Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Treasures

The treasure I am speaking of today is not an object, but someone I met four years ago. Someone I married three years ago. But someone I have loved in my heart for my lifetime, I just didn't know when I would meet him or how I would find him. Last Thursday was mine and Trucker's 3rd wedding anniversary, which both of us completely forgot about with all that has been going on. In fact I would still probably have not thought about it if it wasn't for some dear friends of mine sending us an anniversary card by email. I could not believe that I had forgotten it.

I met Trucker, as many might know, on a dating website almost four years ago. It was instant friendship from the get go. We would talk for hours on end and up into the night. I don't know how I got any work done and don't know how he did either. At the time, I didn't care. After talking for several weeks we decided to meet in person. The only family member I told was my sister and even though we had talked, Trucker and I, it was after all still meeting stranger. So we met at a Chinese restaurant and had lunch. I was not one bit nervous as I knew I was meeting my best friend. It was as if we had known one another for years. We talked about everything and anything. Our goals were much the same, we both had many things in common. After that initial meeting we became inseparable. If we weren't on the phone talking, we were on messenger, or cell phone and spent the weekends together almost everyone.

I knew he was the one for sure when my grandmother became very ill and was placed from the nursing home into a hospital and given only a short time to live. I wanted to go and see her but I knew not to drive myself as I would be to upset to drive home. Without asking Trucker he called on night (like always) and told me he would pick me up the next day and drive me to see her. We had only been dating about one month then. He continued to sweep me off my feet. That summer after only dating about 7 months my grandson came to live with me. I knew not for how long or if it would be permanent. I expected Trucker to run then, like most men would have. However he didn't. He stayed and he helped and he loved. I had my grandson for four months and had filed for temp. custody, the day my son came to take my grandson away was a terrible day for all. Trucker was right there by my side helping me get through all he could. He understood!

None of my family except my sister had met Trucker up to this point, other than Princess of course. As things progressed and we became even closer there was one person I wanted him to meet. Most people are shocked to hear this but that person was my ex husband, my children's father. He and I were and are extremely close and I never bothered to take the other two to meet him and figured he should meet him. I guess I wanted his blessing for Trucker to be in Princess's life. When I told Trucker where I wanted to go that weekend he wasn't really surprised. He knew how strange I was at times. Not only did we go spend the weekend to meet the ex, but we stayed at the ex's house. They have a guest cabin out back of the house and that's where we stayed. They hit it off instantly and really liked one another.

Trucker proposed that weekend in the cabin out back. It wasn't terribly romantic and he didn't get down on one knee. He was in bed and was on two knees. Smile.

Now it's been three years and I wouldn't change one day of those years or one moment. I married my best friend, soul mate and my love for a lifetime.


Living on the Spit said...

Great post about your wonderful treasure!

You have a lot to be blessed about.

Mental P Mama said...

Oh, Treasia, I am so happy for you all! And happy belated Anniversary!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Happy Anniversary you two! I know that feeling of true love and I am so glad you guys have it! You both are blessed.

Together We Save said...

Wow that is a great story. What a wonderful beginning to a great life.

Gail said...

Many people search a life time and never are able to find their soul mate.

Congratulations! You did it!

jettied said...

Sounds like a treasure you wouldn't want to share!!! Happy Anniversery!!