Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lost In The Mess

I haven't fell off the planet, I haven't been ignoring anyone (on purpose anyway), and I haven't been being lazy! I have been up to my eyeballs in trying to get the dining room reorganized and redone. I would say I'm up to my arse, but, I'm much deeper than that.

When I decided to paint my desk and move it into the living room it started a huge mess of trying to organize all of my scrap booking papers, desk papers, old tax papers, craft supplies and the whole nine yards. Oh lord what a mess I have now. I almost wish I had left well enough alone. Well, not really but I sure wish I could close my eyes, twitch my nose and everything be done and organized. Aww, wouldn't that be nice if we could do that?

I'm going to be very brave now and show you what it looks like so far! Notice I said "brave"? There was no way I would have shown this last week.

The table hasn't been touched since the first and only Tablescape Thursday I participated in. Some few weeks back. Shocking I know!

This old French Provincial desk I used as a work station and it had my printer, tower and scrapbook supplies in it. Believe it or not it is fixing to become our new vanity in our downstairs bathroom. Of course I'll show the before and after and maybe some during pictures of that process. The plastic storage bins were also where various supplies were kept.

This is actually the top of a French Provincial dresser that we had been using as a Buffet table. It's on it's way upstairs to RugRat 1's bedroom again and will be made over eventually. As of right now I am on the hunt for an actual buffet table. I've already got one picked out and hopefully it will be in this dining room before long. However like everything else it will be in for a complete makeover as well.

Another mess in the floor I'm working on.

Forgive the glare of the picture. This is our china cabinet which matches our table and chairs. It is in for one big makeover as well. So is the table and chairs. All will be painted glossy white and glazed for an antique look.

So as you can see I really have been lost in the mess and fear I will be there for quite some time to come. When I can get my head out of it, I'll be back. I'll also have some makeovers to show as well.

Everyone have a wonderful week and see you soon! Lord willing.


The Muse said...

We will be looking for you...
under here, over there...
behind that..
oh my it is a mess...!
Get to work girl!

I love a makeover...hope you share all your after shots!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Haha.. looks pretty familiar to me! Guess we'd all better get off the net and back at it! :)

Looking forward to seeing your crafting area especially. Let's see those workshop areas prettied up so we can actually work again!

Thanks for joining in on the Workshop Series!

FJ Donna

Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good said...

I dont see anything wrong with this girl! It looks normal to me! I guess we all have areas like this!

Corn in My Coffee Pot said...

Doesn't looks so bad... but then, I AM DESENSITIZED TO CLUTTER!

Hope you share the full makeover.
Can't wait to see the desk turned bathroom vanity in a future post.

Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst said...

Hope you can find your way out of the mess!