Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Treasures

Welcome to this weeks addition of Tuesday Treasures. I swear to you that one day I will get this post done on Monday night so that anyone who wishes to can link at that time. Life has just been so busy around my house lately I can't tell whether I'm coming or going.

This week my Treasure's are all related to Hummingbirds. I adore hummingbirds and always have. I can remember being a little girl around 7 and taking a blanket into our backyard and laying it under a big mimosa tree. Then just laying there forever and watching the hummingbirds come and drink. I have always treasured these birds, for their beauty, their speed and so much more.

This first picture is of a hummingbird tray. My neighbor was having a yard sale one weekend and before placing all her things out for it she brought me this tray. She knows how much I love them and decided this was meant for me.

This beautiful glass hummingbird was given to me by Trucker for our second Valentines Day the first year we were married. That was when he was doing long haul and I actually didn't get it till the weekend after Valentine's Day. I treasure this piece dearly. He found it in a truck stop and it is made of glass.

This beautiful piece actually belonged to Trucker's mother. It was left to him when she passed away when Trucker was 17. She had a love for hummingbirds as well. I like to think that her and I would have gotten along really well had I ever got to meet her. It holds a place of honor on our fireplace mantle.

This is a music box that was given to me from my sister for my birthday one year. I love it very much as well.

This hummingbird plaque rests against my fireplace mantle. In all honesty I do not remember where this one came from.

This was is made of spun glass as well. It also belonged to Truckers mother. I wish the quality of the picture was better. Not sure why it kept showing blurry when I would take it.

Now you know what a great love I have for hummingbirds. I can't wait for the little tiny creatures to start drinking from the feeders I have hung up this spring. I hope, hope to be able to catch some beautiful pictures of them. Or at least try.

If you would like to take part in Tuesday Treasures just place your post link into Mr. Linky below. Even if you want to do this tomorrow would be great. One day I swear I will get this post out on Monday evenings.

Have a wonderful Tuesday friends and treasure the things you have in your life,


Sondre Lyn said...

What beautiful pieces! Your husband seems like the sweetest man!

I love hummingbirds as well. I don't think I would ever have noticed them except that my grandparents love them and have hummingbird feeders up around their place. I used to sit with my grandmother and she would point them out to me. They really are the most beautiful, graceful creatures.

Mrs. Shields said...

what a lovely collection! just looking at the hummingbirds brings up thoughts of spring and all the warmth and sweet smells out in the yard!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

That is some collection!
I have humming birds here in the summer! They are just the sweetest things!