Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Who would we be helping or hurting?

Since the trucking industry is new to both myself and my trucker man today is a confusing day for me. As well as one in which I am fearful and afraid of. There has been a lot of talk today and proceeding days about a trucker strike. Which from what I have been able to gather would be starting today.

To be honest I know almost nothing about strikes of any kind never really having been in a industry or profession in which one has taken place. I do know that something has to be done regarding the prices of fuel for our drivers and for anyone who drives. It has reached a point to where truck driver's are shutting down their rigs, driving well below the legal speed limit to conserve fuel and many are going out of business. Many owner/operators who have driven truck all their lives are seeing their business's close as well as their dreams gone. They simply can't afford to drive anymore. They are going or have went into the black.

While I do see the trucker's point of view regarding striking exactly how is this helping? If they strike and shut down for the day or days to come does this not raise the cost of all of our transported items? Groceries, fuel itself, and everything the trucking industry hauls? Which in turn also affects the drivers and their families? So many questions are roaming around in my head now. Like a hamster on his spinning wheel. What does one do?

In our case my trucker and our family cannot afford to shut down for one day let alone one minute. He is not an owner/operator but drives for a local seed company. This also means if he shuts down that farmer's will not receive the seeds they need for their livelihood. Which in turn means we don't eat. And the never ending cycle continues.

Another thought that continually is running through my head like that hamster on his wheel again, is that if the price of fuel keeps rising that my trucker will be forced to stay in his truck overnight at his place of employment. As we honestly wouldn't be able to afford for him to drive back and forth the 60 miles one way to work daily to drive his truck.

I don't know for one second what the answer is to the rising price of fuel but wish and pray that someone figures it out soon.


Dixie said...

The saying "damned if you do and damned if you don't" comes to mind.

jennifer h said...

Getting a new president would be a good start.

But that doesn't help in the short term, does it?

Meg said...

Wow..T...thanks for writing about that. I don't think people really appreciate what all goes on in getting things delivered whether it be produce or seeds, or whatever. Something has got to give...everyone is in the same boat these days...the cost of fuel is so outrageous, the mortgage industry is upside down, everyone is suffering.

Anonymous said...
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