Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not Dead Yet

I wanted to give a shout out to all of my faithful readers (all two of you) that I am still in the land of the living. Though I must admit that many many days I have had my doubts on that one! Have you ever been "sick of being sick"? That's where I am now. So sick of being sick and not having the strength to do more than lie in bed, or the couch and take meds. I have another appointment at the doctor this afternoon and could very well end up in the hospital. Would this upset me? NO, if that's what it takes to make me well again then by all means bring on the hospital food. I'll happily suffer along if it means I would be well again.

Only a very few of you know exactly what I've been suffering through and I feel the need to share with the rest of you what is wrong. You see I developed MRSA (resistant staph) about two years ago and it is steadily getting worse. Each time the doctor thinks we have it cleared up it comes back worse than before. I won't go into the gory details of it, but I would never wish this on my worst enemy. That includes the ex's in my life! So you know that's how bad it is. The staph has now entered my bloodstream (which makes me believe that the hospital is the next step in finding a cure) and is making me have numerous other horrible infections. Not to mention running a high fever as well.

For the winners of the Tea Bags, please know that I have not forgotten you at all. I just haven't left my couch or my house for three weeks now other than going to the doctors. I will get those out to you as soon as I feel like it. I do hope that is very very soon.

Other news in my life is that Trucker has been a godsend to me. I had to take a raincheck for our fabulous Valentine's dinner at Red Lobster and he's been doing everything around the house. I married the most wonderful man on earth. Not because of all he does for me, but because he does ALL of it without complaint.

Rest assured when I am back to being normal, as normal as I can be anyway, that I have so many projects I can't wait to share them with you. My one end table I did get finished looks wonderful and I am so ready to do the other one.

All of you in blogland have made these last few weeks easier because I have found the strength to read your blogs and have learned so much from all your projects. I want to say "thank you" for posting so many gorgeous furniture, table scapes, and DIY projects for me to read.

I love you all and miss blogging. Hopefully I can join in the blog parties soon.


Anonymous said...
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tammy said...

Aw, sorry to hear you are battling MRSA. Definitely sounds like the hospital is where you need to be!! My oldest son(26) has been battling with MRSA for the past two years. He's had quite a number of infections that have had to be opened and cleaned out...and then packed. I'm sure you understand that headache! Praying that you get some relief. I'm sure they've been treating your nose, too....right? When his nose was treated he actually had almost a one year break in between infections! I just emailed you last night with my address for the tea bags....but I didn't know you were suffering with this. We can all just get better!!