Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Simple Life

I hope everyone has had and is having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Here at the Stepp household we have been having a very nice, quiet and simple holiday. Yesterday we had a BBQ in the backyard and cooked out Boneless Boston Ribs. Inside I cooked potato salad, mashed taters (for the kids), corn on cob, and baked beans. For dessert we had peaches and cottage cheese and also ice cream for the kids. Since this was so spur of the moment it was only our small family here plus our next door neighbor. She is however just like family and actually used to be Truckers family as she is his ex mother in law. Isn't that strange that I consider her my best friend as her and I are so much alike. We get along fabulously and love living next to one another.

Our excitement this weekend so far as been Trucker attempting to catch himself on fire. One would think a 41 yr. old man would no NOT to play with gasoline and lighters!! He and Rug Rat 2 were attempting to burn all the limbs and leaves out of the yard that we had placed in the burn pit by pouring the gasoline over and lighting it. Well apparently something went wrong and the fire chased Trucker across half of our back yard. After he ran (as you know you aren't supposed to do) and put himself out by beating the fire, then it got funny. What a sight that made. I couldn't get to my camera fast enough to capture this moment for all time. But later while playing charades we acted it out quite well. LOL.

How is everyone's garden growing? I am happy and thrilled to say mine is coming along quite nicely. I actually have hot banana peppers hanging from the plants, have tomato blooms, cucumber blooms and zucchini blooms as well.

Oh and before I forget Rug Rat 1 graduates from Elementary School on Tuesday so in preparing her for her grand move to Jr. High she had her hair cut, highlighted and looks adorable.

Learn to enjoy the simple things in life,


Vivian said...

Might be a good time to consider life insurance on Trucker!! LOL
Simple is good.

Country Girl said...

What a nice hair cut she has. And that fire thing brought back a memory. My husband nearly caught the paddock fenceline on fire after using gasoline by our firepit which was about 5 feet away. It jumped onto some that had spilled on the fence and it was pretty touch & go there for a few minutes!
I'm sure the beers had something to do with it, too. (Don't tell him I told you this).

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

We do alot of simple stuff around her. RR#2 ~ oh I am loving that cut girl. Hair to die for.
Just color me jealous as hell on those banana peppers. There I said it. What do you do with yours? I cut mine longways, get out the seeds, stuff with cheese and boil till cheese is melted and brown,YUMMY!

Gail said...

Wow, a holiday with visitors...we are always working!