Monday, April 20, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY....April 20, 2009

Outside my window...The beautiful bright sun is shining, the wind is lightly blowing and there's no rain. Yippee!!!!!

I am thinking...That today will be a good day to finally plant my rose bushes, hydrangea bush and my two wisteria vines.

I am thankful for...getting to work at home doing what I love most.

From the learning rooms...I've learned that if you plant veggies in containers and the neighbor has outdoor cats they automatically assume it is a large litter box.

From the kitchen...Same as usual. dishes calling my name.

I am wearing...a tired worn face today. I didn't get enough sleep.

I am container garden this week.

I am going...No where except for tomorrow and will go with Trucker for his annual butt poking test.

I am reading...Still the same book from weeks ago.

I am hoping...we have no more rain for at least two weeks.

I am hearing...My dog scratching, the kittens meowing, some of them are actually slurping at mommas boobies. They sound hilarious when they do that.

Around the house...A typical Monday after the weekend of doing much of nothing. Lots of cleaning to do, and finding a home for the things that no one bothers to put back up.

One of my favorite the fragrance from the flowers outside.

A few plans for the rest of the week...working around here. Now doesn't that sound exciting?

Here is picture thought I am sharing...One of the reason's we don't sleep well at night.

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Wishing everyone a simple life,


UKZoe said...

So I suppose that thing about the veggies and containers and cats will probably apply to the raised veggie bed my hubby is building for me then? Oh joy!
Our neighbour knows the cats getting into other people's gardens is an issue though and has absolutely no problems with me using a super soaker on her cats, which is good! Just have to remember to keep it by the back door and loaded!

Anonymous said...

May you feel the Lord's blessing upon your week. I've enjoyed reading your daybook this morning. Have fun creating your container garden.

Happy Monday!

Mental P Mama said...

Dr. Doolittle!

Bri Schaaf said...

Loved your post.
We kicked out dogs out of our bed for that very reason.
We love them to death, but we were about ready to kill them. Who knew that two little dogs could take up the space of a full size human! LOL
Lots of blessing to you this week!

onangelwings said...

Have a fantastic week. That looks like it could get a bit crowded in that bed.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Good luck with the new container garden. I got mine planted last week thank goodness our neighbors cats stay at the barn and don't bother our yard. We don't own cats, I love them, but they are not DH favorite. Our Chi-chi has her own bed, and she knows to stay in it, DH thinks the yard is the best place for dogs. He never had anything but Hunting dogs till Chi-Chi came along.
Enjoyed reading your Day Book.

Love Bears All Things said...

Loved reading your daybook.
Mama Bear

Snooty Primadona said...

The picture made me laugh SO hard. This is why I don't allow Ms. Trouble cat to sleep with me. She's a *kneader*, loving to use my fat for her purpose. Argh!

My wisteria is at least 23 years old now & looking very *scrappy*. So, I'm thinking this might be the year to have it taken out and plant a new one. But, it will be so small. I'm just tired of looking at the hundreds of vines that no longer produce & are hanging to the ground. Again, argh!

Ummm... Happy Butt Poking!?

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I had to come back to work today. But I have flowers to plant this afternoon, and that picture has sweet dreams written all over it!