Saturday, January 31, 2009

Begin Again, New Life, part 4

After a weeks of the new job I started getting into a routine. Finally I was feeling like I had started getting life in order. I am a creature of routine. I hate my life being thrown off balance for any reason. Life was good again.

Things were falling into a routine around the parent's house as well. We all had breakfast together, like when I was a young girl. It felt good to go home. I worked, cleaned house, cooked a certain amount of meals a week and relaxed.

I'm not sure if anyone can realize just how it felt to relax. To know you could sit down, prop your feet up and just sigh, laugh and giggle. Not have to worry about what was said, what might happen, or what would set the monster off again. He had been like living with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I had grown so used to that sort of life, that I didn't realize how truly stressed and tensed my body had become. After a period of time however, I did notice I was relaxing.

I loved working for the attorney. My days were filled with work, sometimes boring, sometimes so filled with things to do I couldn't catch my breath. I was satisfied like I had not been in forever. My parents house was about 14 miles from the little town. So once I went to work I stayed there the rest of the day. You see, my sister worked just a few doors down from me at one of the local banks. Her apartment was right behind the bank and my office. So for lunch we timed it together most days and would either eat out or at her apartment. I loved her little apartment and remember thinking to myself one day while there, that I would love to move into one when I got enough money saved. They were also rented through another friend who worked with my sister. See, small town again and everyone knows everyone else. Saving money for Princess and I to move out of the parents was at this point my next main goal in life.

After about two months with the attorney I started looking for a second job. Princess was old enough to be left alone, but for sure at my parent's house. I also knew in order to save money to get our own place required two jobs. So the hunt for job number 2 started. It was sort of funny, back then I drank some. But even at my age still didn't drink at mom and dad's. Only on the rare occasion did I drink at their house. One day I stopped at the local liquor store for a 6 pack of beer. While there I heard the employee talking about needing someone part time at night and on the weekends. I applied right then and there and by the following week I had the job. It worked out perfectly. I would get off work at the day job and go straight to the evening job about three nights a week and every other Friday and Saturday night.

Each week I paid my part of the bills and gave my mother a certain amount to hold for me (for the place I would rent). I also had decided since so many of my things for a home were still in the storage and had no idea for sure if I would ever get them back or not, that I would spend a certain amount of money each week on things I knew I would need when we moved out. I bought a large plastic container and started filling it up. It was amazing how fast I gathered things needed this way. Small things, like a can opener, dish towels, bath towels and stuff such as this. Eventually I had several plastic totes in the storage building at my parents.

After a couple of months the time had finally came to file for divorce. I asked Mr. Attorney if he had one he could recommend to me that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg. By this time he and I had not only become boss and employee but friends. He did recommend a fellow attorney in the adjoining town. Mr. Attorney told me not to worry about it as "he would take care of it". I thought he meant the paperwork and stuff. I provided all the information needed and when I had the first appt. with the divorce attorney I found out that Mr. Attorney not only took care of everything he even went as far as paying for the entire thing. I tried to get him to let me pay him back but he refused. Finally after bugging the crap out of him about it he told me it would be my bonus that year if it made me feel better. The man is a saint.

Life was moving by now so fast it seemed. The days started running into one another. Two jobs kept me busy and quite happy. I should have known it wouldn't last forever. The divorce paperwork was coming along swimmingly and then the day the papers were mailed out for the ex to sign them, it all started over again. I got the first call from him in a few months. He had only called at this point about two times. Each time I hung up on him.

However the day he received those papers brought out the bad side of him again........................................................


Living on the Spit said...

I know that two sided life with a man all too well. I never knew which one to prepare for...I almost wanted him to lose it because then it would calm down for a while, or so I thought...looking back on the whole situation, I should have known to just leave...I am really loving your story and the power you are gaining by telling it.

littletoesandcheerios said...

I too am a routine person. I get very nervous if my "ducks are out of their row"! The attorney sounds like a wonderful Christian man! Life would be so awesome if everyone helped each other like that. You are a tough woman.

I'm always waiting to read what's next.

Country Girl said...

When life looks like easy street, there's always danger at your door.

This is a good story. Keep it coming!

Mental P Mama said...

What a nice man! The attorney, that is;)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Good story~ lots of us have walked this road too~God is good~He keeps us strong. I thank him for you my friend.
Love you!