to charge there. What fun this trip was going to be, I thought.

My first check in call happened around 8 am when I woke up. The day was already going bad for them both. RugRat 2 got on at 4 am and promptly fell asleep in the bunk. Heck I would have to, so no fault or problem there. He woke at around 6:30 am and was ready to go home. Boredom had already commenced to set in. Trucker said they started playing some road games. Things like who could spot a tractor the fastest, strange license plates, and things of this nature. It wasn't working for RugRat 2. To be honest not much works for RugRat 2 except Playstation, Nintendo, or TV. Trucker was screwed.

Trucker turned the satellite radio on the Disney channel yet again and this was a good thing. RugRat 2 does enjoy his music and sang along quite happily.

As the day progressed I called in a few more times only to hear that he was still bored, still whining and ready to go home. "But are you having fun and bonding"? I would ask. Truckers response "Well he grinned a couple of times". My two poor truckers were in for a long long day.

The highlight of RugRat 2's day ended up being eating at Wendy's again, listening to the stereo and returning to the company to go home. Trucker and he did bond, talk and sing together so all not a total loss. I went to pick them up around 8 pm, as I said a long long day, and RugRat 2 almost took my car door off the hinges in his hurry to get in. He is grinning ear to ear and acting quite happy. I turned around and asked if he had fun. Oh yes, lots of fun. I got to eat at Wendy's and got chocolate milk. Now you would think we never take the kids out to eat from the way they get excited over it. So RugRat 2 is telling me about his fun filled day completely the opposite from what I have been hearing from trucker. Then I asked "So when you grow up would you like to be a truck driver"? The response brought tears of laughter to my eyes and I wish you could have heard him. He was so cute in his answer and the way he said it to me.

"Well........................really...............I.............don''s .......................boring.....................and".

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