Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sweet Projects Finished

Good morning everyone!  Today I wanted to share some smaller projects I've been working on around here.  Most of these I started early last week but after the unexpected arrival of my beautiful grand babies they were placed on hold momentarily.  Well after a few days of getting into a new routine and life in order again (as much as it can be when little ones are around) I finally got them finished.  Whew I was happy to get this done and am quite proud of the way they all turned out.  Now without further ado here they all are.

I completely forgot to take before pictures of this one.  But picture it, Home Interiors Brass Sconce.  One of the globes had gotten broken and I hated the brass.  So I mixed my own craft paints and created the color I wanted to match our new bedroom redo and this is what I came up with.  I really love the color.

These two items cost me a total of $2.00.  I love the Moss Rose plate and knew when I found it I wanted to make a cake stand from it.  Later in the same Flea Market I found the wood stand.  It was marriage time for the two.  I first painted the stand with Kilz primer and then gave it three coats of Country White paint.  After the natural drying time (which seemed to take forever) I glued the two of them together using Gorilla Glue.  That was my first time using Gorilla Glue and I had heard several bloggers say that it expanded quite a bit.  Well thankfully I remembered this and took it into consideration.  Bloggers, you were right!  It swelled up quite a bit and I had to scrape up one small piece.  After removing the excess glue I then sand papered the edges for a distressed look.  Here's the final result.

The next piece I got finished started out looking like this.

It had once been a silver dresser tray and when I ordered it and it arrived the mirror was broken in a million and one pieces.  I hated for it to be tossed and new I could make something useful and pretty out of it.  So I decided to make it a tray for my dining table.  First I painted it with country blue craft paint.  I only gave it one coat.  After that dried  I used Modge Podge and glued some pretty scrapbook paper (which I already had on hand) onto it.  Once that dried I knew it needed more.  but what?  After shopping the house I decided to use some little white flowers on the corners of it.  The flowers were actually from the bouquet my daughter carried when Trucker and I were married.  So they have strong memories for me.  I simply hot glued them to the corners and one on each side.  After that I decided to slightly sandpaper the pretty details on the frame itself.  Here is the final result:

Now that I've gotten all these projects finished it's time to move on to the next one.  Here's a sneak peak at what I am doing this week.  I'm sure you can figure it out.  This will be one that will need to be done when the kids are in bed.  LOL.

I can't wait to get this one going.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunday Favorites

What a wonderful weekend this has been thus far.  I hope that everyone that is reading this is having a beautiful one as well.  Even though it's storming here tonight I still love it.  I love a good thunderstorm.

Welcome once again to Sunday Favorites hosted by the sweet Chari @ Happy To Design.  As I've said before I just love Chari doing this for everyone on Sundays.  It gives us all a chance to go back in time and read a post from the past.  Remember what we might have been doing, or even how we are feeling.  It also gives us a day "off" so to speak.  This allows us more time to spend with families, church and whatever else we might like to do with our Sunday.  This week I am sharing a post that was originally posted on July 28, 2008.  It's a small glimpse into life as a Trucker and being a Trucker's wife.  I hope you enjoy this post.  Afterwards be sure and head over to Happy To Design and check out all the other wonderful posts.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Small Glimpse Into Trucking

Before my husband became a trucker I quite honestly never gave much thought about what life as a trucker was or might be like. I never realized how much trucker's do for us. How much stress when driving they have. How almost everything we buy comes from a trucker and his deliveries. But I was under the impression that trucker's were an uneducated, nasty, perverted bunch of people. I guess the reason I had always thought this is because so often television and news stories always portray them this way. For the most part, nothing could or can be further from the truth. Trucker's are a kind group, who love being out on the open road, who want nothing but the best for their families and give up so much to provide this for them. Most trucker's a highly educated as well. Trucker's and their families are not given enough credit for the life they lead. They make sacrifices for not only themselves, but so we can be able to have all we have as well. Yes, they chose this career and I'm not saying they should be put up on a pedestal but they should be given respect for what they do and what they go through.

After taking many road trips with Trucker myself I have learned that it is a very stressful job simply because of other driver's (four wheelers) on the road. These semi's cannot and will not stop on a dime. They are carrying on average 70,000# of weight. Often times more. They have numerous blind spots on the truck in which they cannot see you around them. No matter how many mirrors are attached they still have a couple blind spots.

Trucking is a hard job and as said it's also very stressful on the driver's and their families. Imagine if your husband were gone for a month or more at a time and only home about four days a month? The rest of the time you only talk by phone or email. Trucker's wives
are a special type of person. They must be secure in themselves, enjoy time alone, enjoy for the most part making most of the decisions, and have to have a special bond with their trucker's. They also have to be non jealous of their time apart. They are a very trusting bunch of women. If they are not completely secure in their relationship it is never going to work.

One of the happiest days of my life was when Trucker found a local job driving. After
almost a year of being gone for a month at a time he would now be home most nights and every weekend. No more crying myself to sleep when the loneliness became to much for me. No more having to "stay strong" so he wouldn't feel terrible about being gone. Wives bottle up so much to be strong for their trucker's when out on the road. They have enough stress as it is without the added stress of wives whining and crying about being lonely.

The first year Trucker drove truck the only things he had on board were his cell phone, cb radio, sirius radio and that was it. He had no refrigerator (he used an ice chest), no laptop, no tv or dvd player. He had the bare necessities. He read for his entertainment, and called home several times a day. Also often he did look pretty grubby and unwashed. Reason being it costs $10.00 in truck stops to take a shower. Imagine having to pay this much for a shower and how that adds up very quickly. Now trucker has a refrigerator, tv, dvd player, and hot plate. He still calls home several times a day.

Gee, it wasn't my plan to start this post about the downsides of trucking. It was my intention to actually give you a glimpse into what the life on the road is like. It's not all bad and it is very fulfilling as well. The scenery is awesome, the views spectacular, the stories often hilarious. And many times your relationship grows stronger. Below are a few pictures from our last road trip and a short video of what the inside of the truck looks like. I hope you enjoy. Please ignore my feet on the dashboard (boy do I need a pedi) and ignore the bug guts as well.

Trucker relieving some stress here.
Our reflection in the truck in front of us.
The small box (rectangular) shape behind trucker is the refrigerator. It holds barely anything but it gets cold. The bottom bunk (you will see) makes out into a booth and table. you can control the air and radio from the beds as well as the front of the cab.

Pretty Pink Saturday

Welcome everyone to another Pink Saturday here at Stepp Into My World.  Pink Saturday is hosted by the sweet Beverly @ How Sweet The Sound.  She's such a lovely hostess for doing this for everyone each week.  Be sure and head over there to view all of the other lovely pinks that are posted.

This weeks theme is Easter pinks, but I've already shown all the ones I have made or have on hand here at our home.  As well since I have the grand kids now I haven't had much time to be crafting this week, so I'm showing some pinks around our house.  I've had all these lovely pinks for about 20 years or more now.  I used to take ceramics class once upon a time.  I loved it and wish I had never stopped doing it.  Here are a couple of things that I painted while in those classes. 

This sweet pitcher I had painted and now resides on my newly repainted Bakers Rack.

Here are a couple more pinks you'll find in the Stepp home.  This is one of my favorite picture frames which holds a sweet picture of my grand babies.  I have it proudly displayed on my desk.

This is a footed small bowl with Moss Rose design on it that was given to me by my son many years ago.  It means a lot to me.

I hope you've enjoyed my pinks today and remember to head over to Bev's to see many many more of them. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Huge " Table For Two " Give-a-way & More

I absolutely must share this huge, fabulous give-a-way with all you lucky readers.  This is the best give-a-way I think I've ever entered in.  Diann @ The Thrifty Groove is giving away an entire table scape.  Everything you see here and more:

Isn't this fantastic?  I almost didn't want to share this with everyone, but you know me, I'm nice that way.  Plus of course you know I wanted that extra entry as well.  Muhawwww!!!!!

Go over and give Diann a visit today because this fab giveaway ends on March 31st.

While there enter her give-a-way for this beautiful Blue & White Cake Plate and Server!  Two giveaways going on over at The Thrifty Groove.  Now you can't beat this with a stick!

Sharing a Fab Spring Give-a-way

I wanted to take a moment out of my busy day today to let all of my readers know about a fabulous give-a-way going on over @ Little Red House.  Mary is celebrating that she now has over 700 wonderful followers taking time from their days to read her blog.  I've been following Mary for about two years now and have to say her posts always either inspire, motivate or simply enthrall me.  Mary is also the sweet lady who hosts Mosaic Monday each week.  Here's a picture of the two gorgeous spring treasures you can win.

So head over to Marys today and get entered. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Plans Change

Good morning my wonderful blogging friends!  I feel that today is going to be a fantastic day.  I know more than feel and I bet you are wondering why?  Well let me tell you the wondrously happy joyous news.  You see these two loves of my life?

They are coming to live with me and Papa tonight!  I know they will be here for the remainder of the school year and praying for much much longer.  I'm not going into detail other than say "I love them with all my heart, and hope they are here a lifetime". 

So since my world is turning upside down (for the better) I was unable to post my finished projects today and will do my darnedest to get them posted this week.  Hopefully tomorrow but we will have to see how it goes.  

I know my life is fixing to be totally different again, but at the same time many things will stay the same.  This blog for one will continue to be exactly how it's been for the last few months. 

So see you later this week my friends.  May your day be blessed and beautiful.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sneak Peak of What's In Store

Just so everyone knows that I've been busy and not just loafing around enjoying this fabulous springtime weather (sorry not bragging a bit, well maybe a little bit) here's a sneak peak of what's to come.

These two little fabulous finds, the stand and the plate were both purchased a few weeks ago on my weekend getaway.  The stand was $1.00 and the Moss Rose plate was also a $1.00 as well.  Can't beat that price with a stick.  

We have a little of this going on:

 This beautiful baby was purchased on Ebay for a whopping .99 cents.  It was originally a mirrored dresser tray but when I received it the mirror (much to my disappointment) was broken into a million pieces.  Not to be discouraged I've decided it still can be salvaged and put to good use. 

I also am working on this:

See I told you I've been doing something besides absorbing this weather!  Be sure and come back tomorrow to see both of these finished projects.

Not to mention coming back because I am going to be announcing another Spring Time Give-a-way!  You won't want to miss it either, I promise you.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Favorites

 Welcome to another edition of Sunday Favorite's hosted by the lovely Chari @ Happy to Design.  What a beautiful first day of spring we had here at the Stepp home.  Absolutely gorgeous weather yesterday.  Nice enough in fact that I planted some flower cuttings a friend gave me and then (believe it or not) I took a nap outside in my favorite lounge chair.  An absolutely perfect day.  I hope everyone else's day was just as relaxing and warm.

This week I'm sharing a post that was originally posted on March 10th last year.  It's about one of our favorite pets that we have had over the years.  I'm sad to say he is no longer with us but I am so happy I had posted this for the memories.  I hope you enjoy the post.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meet Snowie


After most everyone commenting on the welfare of Snowie yesterday I thought maybe you might like to get to know him a little better. It looks as if he is going to be around for many years to come, thankfully. The vet said he has a horrible ear infection of unknown origin. Might be bacterial and she's running tests. The bad part is she believes it has also ruptured his eardrum and there is nothing we can do about that. He was the best little cat yesterday. We do own a pet carrier but Snowie doesn't mind traveling at all. In fact he has actually gone out on the truck with Trucker a time or two. But to be on the safe side I wrapped him like a taco in a clean towel. When we got there I carried him inside and they immediatly placed he and I into a room. Only because he was not in a carrier. Faster service this way as well. LOL. When the vet came in to examine him I wasn't even aware of what I was doing till she said "Do you always rock and spoil him?" Since I was holding him in my arms and he was wrapped like a baby I was automatically sitting there rocking to him and cooing like he was a baby!! Not even concious of my actions I had even been singing to him she said. Now that's bad on my part. She gave me some special ear drops she prepared herself, and two kinds of antibiotics to give him. I am to bring him back in 7-10 days for a recheck. He's not one problem to medicate.

She set about examining him. She figured she would have to sedate him to clean his ear but amazingly he just lay there on the table (without his taco wrapping) and let her. The vet couldn't get over how good he was for this. I told her he was one of kind. The most gentle little kitty we have ever had.

You see Snowie came to be with us one day in the spring three years ago. Right after Trucker and I were married. He actually belonged to the elderly lady across the street. Her mamma cat had had a litter of 5. We noticed them each evening when we went for a walk around our neighborhood. She had told us we could have all of them but we had plenty of cats running around and didn't need more. One night it rained so hard it washed lots of things away. I remember this well. That next day while out walking we passed her house and we noticed Snowie. He was all alone standing next to a drainage ditch on the side of the street. He might have been all of 6 weeks old at that time. When we got to him he was staring down into the culvert. All of his little family had drowned that night in the rainstorm and had washed into the culvert. I don't know what kept that from happening to him but we decided then and there he needed love. And lots of it. He must have been a strong little kitty. So we gathered him into our arms and carried him home with us. Where he has been ever since.

Snowie loves to party. Here he is getting ready for Mardi Gras.


He is also one of the smartest cats around. He studies hard to earn this title.


You can often find him daydreaming and warming in the sun.


He loves to play hide and seek and scare you by jumping out of boxes too.


He sleeps in strange places. Motel Skillet was one of his favorite's to hang out in.


One of his favorite hobbies is "dumpster/trash diving".



He's also quite the painter as well. Another one of his vast hobbies.


He hosts one of the most popular shows on "Animal Planet" called "What Not To Wear Kitties"



Snowie is a well rounded cat as you can all see.