Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts

Things that have been rumbling around in my head today. Once more like the spinning of the hamster wheel my thoughts (and often bitches) declared.

Why is it every time I decide the rake my yard the wind starts blowing?

Why does my neighbors have to have a brick wall down the side of their yard, thus making all of my leafs and the entire streets leafs end up on my side to rake????

Why must the damn weatherman predict rain every single time we plan an outdoor family activity for the weekend?

Why is there dog catchers and not cat catchers? After all cats can be a nuisance as well. Before you gripe about this I have cats to.

Why must my cat have to sleep with his paw against my face and one leg around my neck? Thus making me have erotic dreams during the night?

Why does my grandmother's 104 th birthday party have to fall on my Princess's prom date?

Why did I hang my hummingbird feeder low enough to the ground to tantalize my cats?

Why did I let my Respiratory Therapy license expire?

Why am I lacking motivation today?

Why do trucker's call cars 4 wheelers and not cars?

What do trucker's call a actual 4 wheeler?

Why do southerner's call cotton farms cotton plantations?

Why do I even care or think about all of the above?


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

I did not know that truckers called cars 4 wheelers.

And, here I thought I knew everything! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Why don't you get your RT license back??