Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It Begged Me

Have you ever been cleaning your house and had sworn to yourself you would absolutely not do any more projects, crafts, or redo's until the house was clean? Even if it meant for a whole week? Well that was me yesterday. Cleaning like a mad woman because I swore I wouldn't do any more DIY projects until the house shown clean and shined(and we had clean laundry, dishes and more, you get the picture). When I get to working on something everything else goes to heck in a hand basket. I'm sure most of you are this way too. At least deep down I hope you are. I sincerely hope I'm not the only one!

So while cleaning I passed one of my old lamps. It used to sit next to my desk area in the dining room. That is till I recently moved said desk and all to the living room. So there sat this ugly brass lamp. It called to me. "Don't pack me away. I'm begging you. I can be beautiful again! Don't treat me like the ugly stepchild". So what's a woman to do?

Yes I broke my own promise, not only to myself but Trucker as well. He really wanted clean clothes. LOL. I carried Ms. Ugly outside and went to work on her. Once again I got out my trusty spray paint in shiny black and off we went. I prepped her of course before painting her. Ms. Ugly had tears of joy streaming down her awful brass surface. For all of about 10 minutes. Then her tears dried up and she began thanking me profusely. She was once more at the beginnings of being beautiful. She still had a little ways to go with her transformation but she was so much nicer looking to behold.

After drying for a few hours I carried her in. I placed her head dress (her shade) back on. She still needed some dressing up. After all if she was attending the ball she had to have a gorgeous dress. I placed Ms. Semi Pretty on the back burner and went about doing some laundry all the while wondering what I would dress her in. Well low and behold the heavens opened up to me and spoke. There in the deep recesses of the laundry room I noticed a gift bag full of ribbon I had completely forgotten about. Hanging out of the side of it was a beautiful ribbon in black with details of metallic gold thread in a Celtic pattern. It was perfect. My mind sang in delight as I grabbed it and went to plug in the glue gun. I grabbed Ms. Semi Pretty's shade for dressing and went to work.

Here's how Ms. Ugly transformed from her ugliness to being Ms. Semi Pretty to Ms. Gorgeous. With using something as simple as black spray paint and ribbon.

Look alike lamp courtesy of someone on google images.

Ms. Gorgeous attended the ball, was the major attraction and won the heart of the Prince. They now swear they will name their first born Ms. Mini Gorgeous after yours truly.

P.S. Trucker did get clean clothes, a home cooked meal and we still working on the shiny house.

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Threeundertwo said...

Great job! The ribbon is a perfect touch to pull it together. Definitely worth postponing the laundry!

I invite you to link up this post to my "Finished for Friday" that's coming up. Doesn't have to be a Friday post, just a finished project.

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling what a lovely blog...I am now following you. I see we have loads of followers in common!! I will visit you often.

Love & Hugs

Cha Cha said...

What a great idea, I love when you can make something modern out of something dated. You did a great job, thanks for sharng.
Cha Cha

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

Very nice transformation. Thanks for joining the Power of Paint Party

Mimi said...

Nice job! Isn't it amazing that a can of paint can transform an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!

Laura said...

It looks great. I love the ribbon!

Bea said...

YES! I know exactly what you are saying! I have to do the cleaning stuff before I can "play".

I had a lamp just like this. Guess what I did with it? Spray painted it black and added black ribbon to the new lamp shade. Surely we were not separated at birth...?

Nice finish! And the house will get dirty again...

Elizabeth said...

Adding ribbon makes it just perfect. Great job!

design_aholic said...

OK OK! You convinced me! I totally need to bit the bullet and spray paint all those brassy lamps I've been collecting from the thrift store! I don't know why I can't just do it! Yours look great!

Thanks for linking up to VOTW @ Design-Aholic. Check back to the recap post soon... :)