Friday, May 29, 2009

Frugal Friday

Once more it's Friday and time for some Frugal tips from me to you. With Father's Day just around the corner and looming in on us have you given any thoughts to what you are going to get your fathers? Or your spouse (since afterall most of them are fathers as well)? Well I have been giving this some thought quite a bit lately. Trucker is afterall a father and deserves a nice Fathers Day himself. However right now we aren't overloaded with the extra money for a nice dinner out or some fancy schmancy gift. So I have been racking my brain trying to think of something nice he would enjoy that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Of course I could sell one of his kids! Just kidding, just kidding. As that would probably ruin his Fathers Day and cause a massive divorce.

So here's a few things I have thought about and wanted to share with you.

1. A handmade decorated T-shirt. This would be a very simple project that the kids would love doing and Dad would love wearing. Just purchase a cheap white T-shirt in his size. Have the kids use fabric paint and put their handprints on the shirt for dad. Everyone could use a different color and also write their names below each handprint. Make sure to wash the shirt first before doing this project though. That way the shirt is set and ready to go.

2. Start Dad a "Dream Fund". Most dads and mothers for that matter, have things they want to buy, or places they would like to go. So decorate a jar of some type. We have a clear glass cookie jar. you can paint it, glue decorative things on it, or just whatever you choose to do with it. Show Dad that you are all placing a certain amount of money into it to start his dream fund. It could be as little as $5 for Fathers Day.

3. Place a small ad in your local paper. The cost of advertising in the paper is very cheap and frugal and dad would love to be honored this way. Tell him how much he means to you, how much you love him and words of endearment. Just be sure and place his name in the section so another dad doesn't think it is for him.

4. Give Dad a gift card for gas. With the prices of gas these days being what they are purchase Dad a gift card with the fathers day logo on it and gift him with gas.

5. If your Dad is like most dads chances are he love to grill. Buy him a plain white apron and dye it his favorite color and decorate it as you would the T-shirt. Write something cute on it like "Never trust a skinny cook" or "if this apron isn't dirty I'm not grilling today". Use your imagination and go wild. I bet Dad would wear this each time he grills.

6. If your dad loves to play golf, fish or hunt give him an outing that day. Go with him if you like and enjoy the day spent together. If spent together he could care less what his golf score is, or if he catches any fish.

7. Check his favorite local restaurants for special for Fathers Day. Many offer discounts or even a free meal for one on this day. Give him the gift of food. If you can't take the entire family let Dad have the time alone. Give him a favorite book and send him off to eat. Most Dads never have alone time just like we women.

8. Give him a handmade coupon book. The kids (as well as you) can give him a handmade coupon book that he can cash in at his leisure. The kids could have coupons such as: one free lawn mowing, weedeating, breakfast in bed, TV time alone, or whatever things your dad would like. Wives you could do yours as well: breakfast in bed, time spent alone, back massage, foot massage, or heck go wild and give your spouse a FREE WILD NIGHT IN BED.

9. Give Dad a free pass day. This would be anything you choose to do. Something as simple as a free pass for fix it jobs around the house. Use your imagination and go wild.

Whatever you decide to do for Fathers Day remember, you can do it frugally and still give Dad a great day.

Happy Frugal Friday friends,

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Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Some great ideas! I like the homemade coupons. That is right up our alley and I think Little T and I can be real creative with this!

ps-hows the garden doing. I'll post some more pics soon.