Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well better late than never on today's post I guess. I can't wait till tomorrow and I can show everyone the pictures from Princess's Senior Prom night. Which was last night. I haven't even gotten to see them today myself as she is off at work and then tonight we have Baccalaureate at the Church of God. It has been busy busy around here the last few weeks getting all the graduation invitations out and mailed, the last minute things for prom and all the rest of the occasions for graduation night. I wanted to cry when I seen my baby all grown up and gorgeous in her gown last night. Her final prom........ I know on Thursday night I will be a complete mess. A giant slobbering mess of glob, that will be me. Surrounded by nasty tissues and my big puffy red eyes. Yeah, she will be so proud of me. But I know my heart will be bursting with a proudness all it's own.

On other news my God am I dreading tomorrow. With a passion like nobody's business. Tomorrow my mother is coming! The shit will be hitting the fan as she just found out moments ago. I know you are wondering why, well let me tell you............................My Princess has been dating a man of color (OK, I'm from the south so forgive me) for about 8-9 months now. At first neither Trucker nor I were happy about it. But after much thinking and talking between us and Princess we decided to let things take a natural course. Down south this is becoming more and more common but I have to say that the Ole Timers still cannot get used to it. And definitely do not condone it. Though my parents are not to prejudice they absolutely do not think that different colors should ever date or God forbid marry. Before anyone thinks ill of my parents this is the way it still is down south. Not uncommon at all.

Mother is coming for a visit and as said, just found out along with my sister. Princess went to our hometown on Friday night to watch her friends graduate from their school. That's the school Princess attended before Trucker and I married, and the town where my family lives. Very small (blink you miss it) town. She took her boyfriend with her. I didn't find out till the next day that he went. I prepared her for the fact that before 24 hours was up our family would know about it. Well guess what? They did and have already called me asking all sorts of questions. Mom refused to even talk to me. Now hows that? My own sister just listened and you could tell steam was coming out both her ears like a freight train leaves smoke behind. So tomorrow should be a barrel of fun around here.

Let me just add as well that Trucker and I both think highly of this young man Princess is dating. Though we ourselves were not to keen on the idea at first he is very respectful of her, does not drink or do drugs, is not possessive of her and treats her and us with high respect. In our world this is all that counts. So we are happy about it as well. He is a mature, thoughtful young man.

Now other news. You probably noticed that the blog looks different. Lots of buttons gone and things rearranged. I decided yesterday that while not everyone enjoys giveaways as much as I do that I should take this blog back to being more of what it used to be. More personal and more about me and my life. Though extremely boring at times it's who I am. So with that decision made I started another blog. For those of you that enjoy the giveaways and would like to check it out the new blog is: Treasia's Treasures and will be all about various giveaways I enter and links. As well as reviews I will be doing. I will be hosting all of my giveaways on the new blog as well. So stop by sometime and say Hi if nothing else.

Confession's will still have all of my usual posts, Simple Woman's Daybook on Monday's, Tuesday Treasures, Have a Laugh Wednesday, and the Frugal Friday posts of course. However those Frugal Friday posts will have no more giveaways attached. I will be back to more personal funny posts, pictures out the wa zoo, and all of that. I sincerely hope I lose no friends or readers because of this decision.

Well I must get some stuff done around here as I only woke up a little while ago. I hate menopause as I can never sleep till around 3 am and then wake after half the day is gone. Sucks.


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

You should have some good mama stories to tell! I cannot wait to see the prom pics and your cried out eyes!
Memopause? Oh hell yeah it sucks~big time!
Love you chickie!

Vivian said...

My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family.
In Jesus's last sermon to the people (Matt 23) he talks about being clean on the outside and dirty on the inside. You are right, we should see the acts of our fellow people....not just what we think outside looks like. Both sides of our beings are important to God.
Sorry but this is just me...always thinking about how God would view the situation.

Mental P Mama said...

Good for you, Mama. For everything. Set the bar and your family will follow. Princess' beau sounds like a gentleman. And I feel like you are right for respecting her choice. Sending you positive vibes for tomorrow. I know you will persevere! Oh, and I cannot wait for the pics;)

Anonymous said...

Glad your going back to your stories. I enjoyed them and was missing the old blog.


An Accomplished Woman said...

Okay, prom pictures are tear jerkers. Why do they have to grow up!!!

As far as your daughter, you are teaching her a good lesson and I hope your mom respects that.


Linda said...

I just found your blog, from somewhere! I've gone through menopause, so I guess my mind is going too. Anyway, I wanted to comment on this posting.

My beautiful almost 36 y/o son is dating a woman of color, with 3 children. His wife kicked him out of their home 2 years ago. They have 3 beautiful daughters.

Anyway, his 'friend' and he are getting pretty serious. We have accepted it, and so has his sister. I'm not too sure about his brother, but we have all said, we would hate to lose our boy. If he marries her, and I hope he does, instead of just living with her, she will be part of the family. Her kids will be our 'grandkids', and we will love them. We never know who the Lord will bring into our lives, and sometimes we have to know that He knows better than we do.

Anyway, I know my mother would be very upset, and is probably rolling over in her grave, but my step-dad is of the opinion...'Live and let live.'

Who knows, in 100 years or less, we will all be a chocolate color. Well, I'll be long gone, and so will my kids, and my grands will be the old folks, so who know what will happen.

I'll visit again.