Monday, April 27, 2009

Tuesday Treasure

Time to share once again what we hold as a Treasure in our lives. Whether it is a family member, an item we received for our birthday, a anniversary gift, or anything that you treasure in your life.

This week I chose something that is very special to me and it will still be a fabulous treasure when it is worn completely out. For I am sure one day it will be worn out from me wearing it so much. It's something that was made for me a month or so ago. I have planned many times to have posted it by now but a picture was required and no one in my family acts like they know how to use the camera when I ask them to!!! At that point they all get dumb and dumber. So the only picture I have of it is one I stole from the gift er of this treasure. One day I will make someone take my picture wearing it if only to send it to her.

Marlene at Country Girl on the Chesapeake Bay made this wonderful, unique, one of a kind apron for me. She knows how much I love my Nascar Racing and how special it will always hold a place in my heart. You see, Nascar is one of the things that brought Trucker and I together. It's also where we had our belated honeymoon and how we spend our Sunday's together. It is also one of many things that Marlene and I have in common as well.

I know she put a lot of love and work into it and nothing means more to me than that. I will forever cherish this Treasure. Thanks Marlene.

If you would like to show us your Tuesday Treasure just add your post to Mr. Linky below. I hope I got this post out early enough for everyone who wishes to take part.

May your life be filled with many treasures,


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

That is the cutest apron. And you just gotta love that Marlene!

Mental P Mama said...

That Marlene is amazing!